Gee, Smogon - I don't know how you let Minecraft escape your radar for five months now, but it's a good thing someone caught it before it was too late!

So here's the scoop: basically you're a cuboidal negro in a sandbox-type world where everything is blocks. Your mission: use your infinite supply of assorted blocks to build cool things like this castle or this city or this what the hell is this with your friends because it's totally multiplayer !
Just listen to this uncontrived testimony by reputable user forks:

"I found Minecraft in June and played it all god damn summer with my internet cohorts because apparently none of us have friends offline but that's okay because Minecraft is more swell than friends. It'll knock your block off!
; D"
~ forks

It's a grand way to waste your spare time and creative energy. You can make your own server, too, which is a fairly simple process if you know how to make port forwarding work (which I don't), and I recommend doing so if you don't want to share a server with jerks who will probably destroy whatever you build because they are jerks.

If the so-called Creative Mode isn't enough for you, indie game programmer Notch (the guy who programmed Minecraft all by himself i think) is working on another mode - Survival Mode - in which you fight zombies and craft items and generally do more surviving than creating. It's still in development but you can play the demo and it's kind of neat?

www.minecraft.net if you wanna check it out. Keep in mind the game's still in development, and the developer's pretty diligent so new stuff is added fairly often. : D

Otherwise, discuss the Minecraft experience and post pictures of cool things you have built !

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