Tournament Modern Gen 2 Kickoff Tour - Won by R8


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Dropping out, my mental health is at all time low, I'm not playing up to my standards, its becoming more stressful than fun, im at rock bottom, this game is ruining me, I need time to recover and grieve over the loss of my mom, thanks for understanding


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1) MultiPokemon vs Orangesodapop
2) anique vs 3MoreMinutes
Deadline: Friday 28th october 23:59 GMT+2 (large extension because they were paired late together)

Round 2:
Winner bracket:
Copen vs Noglastica
iKiQ vs (Winner of extension 1)
SwordIsBored vs Lialiabeast
R8 vs (Winner of extension 2)
Loser bracket:
(Loser of extension 1) vs torterraxx
DiannieRatson vs (Loser of extension 2)
rarre vs SOM/05
tf vs Gangsta Spongebob
Deadline: Sunday 30th october 23:59 GMT+2

Let me know if any extension is needed
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