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Hello everyone,
I am relatively new to pkm competitive and I want to participate on a YouTuber's community tournament.
Rules are the classic OU rules I guess, except the team has to be all an specific color.
I have made this team thinking about their strongest stats but not taking account their roles.
Could somebody help me to select their sets? Also if you think the team is pretty unbalanced I would be willing to change any pokemon if you have a better option. Thanks beforehand, this is the team:

-Great Tusk
-Goodra Hisui

*If there are any problems with the format of the post please let me know and I will try to correct them in the future (be nice, this is my first post :$)


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Hey, there is a problem with the format, you need at least 3 lines of description with the sets and why you went with that, the way you wrote it, we have no idea about the sets, the intention, nothing, so, fix that before a mod comes, because they could lock up the thread for that


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Hi, welcome to Smogon! I am locking your RMT for the time being as the forum rules require that you provide at least three lines of descriptions for each Pokemon to explain their roles. Please read the rules carefully and look at Team Showcase to see the detail we require. PM me with updated descriptions, and I will be happy to unlock this.

Why did you choose this mon

What do the EV spreads do and why do you have it

What are all 4 moves for
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