Tournament Mix and Mega: Stones Unleashed [Won by ihhca]

Approved by The Immortal and Chloe.


Op shamelessly ripped from Dream Eater Gengar
Have you ever wanted to use Diancite Toxapex? Or maybe that god among mons, Abomasite Shedinja? Ever run across something really cool in Mix and Mega that you couldn't run because the stone wasn't yet released? Well then, this is the tour for you!

This tour will follow the generation Mix and Mega ruleset, with the exception that all mega stones are treated as released.

P.S. Despite all stones being released (as in treated as available ingame), banned stones remain banned (as in not usable in this format except on their base mons). Sorrynotsorry.

The following move(s) is banned

The following clauses is in effect:
Single stone clause (limits to one of each type of stone per team)

The following stone(s) is banned:

The following Pokemon is banned from mega evolving:
Tapu Lele

Electrify: Electrify was banned for its ability to, in conjunction with Sceptilite and proper prediction, completely shut down anything slower than max base 134 speed, while also boosting, making slower builds impractical by its very existence.

It was banned over Heliolisk, the only practical abuser of this strategy, because the move is quite obviously both the cause of the set being broken and the only part of it that is broken, and removing it does not effect the meta in any other meaningful way.

Single Stone Clause: This clause was implemented to avoid the inevitable spamming of the more powerful stones such as Altarianite, because this meta has more options than standard Mix and Mega. It was generally requested by tour participants.

Banned for its ability to be slapped on many sweepers with very high offensive stats, circumventing their middling speed and allowing them to be potent threats to both bulky and offensive teams whose priority users had been defeated / neutralized with little opportunity cost. Because of Speed Boost it was also reasonable to invest in bulk on may of these mons, allowing them to live unexpected hits. Top threats included Kartana and Xurkitree.

In addition the combination of this stone with Psychic Surge / Terrain (which was later nerfed through the Tapu Lele ban) allowed teams to ignore priority to a greater degree, and discouraged priority in general.

Tapu Lele:
Banned from holding Mega Stones for its ability to bring hyper-offensive teams an easy check to priority alongside its own huge offensive prowess in Psychic Terrain with Diancite. Because of Psychic Surge and Diancite's speed increase Tapu Lele didn't care that much about the decreased defenses.

Tapu Lele was seen paired with Gyaradosite Shuckle as webs support, and the combination of Webs and Psychic Terrain allowed the team using it to move first the vast majority of the time.

Tapu Lele without a stone remains unbanned because it is not OP. It provides valuable support, and is not unviable, but beyond setting Psychic Terrain for you team is generally a worse mon than other choices.A parallel may be drawn to Politoed in BW2 OU I think, as it provides very strong support options, but itself cannot capitalize on these as well as other mons. Also it has no pivoting or recovery, just like Politoed (actually it has less than Politoed, #givethetapusrest), both things Tapu Lele would love to have and make its role as a team supporter much more effective.

Because this is not a metagame that has developed this banlist may not address every banworthy new threat that arises. As such, the banlist may change between rounds. It will be kept matching the current Mix and Mega banlist unless there is a specific reason not to.

General Rules:
- All Smogon tournament rules and guidelines apply.
- This tournament will be played in the metagame Mix and Mega, with all generation six mega stones released.
- All replays must be saved and posted alongside the win/loss post, failing to do so will result the match being coinflipped.
- Contact your opponent via wall message so we can decide activity wins.
- All matches should be played best of three.

Battles can be played on the Dragonheaven server (huge thanks to Spandan for coding and hosting this at short notice)
See here for where to find the format (Actually use the place with the name of this tour thanks again Spandan)

Mix and Mega thread
Mix and Mega resource thread
Mix and Mega damage calculator with all stones (thanks to Kris)
Reference sheet for boosts of all stones (from Gen 6) (Thanks Funbot28, Tyrell D. Barnes, and MAMP, or whoever was responsible for it)
Gen 6 Mix and Mega thread (for reference to how the currently unreleased stones have worked in the past)

Signups will be taking place until 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, April 22 (or whatever time after that I get on my computer, but not much after)

To sign up post "in" and the PS! name you intend to play under.
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Will full Mega Stone Clause be enacted with the release of all Mega Stones? Double Altarianite really isn't something I'm interested in playing.
I hadn't planned on it. Unless there's a major outcry for a "One of each stone" clause I will not be changing the current policy. Nor will I be making any large changes unless it they are beyond a doubt necessary (examples were in the original draft I had Darkrai and Medichamite banned, but then they got banned anyway). I don't want this tour to be seen as an attempt to lay the groundwork for the future of the Mix and Mega tier, as that far exceeds my own power and responsibilities, so I'm keeping it as close to the current meta's rules as possible with the obvious exception of having the unreleased stones available.

tl;dr, No, unless a bunch of people ask nicely.

InfernapeTropius11 unless I missed one all the banned stones from last gen have been released and are in fact banned from regular Mix and Mega except Blazikenite, which I don't intend to ban.

Your preference for 1 stone has been noted, as have the people who asked me on PS! No decision will be made yet. I'll make it by Thursday night / Friday morning in order to grant people time to teambuild before matchups are announced, but not rush the decision. If you have input let me know before then.
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