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Mix and Mega Viability Rankings

:Arcanine: Arcanine (Altarianite)
:Dragonite: Dragonite (Altarianite, Salamencite, Pinsirite)
:Gholdengo: Gholdengo (Diancite, Latiasite)

:Corviknight: Corviknight (Sablenite, Venusaurite, Blue Orb)
:Garganacl: Garganacl (Aggronite, Latiasite, Tyranitarite, Sablenite)
:Great Tusk: Great Tusk (Pinsirite, Lopunnite, Metagrossite)

:Clodsire: Clodsire (Gyaradosite)
:Iron Moth: Iron Moth (Manectite, Sablenite, Absolite)
:Slowbro: Slowbro (Sablenite, Manectite, Aggronite)

:Blissey: Blissey (Ampharosite, Sablenite)
:Hippowdon: Hippowdon (Red Orb, Sablenite, Altarianite, Venusaurite)
:Iron Valiant: Iron Valiant (Diancite, Pidgeotite, Lopunnite)
:Slowking: Slowking (Sablenite, Manectite, Audinite)
:Toxapex: Toxapex (Latiasite, Banettite)

:Iron Jugulis: Iron Jugulis (Red Orb, Pidgeotite)
:Magnezone: Magnezone (Pidgeotite, Diancite, Lucarionite)
:Rotom-wash: Rotom-Wash (Pidgeotite, Manectite, Lucarionite)
:Scream Tail: Scream Tail (Gardevoirite, Ampharosite, Red Orb)
:Skeledirge: Skeledirge (Latiasite, Audinite, Heavy Duty Boots)
:Walking Wake: Walking Wake (Pidgeotite, Absolite, Lucarionite)

:Baxcalibur: Baxcalibur (Rusted Shield, Lucarionite)
:Cloyster: Cloyster (Aerodactylite, Pidgeotite)
:Palafin-hero: Palafin
:Iron Hands: Iron Hands (Aerodactylite, Metagrossite, Latiosite, Pinsirite)
:Roaring Moon: Roaring Moon (Rusted Shield, Metagrossite, Venusaurite, Red Orb)
:Barraskewda: Barraskewda (Lopunnite, Metagrossite)
:Quaquaval: Quaquaval (Altarianite, Lopunnite)

:Annihilape: Annihilape (Metagrossite, Sablenite, Diancite)
:Chien Pao: Chien Pao (Aerodactylite, Metagrossite)
:Chi Yu: Chi Yu (Pidgeotite)
:Ditto: Ditto
:Dondozo: Dondozo
:dudunsparce: Dudunsparce (Ampharosite, Cameruptite)
:Glimmora: Glimmora (Latiasite, Ampharosite, Gyaradosite)
:Greninja: Greninja (Pidgeotite)
:Grimmsnarl: Grimmsnarl
:Iron Treads: Iron Treads (Red Orb, Latiasite, Lucarionite)
:Noivern: Noivern (Salamencite, Pinsirite)
:Pawmot: Pawmot (Metagrossite)
:Ting Lu: Ting Lu (Gyaradosite)
:tyranitar: Tyranitar (Pinsirite)
:Volcarona: Volcarona (Red Orb, Lucarionite, Absolite, Cameruptite)
:Zoroark-Hisui: Zoroark-Hisui (Diancite, Pidgeotite, Red Orb)

:Alomomola: Alomomola (Slowbronite, Sablenite)
:Espathra: Espathra
:Flutter Mane: Flutter mane
:Gastrodon: Gastrodon (Sablenite, Venusaurite)
:Iron Bundle: Iron Bundle
:Meowscarada: Meowscarada (Lucarionite)
:Slither Wing: Slither Wing (Metagrossite, Aerodactylite)
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Speed Tiers:-

:roaring moon:
Aerodactylite / Pinsirite Roaring Moon​
558:Cloyster:Pidgeotite Cloyster90Neutral31252+2
549:great tusk:Lopunnite Great Tusk117Positive31252+1
541:quaquaval:Lopunnite Quaquaval115Positive31252+1
528:Dragonite:Pinsirite / Salamencite Dragonite100Neutral31112+2
522:Tyranitar:Pinsirite Tyranitar81Neutral31252+2
516:great tusk:Pinsirite Great Tusk107Positive31252+1
474:Barraskewda:Lopunnite Barraskewda166Positive312520
469:Dragapult:Lucarionite Dragapult164Positive312520
465:Dragapult:Pidgeotite Dragapult162Positive312520
454:Chien-Pao:Lucarionite Chien-Pao157Positive312520
449:Chien-Pao:Aerodactylite Chien-Pao155Positive312520
445:Meowscarada:Lopunnite Meowscarada153Positive312520
438:Iron Moth:Absolite Iron Moth150Positive31252
431:Barraskewda:Lopunnite Barraskewda166Neutral312520
430:Iron Valiant:Lopunnite Iron Valiant146Positive31252
425:Gholdengo:Diancite Gholdengo144Positive312520
420:Dragonite:Altarianite Dragonite80Neutral3156+2
417:Baxcalibur:Heracronite Baxcalibur77Positive31252+1
416:Iron Moth:Manectite Iron Moth140Positive31
414:Roaring Moon:Aerodactylite / Pinsirite Roaring Moon139Positive312520
408:Iron Valiant:Pidgeotite Iron Valiant136Positive312520
408:Iron Bundle:Iron Bundle136Positive312520
405:Flutter Mane:Flutter Mane135Positive31252
397:Scream Tail:Gardevoirite Scream Tail131Positive312520
397:Sandy shocks:Manectite Sandy shocks131Positive312520
396:Dragonite:Pinsirite / Salamencite Dragonite100Neutral31112+1
394:Annihilape:Metagrossite Annihilape130Positive312520
391:Iron Treads:Metagrossite Iron Treads146Neutral312520
391:Tyranitar:Pinsirite Tyranitar81Neutral31252+1
390:Iron Treads:Lucarionite Iron Treads128Positive312520
390:iron jugulis:Pidgeotite Iron Jugulis128Positive312520
375:Sandy shocks:Pidgeotite / Glalitite Sandy Shocks121Positive312520
375:Slither wing:Metagrossite Slither Wing121Positive312520
372:Chi-Yu:Pidgeotite Chi-yu120Positive31252
366:Great Tusk:Lopunnite Great Tusk117Positive312520
361:quaquaval:Lopunnite Quaguaval115Positive312520
353:Scream taiL:Red Orb Scream Tail111Positive312520
349:Ceruledge:Metagrossite Ceruledge125Neutral312520
346:Iron Jugulis:Red Orb Iron Jugulis108Positive312520
346:Rotom-wash:Lucarionite Rotom Wash108Positive312520
344:Great Tusk:Pinsirite Great Tusk107Positive312520
342:Gholdengo:Lucarionite Gholdengo106Positive31252
342:Rotom-Wash:Pidgeotite Rotom-Wash106positive312520
329:Arcanine:Pinsirite Arcanine115Neutral312520
319:Lucario:Pinsirite Lucario110Neutral
315:Dragonite:Altarianite Dragonite80Neutral3156+1
295:quaquaval:Blue Orb Quaquaval85Positive312520
287:tyranitar:Pinsirite Tyranitar81Positive31
279:Cloyster:Pidgeotite Cloyster90Neutral312520
278:Baxcalibur:Heracronite Baxcalibur77Positive312520
264:Dragonite:Pinsirite / Salamencite Dragonite100Neutral311120
263:Magnezone:Lucarionite Magnezone82Neutral
261:Tyranitar:Pinsirite Tyranitar81Neutral312520
229:Gholdengo:Latiasite Gholdengo84Neutral31100
226:Arcanine:Altarianite Arcanine95Neutral3100
210:Dragonite:Altarianite Dragonite80Neutral
196:Annihilape:Rusted Shield Annihilape80Neutral3100
172:Annihilape:Sablenite Annihilape60Neutral31640
168:Skeledirge:Latiasite / Audinite Skeledirge66Neutral3100
126:Blissey: / :Garganacl:Ampharosite Blissey / Tyranitarite Garganacl45Neutral3100
126:Ting-Lu:Gyaradosite Ting Lu45Neutral3100
125:Corviknight:Venusaurite / Blue Orb Corviknight67Negative000
113:Toxapex:Banettite Toxapex45Neutral3100
112:Slowbro:Manectite Slowbro60Negative000
106:garganacl:Aggronite garganacl35Neutral310
86:Slowbro: / :slowking:Audinite Slowbro / Slowking30Negative3100
76:Slowbro: / :Slowking:Rusted Shield Slowbro / Slowking20Neutral3100
71:Corviknight:Sablenite Corviknight37Negative000
68:Clodsire:Gyaradosite / Venusaurite Clodsire20Negative3100
59:Gastrodon:Sablenite Gastrodon09Neutral3100
49:Blissey:Sablenite Blissey25Negative000
6:Slowbro:/ :slowking:Sablenite Slowbro / Slowking01Negative000
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vr noms ig

B->A- (Add Lopunnite and Diancite)
ok now why is this in B lol. Iron-Valiant is a crazy mon, its stabs and coverage allows it to threaten more or less every defensive mon of the tier (corv with tbolt, garg with focus blast/cc, bliss with focus blast/cc, amph scream tail with moonblast, non gyaradosite clodsire with psychic, iron moth with psychic, slowbro with moonblast, hippowdon with focus blast, Gastrodon with CC, Skeledirge with thunderbolt/psychic with rocks chip), not to mention its a great revenge killer capable of murdering many threats. It seems Lopunnite and Diancite aren't even listed, but they should. Lopunnite trades a bit of raw power for the better speed tier [most notably Diancite Gholdengo and Iron Bundle(Luc outspeeds, but Pidge speedties)], but at the same time also gives it an ability to hit Gholdengo, which is pretty big. Diancite is very threatening, and gives it an amazing speed tier (most notably you get the jump on Pidgeotite Dragapult), and you don't have to burn your Pidgeotite/Lucarionite spot. Tl;dr crazy breaker and revenge killer, very hard to switch into (especially if the opposing player is smart with predictions), deserves a rise to at least A-. A replay.
UR->B (Pidgeotite, Diancite)
Whilst I think Greninja is comparatively worse than Iron-Bundle (Its easier to switch into with mons like Audinite Slowking and Corviknight existing and is also vulnerable to PixiSpeed), I don't think it deserves UR. Its offensive typing is pretty good for MnM (gives it the ability to break defensive mons like Skeledirge, Clodsire, Hippowdon, Garganacl, Slowbro, etc), and unlike Iron-Bundle, it doesn't have to fear being choice locked (which allows it to tackle or pivot out of bad mu in an easier manner), and has more reliable STABs and coverage (Pidge Hydro Pump 100% vs Tera Specs 80% acc). Diancite is an option if you want a pivot speed control mon without burning your Pidgeotite slot.

A-->A+ (Suspect, in fact)
Garganacl has become a pain. It's annoyingly bulky to kill, and most of its checks (Iron-Valiant, Gholdengo, etc) are not consistent enough and usually can't beat it longterm (Salt Cure cripples every switch-in). The problem is the IDef/Curse Salt Cure set, and once it gets a boost or two, it becomes almost invincible. Unfortunately, you can't even afford to run Covert Cloak in MnM (over Mega Stones), so the situation becomes even worse.

What does Barraskewda even do??? Its typing is almost horrible, and it lost Flip Turn. I see no reason to run it over other breakers.

B-->B+ (Add Altarianite)
Quaquaval @ Altarianite
Ability: Moxie
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant / Jolly Nature
IVs: 0 SpA
- Bulk Up
- Roost
- Aqua Step
- Facade / Last Resort
I credit Kman343 for this set. It's a beast LOL- and absolutely wrecks unprepared teams. Can BU on the face of a lot of mons, then Aqua Step into Facade/Last Resort-->gg. Here's a replay.
A-->B+ / B
What does Iron Hands even do to warrant A-? I mean sure it has a tremendous amount of Attack, but that's it. It's slow, even for a breaker, not to mention it's vulnerable to PixiSpeed. I don't see why it's ranked higher than Iron Valiant.
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