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Oh, hey guys. I just felt the need to irritate some of the elitists on these forums. Because you know, Pokemon have some sort of "value", "rarity", or some rubbish in that category. Let this be a great example of what you "believe" is rare, is actually going to be more common than you think it is.

Here it is: a DW Female Eevee /I've/ bred (not for IVs) using one from an unnamed source. ...Err interestingly, for a random breed, the IVs aren't altogether bad...

Somehow, it kept the same nature as it's parent.

|Eevee (♀)|NN: N/A|OT: Aerius (Me)|Route 3|

& a bonus. (RNG bred)

|Eevee (♂)|NN: N/A|OT: Aerius (Me)|Chargestone Cave|
|Timid|Anticipation/Quick Feet (as Jolteon)|UT|31/10/30/31/31/31|Hidden Power Ice 70|
|Wish|Curse|Stored Power|Yawn|

The female fodder is fully redistributable and meant to be traded for free absolutely everywhere.

The Jolteon however (UT as Eevee), is only fully-redistributable on Smogon. You must credit me if you place that into your threads. Just ask for it if you want one.

Distributors will be necessary as usual.



1: Improbable
2: tinytyranitar_t
4: pokeman42

1: Cheesy333
2: BlueJello
3: julios
4: Anki1
5: sentimentGX4
6: Nightmare13
7: Skykz
8: tikidude
9: BiGGiE
10: legendarymaster
11: KokoaKiwi (Even though she has one.)
12: Pink Floyd
13: GoldChico
14: felix
15: Percussionist
16: Najdorf
17: DrOctagonapus
18: Shinyweavile
19: tomtom5858
20: Jegretis
21: Cereza
22: stephenjm
23: Valth001
24: jcors
25: Fireworks
26: waffles101
27: Dende5416
28: apatiano
29: Zoap
30: LizardMan
31: ShadowRaven
32: Advancer
33: black_cotton
34: Lord_Liam
35: skillz
36: Valter
So much for elitists who wanted Eevee to be ultra rare and exclusive.
You sir deserve +10 internets for posting this. <3
Cancer's don't spread...unless you mean like a cancer spreads in a single person's body. I'd say flu spreads among people very quickly, all sorts of flu like swine flu, but they spread faster during winter…EDIT: or sexual diseases among erm...sexual workers

I'm interested though because I want to breed a whole dw eeveelution team
and I'd be glad to spread
I just got one yesterday or I would absolutely love this. But props for this giveaway, you gave me quite a laugh. Good luck. :P
I have one, but mine doesn't have your OT(it also isn't flawless), so I want this one.
Besides, it's so exclusive that only me and everybody else and their uncle has it.
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