Tournament Monocolor Kickoff Tournament- Round 1 (Replays REQUIRED!)

hosted by me, Clas, and Murphy Lawden | banner by Mincera31

Welcome to Monocolor Kickoff tournament!

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations.
  • The banlist for this tournament includes Ubers; however, Iron Bundle and Archaludon are free. Also, Sleep Clause Mod is in effect and not Sleep Moves Clause.
  • Best of three, single elimination.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • S/V cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Replays are REQUIRED. It is recommended to play on to ensure that your replays are automatically saved.
  • In case of any disparity in dex colors between PS! and Bulbapedia, the one mentioned in Bulbapedia would be accepted.
  • Monocolor is currenly not challengable on PS!. Please use the makeshift challenge code mentioned below and agree to gentleman into using Pokemon of the same dex color! The hosts reserve the right to declare a game invalid or demand a rematch if there are any violations of this rule.
Challenge Code: /challenge gen9ou@@@+Archaludon,+Iron Bundle,!Sleep Moves Clause,Sleep Clause Mod

Alternatively, you can challenge your opponent in the dawn server! Monocolor is a challengeable and ladderable format in dawn! You can either challenge them directly or use the following challenge code: /challenge gen9monocolor singles

TTK  vs  mimikyumom
metagross does architectu  vs  AmericanPi
zastra  vs  zuzhouwawa
Runo  vs  Fleeting Memories
Typhlosion48  vs  Flopfish
xEelsx  vs  Yoru97
Clas  vs  seth
Mcthelegit  vs  awaterbucketonlava
bodi  vs  Mincera31
Amstan  vs  Arcanine1929
The lunar thing vs 09-10a
Muralik29  vs  Adhiraj8202
0.5Mirror  vs  txitxas
Velcroc  vs  Concept Everything
Uta The Clown  vs  Cycrum
Fragments  vs  Wooper Person
vndrevc  vs  SHONE
MagearnaTheBoss  vs  Kin+ak (✧∇✧)
a fruitshop owner  vs  megasalappo
Boonty88 vs VigilanteVigoroth
shnhg音箱蟀侠  vs  DragonPhoenix333
Lord Kitten  vs  bleahey
DanIsEpic  vs  dillanplay
des121  vs  AntixHasFallen
lydian  vs  TTTech
Nichalho  vs  Octperlover
MuffinMelody  vs  lemonademaker
Kimius64  vs  rumia
Gabriel Maleson  vs  Elvira
A Welcome Guest  vs  AJSch97
RoFnA vs  Suhayb
SHIMA vs SolarBeam
Monocolor Resources can be found here!
Tour winner receives $100, courtesy of rumia!
Deadline: 22nd April, Monday, 2 PM GMT+0!
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[note: if you contacted your opponent by any means other than smogon wall and have been (unfairly) subbed out, please lmk! also lmk if i made some mistake in checking walls :p]
The following users have been subbed out for not contacting / scheduling with their opponents:


New matchups:
Amstan  vs  Arcanine1929
The lunar thing vs 09-10a
Boonty88 vs VigilanteVigoroth
RoFnA vs  Suhayb
SHIMA vs SolarBeam


this is quite late so lmk if yall want extensions. the OP has been updated to reflect the new matchups.

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