Miley Cyrus Stripper Pole Dance 2009 Teen Choice Awards

So recently Miley Cyrus' new thing is doing a stripper pole dance at the Teen Choice awards in addition to her previous "scandalous photos" that she took of herself.

Discuss how you feel about it.

I personally hate Miley Cyrus' guts. She somehow got into the celebrity world with Hannah Montana even though she doesn't really have much talent and she ruins that by being a bad role model for all her young little girl fans. She pretty much has no talent and her way of keeping well known is going around being a slutty whore.

Last time i read she was dating a 20 year old guy, which last time i checked was against laws. At least if they aren't breaking any law by "dating" they are most likely breaking it some other way.
im moving this to cong because i think it's worthy of serious discussion

i find this really weird. her dad not only supporting a semi-lewd act but choreographing it? it's only kinda fucked up when beyonce's dad does it but miley cyrus is 16 years old. 'sorry honey i love you but this whole innocence thing isnt working out anymore, time to be a slut!'

im normally against censorship, but i think that, unfortunate as it may be, miley cyrus is a huge role model to an equally unfortunate number of young girls, and shit like this is not good for them.
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Hmmm, whatever you would prefer me doing. I was just trying to show that its funny that this creepy old guy is watching Teen Choice awards and talking about miley cyrus doing a Pole Stripping dance.... I will Edit it if you want me too, though, it doesn't matter to me.

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It sucks how people with 0 talent get famous.

I plan on getting there by working my ass off and showing I have what it takes.

I agree that the next thing this girl will do is probably make a sex tape. Ok no, maybe she'll flash her vag to the paparazzi before that.

I could probably be a better role model to little girls then her.


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I must say that there are quite a few ways this can go at this point. Most of them already said.
The depressing part is that if she doesn't get a habit or do something really retarded she could retire at 25 with more money than most of smogon combined will ever earn.
She did this at the Teen Choice Awards, so I'm guessing it was just a ploy to get male teens to pay any attention whatsoever to the show rather than just fans of the crazed female variety.
She's aimed at a younger demographic so the fact that you don't like her doesn't really mean anything.

As for the pole dancing it was brief and I don't think it was her audience thinking how kinky it was.
I am against censorship in principle, but one has to take into account the whole role model image of Miley Cyrus when discussing this.

However, I saw the video just now, and I'd say that it's not that bad - frankly, the "pole dancing" mostly consists of her standing next to the pole, holding it with one hand and "singing".

Though I wonder what the media will do with this...
Either way, it sends out a message to those who actually understood what it meant.

Using the pole was a bad idea in general.

You're right Purg, she should have realized how the media would run with this.

Overall, she's not a very good role model, and people have already dubbed her as the 'next Britney Spears'. God, and her Twitter response to that is even worse.

For all the people calling me the "next Britney" THANK U. I couldn't ask for a better compliment :)
Like the person above me said, it's not that she actually did a pole dance, it's that she implied it heavily enough to get people to think that she's aiming for that 'slut' image. Of course, the whole thing seems like it's just Disney's way of generating media frenzy without being too provocative and direct. Then again, Disney may not have seen this because the pole scene was ridiculously short and not so detailed.

Still, why would she just get onto a cart with just a pole randomly wheeled out into the stage? I suppose this is 'good choreographing' in their eyes.
Yeah, what was the point? Why couldnt she sing a song without the pole, which is just sending a message to all those kids who look up to her.
All you need to be famous musician:

1. Have a good sound editor

2. Have a famous parent

3. Be somehow connected to Disney

Best part of all: no talent necessary!

Personally, I don't think that could be considered anything close to a pole dance. She really just grabbed the pole and stood next to it for about 40 seconds. It was barely lewd at all. I agree with Purg, though - it will be interesting to see where the media goes with all this, and I can only imagine Disney's reaction. Unless they were the ones behind it in the first place...
I doubt its really that bad I mean the media will puonce on anything from obamas birth certificate to the 2 weeks of pure michael jackson.


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This practically sums it up. Music and role models are on a decline, I mean c'mon Miley Cyrus? and there you have Jonas Brother as a top selling rock artist. This shit is hilarious..
I doubt its really that bad I mean the media will puonce on anything from obamas birth certificate to the 2 weeks of pure michael jackson.
Very true, and that is what this is all about. "Miley Cyrus does a strip show on the Teen Choice awards" is a very inaccurate and cheap headline, but it will sell a lot. It's a quick buck for the tabloids, and nothing more.
Oh, this is isnt good. =S

The way she infuences young children, either boy or girl. Althouhg, if they are young enough they won't know what she is doing. Provided they don't know about striping or pole dancing.

I think maybe that was on her dad's mind, the younf children won;t know what she is doing, therefore its alright.
I stopped giving a shit about these so-called role models and their apparent influence on society almost a year ago and I'm amazed that people are still giving more than a shit about them today. In theory, good parenting would be the solution to all the problems caused by role models doing what might be considered inappropriate stuff, but alas, it looks like good parenting will soon be extinct.


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Has anyone with an actual half-brain who doesn't say creepy things about underage girls watched this? Because there's a big difference between a stripper pole routine and a routine that uses a pole as a prop.

Also seriously guys, think for a second. What the hell is she going to say about Britney other than what she actually said? Image to uphold and all of that makes her hands practically tied in that regard. What do you think saying "Don't compare me to Britney, she's nothing but a slut!" to her fans that did so would do to her image?

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