Mono Water team of doom

After fooling around with a mono-poison team, I found that there were some things it simply could not handle. However, a regular team is too boring, so I decided on a gimmick that was way more effective: mono-water.

Gyarados @ leftovers
Adamant, 216 HP, 16 AT, 176 DF, 100 Spd
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

Standard Bulky Gyara. Possibly the best starter in the game, and with Intimidate and Grass neutrality, this guy is a must on a mono-water team. That said, electric still rapes him, so I have...

Swampert @ leftovers
Relaxed, 240HP, 216 DF, 52 SpA
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam
Stealth Rock

... who resists rock AND is immune to electric:) Again, you simply can't have a mono-water team without arguably the best stealth-rocker in the game, in addition to a premier tank.

Vaporeon @ leftovers
Water Absorb
Bold, 188 HP, 252 DF, 68 SpA
Ice Beam

I know, so far these are all standard sets, but they're standard cause they work so well. Gives my team valuable Wish support, scouts stuff with protect, and has decent special attack. Also, Grass Knot is only 60 BP on it, for whatever that's worth.

Kingdra @ Damp Rock
Swift Swim
Modest, 120 HP, 252 SpA, 136 Spd
Rain Dance
Ice Beam
HP Electric

This thing usually manages to get Rain Dance up at least once in a match, and MAN is it useful. Standard RD Special Kingdra, though it loses to Blissey. Not to worry though...

Azumarill @ Choice Band
Huge Power
Adamant, 252 AT, 252 HP, 6 DF
Aqua Jet
Focus Punch
Brick Break

My main physical attacker. I know the coverage is crap with 2 water/fighting moves, but I think all these moves are needed sans focus punch, which is filler really. Aqua Jet in the rain 2HKOs Gyarados assuming no intimidate. Too good.

Suicune @ Leftovers
Bold, 252 HP, 252 DF, 6 SpA
Calm Mind

Ah, good ol' Calmcune. Psuedo-hazer, stalling tank, and status absorber. Is there anything it can't do? What, damage Water Absorb pokes? Oh.... Well luckily pokemon isn't a 1v1 game.

There you have it. I haven't lost once with this team, but I'm sure it can be beaten pretty well. I also have a problem with Grass moves, seeing as how gyara/kingdra are both only neutral and can't keep coming in.

I was also considering tentacruel for rapid spin/toxic spike absorb, but I can't bear to replace any of these guys without good reason. I imagine starmie would be incredibly useful too, but who would he replace?
For Gyarados, I would suggest Stone Edge over Ice Fang, mainly because you have other Pokemon that can launch the Ice offense for you. But this really isn't that influential.

Swampert is fine. Surf could go over Hydro Pump if you favor reliability over power.

Everyone else is fine.

Since it's monotype, you can't really do anything about overlapping weaknesses. It would be cool if you had another rain dancer, as it might be useful, and Kingdra might not have time to set up himself. You have a large list of options when it comes down to rebuilding the team. You can consider Starmie, Empoleon, Ludicolo, Tentacruel, Slowbro, Kabutops, and Lanturn. A Rain Dance team is usually a good choice when doing a mono-water team. Your team seems ok though.

Actually, Choice Specs Kindra with Rain Dance in effect can pretty much 3HKO a Blissey. I'm not sure how well a 0SpD Blissey takes though. It could be a 2HKO. Something to consider if Blissey really ruins you.

Celebi will cause problems. Un-stabed Ice attacks won't be enough. All of the threats I can think for right now lol.
the thing with kingdra is that i switch him into something that won't 2HKO him, and as long as he gets the rain dance up i consider his job done. it's probably a foolish strategy to give up one of my switch-ins to grass attacks, but rain is just that helpful and nobody else on the team really has the moveslot for it.

that said, blissey does counter kingdra, but seeing as how 3 of my pokes can win 1v1 and suicune PP stalls it to death, i'm more worried about celebi.

swampert needs the power from hydro pump, and can usually afford a miss or two.

good posts though, i'll consider stone edge over ice fang
add ludicolo over one of the pure water types for one less electric/grass weakness, also a light screen/ mirror coat milotic would be helpful because it is good at taking special attacks and protects the rest of your team or eliminates a special attacker with mirror coat.
edit-i also like the tentacreul idea of icarus because toxic spikes would ruin you right now and tenta could at least absorb them and set up his own toxic spikes and maybe even spin spikes
Celebi is going to give you some huge headaches. As such, while not necessary a "switch-in" counter, I would replace Azumarill with Kabutops, who gets X-scissor and basically does everything it could do better. If you don't like that then I guess you could put Signal Beam on Kingdra, but the loss of coverage might be troublesome.

If you do forego Azumarill for Kabutops, I would probably second stormtrooper's idea to put ludicolo over something, who takes grass attacks well by nature of good spdef and can't be leeched.
i would ditch ice beam on kingdra STAB dragon pulse over ice beam plz
you would do same amount (perhaps more) to dragons, perhaps lower sp.def; plus you get neutral on waters (except Empoleon)
You should use HP Electric>Ice Beam on Vappie. Gyarados and Swampert can handle Garchomp and most other dragons easy enough, while your team gets slaughtered by Gyarados.

Run Crocune instead of that set up. Without Rest, Suicune can't survive this gen. Surf / Calm Mind / Rest / Sleep Talk. Besides, you are only getting damage from Stealth Rock, which really isn't enough to warrant Roar on such a great pokemon.
HP electric on vaporeon? then he can't even pose a threat to grassers or dragons, and if something like mence or chomp came in it's a free set up. pretty much my only defense against those guys is that it can never really come in (cept on suicune, but that's usually endgame anyway)

dragon pulse on kingdra is pretty good I guess, though ice beam prevented random grasses like celebi coming in. it would do more to ludicolo and kingdra though, who both 4x resist water...

and roar must stay on suicune, because if something does set up it usually spells doom for this team. suicune however is my only fallback on the likes of DDgyara, mence, et al. also, stuff like lapras can come in on the 6th calm mind and make me switch, whereas roar is a 4HKO w/ stealth rock in play.
You may not be able to pose a threat to grassers or dragons, but the most common bulky grass type, Celebi, stalls you with Leech Seed+Recover anyways. SpecsMence beats you if you try and switch in anyways, while Garchomp and Dragonite usually hold Yache Berry.

You need HP Electric for Gyarados. With it, you can fully counter Gyarados instead of JUST posing a threat to something you can't even kill anyways.

How does it feel having your only poke to stop the likes of DD Salamence/Gyarados have only a single attack that they resist? I think what you just said about Suicune further supports the necessity of HP Electric on Vaporeon.

Finally, you shouldn't be relying on Swampert to stay around all game to set up Stealth Rock, and you should always expect the other team to have a spinner. Swampert is not that great at tanking anymore due to all the hard hitters, and it will likely be switched out. It is pathetic that nothing on your team can safely switch into SpecsMence or Salamence in general, who is THE most powerful poke this gen. I would have to say that you should at minimum put Empoleon in there over Suicune, as he can still Roar plus counter SpecsMence. I feel like water is probably the most suited typing for mono type teams, but boy did you rip it a new one. Try getting a dragon resist before you start questioning advice.
i guess i will give empoleon another look, the reason i didn't put him on immediately is that he's basically magnezone/dugtrio bait. but if a dragon resist is really needed over just plain solid defenses, i'll give him a try.

other than that, point noted on HP elec vappy, and i'll try to fit in ludicolo over something else.

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