Molk's RU revamps (WIP)


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Beheeyem - Revamp already in progress QC Approved although a specs set couldn't hurt imo
Braviary - Looks pretty good to me tbh, aside from set order changes or possibly slashing an Adamant nature in on the Choice Band set, i can't find any major changes that would require an update
Marowak - Needs a Revamp: Overview needs to be toned down slightly, sets themselves look pretty good to me although a revamp of the commentary couldn't hurt, checks and counters definitely needs a revamp, only 5 lines and only one real counter mentioned :s.
Hitmonchan - Written rather recently as far as i know, looks alright to me from a glance, although i've heard things about a functional fist plate spin set that might be worth looking into
Roselia - Set itself looks fine, changes to the overview/OO/AC/checks and counters might not hurt, but those could be done over the scms
Altaria - Looks pretty decent to me overall, although i'd like the offensive DD set to go through QC again, i just don't feel Altaria has the power to pull off such a set effectively, especially with say Fraxure available, who has no SR weakness, access to Taunt, and a significantly higher Attack stat, meanwhile Altaria is stuck with a mediocre base 70 Attack defensive DD checks out though. Either way, all mentions of the relative lack of Steel-types should probably be removed, since RU actually has quite a few :s.
Gorebyss - Needs a Revamp: Gorebyss recieves a lot of competition from Shell Smash omastar in the current metagame because of the lack of Smashpass, with the only advantages i can think of being being neutral to some moves omastar is weak to as well as a resistance to Water- and Steel-type moves, its also slower than scarf Rotom-C at +2 while omastar outspeeds it, lowering its utility even more. I'm not 100% sure if Gorebyss needs an analysis at all tbh, but if it does end up approved the analysis will need to be toned down a fair bit.
Sceptile - At least partially updated relatively recently, most changes could probably be made via the scms
Clefable - The sets and overview for Clefable look pretty good to me, the one thing i do have a problem with though is the checks and counters section, its rather skimpy, mentions some mediocre Pokemon such as Dusknoir, and even some Pokemon that lose to clefable one on one, such as Ferroseed (to be fair though ferroseed does get a lot of hazards up while clefable slowly kills it with stoss). Checks and Counters should definitely be revamped via the scms.
Miltank - Updated relatively recently so it should be pretty good, i'll take a closer look later just to be sure though
Medicham Updated at least somewhat recently, no big problems with the analysis that i can see either
Emboar - Looks pretty good to me to be honest, Mixed set is currently in QC so it should be added soon, since Emboar is actually really good in the current metagame i could see the overview being reworded to show that, although that could be done easily through the scms instead of a full update
Cradily - Revamp in progress, QC Rejected 1/3 at the moment, testing it myself and pretty shaky, its giga drains are really weak :/, might have some use though
Ursaring - Needs a Revamp: recieves a lot of competition from Zangoose in the current metagame, although he has a niche in slightly higher speed and bulk when using Quick Feet and being a better Trick Room abuser with guts, probably still deserves an analysis, but definitely needs a revamp. Competition from mongoose needs to be mentioned, incorrect information is mentioned, and the current overview has nothing to do with the current set, mentioning guts repeatedly when only quick feet is onsite, for example. Sets should probably be quick feet first and guts second, mentioning the latter's niche is in Trick Room and its bulk. Guts set needs to be named village crusher or i'm rejecting it.
Butterfree - Looks good, Butterfree hasn't changed too much imo, the analysis seems pretty informative to me, and the guy who wrote it was the person most qualified to do it (i mean he used it for all of BW1 and some of BW2, he's used it way more than anyone else i could possibly imagine).
Dusknoir - Looks Good: Dusknoir isn't a good Pokemon in RU, and i think the current onsite set is probably the best it can do, overview is appropriate for its utility in the tier

Also, this isn't on my list, but Duosion definitely needs an Analysis for at least the Calm Mind set after QC testing.
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Hitmonchan - Written rather recently as far as i know, looks alright to me from a glance, although i've heard things about a functional fist plate spin set that might be worth looking into
I can totally attest to this, that set deserves to be on site imo

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