Tournament Mix but you HAVE to Mega [Round 3]

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Mix But You Have to Mega

This is a Double Elimination Mix and Mega tournament. However, there is a catch: I assign everyone their Pokemon, as well as their stones. The Pokemon will be randomly chosen from the Mix and Mega Viability Ranking (mainly), and the items from the Item Ranking, barring the restricted ones. I will ONLY assign Pokemon that can change forme, and all Pokemon that are used in a battle must change forme on their first turn out. This means that you could possibly get a Groudon; even if I don't assign an item to it, it is required to change forme, so its item is therefore Red Orb. Basically:
  • This is a Double Elimination, Best-of-one tournament in the Mix and Mega format (Playable on PS!)
  • I assign everyone the six Pokemon and six items they will use each round. The Pokemon and items will not have correlation, and you are free to put any Mega Stone on any Pokemon unless otherwise directed (below).
  • If you get assigned a Groudon or Kyogre, you will see six Pokemon but only five items; this is because you must put the respective Orb on the Pokemon.
  • If you get six physical attackers and six special-boosting stones, sucks!
An example matchup will look like this:

Kris vs. Chloe

(Venusaurite, Garchompite, Diancite, Banettite, Charizardite Y, Steelixite)

(Sharpedonite, Lucarionite, Banettite, Heracronite, Pidgeotite, Mewtwonite X)

Rules / Guidelines:

Signups are open until November 24, 2017 at 11:59 PM (GMT - 5), or until we get 64 players.
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