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Moltres is GSC OU's most consistent Sunny Day attacker. It has the highest Special Attack out of any Fire-type; with the help of Charcoal and Sunny Day, it has extremely high odds to 2HKO Snorlax after Spikes. Moltres's defensive stats are quite solid, and its typing enables it to answer common threats like Exeggutor, Steelix, Forretress, and Heracross. In addition, it makes for a decent sleep absorber and its Spikes immunity can be quite useful for longer games. Moltres best matches up versus offensive teams that lack Fire-type resists; in particular, when Steelix is used as the only Normal-type resist, unless Vaporeon or Charizard is used in one of the slots, the other two Pokemon likely do not resist Fire.

Despite Moltres's potential to 2HKO Snorlax, it's still not favored in a one-on-one matchup; its best chances are if sun has already been set up, but Snorlax can use Self-Destruct to take Moltres with it. Usually its only attack is Fire Blast, so Water- and Rock-types like Vaporeon, Suicune, Tyranitar, Rhydon, and Golem will often stop Moltres in its tracks; however, Rhydon and Golem must watch out for the rare Hidden Power Grass. Moltres also struggles versus Zapdos and Raikou, which outspeed it and threaten it with their powerful Electric-type attacks.

name: RestTalk
move 1: Rest
move 2: Sleep Talk
move 3: Fire Blast
move 4: Sunny Day
item: Charcoal

Set Description

RestTalk is Moltres's most consistent moveset because of its overall longevity and ability to compensate for Sunny Day and Fire Blast's low PP. The combination of Rest and Sleep Talk enables Moltres to check Pokemon like Exeggutor and Jynx, which would otherwise be a bit difficult to switch into. Sunny Day significantly increases Moltres's damage output, which enables Moltres to OHKO Cloyster and Gengar after Spikes, as well as 2HKO several Pokemon such as Machamp, Zapdos, and Raikou. With Charcoal, it even has high odds to 2HKO Snorlax after Spikes, which is significant in that no other Sunny Day attacker is capable of accomplishing that feat.

Although it may seem inconvenient for Moltres to use Sunny Day with Sleep Talk, this can be useful to restart Sunny Day's timer and also make it more difficult for Pokemon like Zapdos, Raikou, Snorlax, and Nidoking to land Thunder. When Moltres is not asleep, try to conserve Sunny Day and Fire Blast's PP carefully, as only 8 PP for each move is extremely low and may be difficult to manage in a long game. It may also be best to keep Moltres hidden as long as possible, because compared to other Pokemon, Moltres can become much easier to manage once it has been revealed.

Team Options

For Moltres to successfully clean a team, it needs quite a bit of support. Sleep inducers like Snorlax, Exeggutor, and Gengar make it easier to switch Moltres in and set up. As an added bonus, all of these Pokemon can use Explosion or Self-Destruct to potentially remove a Moltres check like Vaporeon, Suicune, Zapdos, and Raikou. Cloyster is an almost mandatory teammate, as Spikes are what enable Moltres to have high odds at 2HKOing Snorlax. In addition, its Explosion is also very useful. Steelix's Steel / Ground-typing supports Moltres with its Electric immunity and Normal and Rock-type resistances. It can often use a combination of Curse, Roar, and Explosion to force in and KO Zapdos, assisting in Moltres's eventual sweep. Other Ground-types like Nidoking and Golem can be useful to combat Electric-types; Nidoking can use Lovely Kiss and Golem can use Explosion to disrupt typical Moltres checks; however, combining a Ground-type with Moltres compounds a Water-type weakness, so consider that when building the rest of your team.

Other Options

Checks and Counters

Blissey Snorlax Tyranitar Golem Rhydon Starmie Suicune Vaporeon Zapdos Raikou Gengar Machamp Quagsire

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