Monomo Tournament (Round 4)

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And the rules...
Overall rules:
and... here
If you find anything wrong, please post and I will correct it.​

Sleep Clause
Species Clause
No Evasion
No Ubers or Wobbuffet
Only pokemon of the designated type can be used (Grass)
Duel types ARE allowed
64 participants (This might change)
XD moves will be allowed
Hidden powers that do not get STAB are banned.(If you don't know what that means, don't join)​

37.Jackal V. 5.Groudon80
57.Echo V. 20.Roy
21.Aeroblacktyl V.23.WaterBomb
41.Chronicles V. 38.Chicken

The deadline for r4 is wedsday, september 6th.​
wow that sucks that I couldnt stick on for a bit longer.. I have an awesome mono grass team that took on standards sometimes :[

37.Jackal V. 5.Groudon80 - hard to chose..
57.Echo V. 20.Roy - Roy will just copy my team anyways ;]
21.Aeroblacktyl V.23.Winner of WaterBomb v Meddle
41.Chronicles V. 38.Chicken
So, I wonder why you gave Echo the win considering I PMed him and he NEVER replied or posted in the topic or anything. =/


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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i won 3-0 jackal didnt really stand a chance... gg
he is a liar it game down to a 50/50 speed thing =\ Victreebel vs Victreebel, whoever went first swept.

Groundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheatGroundon80 is cheat FUCKED


Two kids no brane
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Posting the log of our conversation on NB. I really didn't want to win by default, but that's how it goes I guess. I'll try to track down mop.

WaterBomb(monomo): hey meddle, how was vacation?
meddle: it was awesome
meddle: consequently
meddle: i havent made a mono team yet
meddle: =\
WaterBomb(monomo): lol
WaterBomb(monomo): you can feel free to concede me the win
WaterBomb(monomo): ;)
WaterBomb(monomo): j/k
meddle: when is the dl
WaterBomb(monomo): it'sd passed
WaterBomb(monomo): lol
WaterBomb(monomo): I refused the default win on thursday
meddle: ah, well you win then
WaterBomb(monomo): nah
WaterBomb(monomo): I wanted to win for real
WaterBomb(monomo): (or lose)
WaterBomb(monomo): I figured it wasn't fair that the dline was when you were out of town
meddle: are you gonna be free in the coming days?
WaterBomb(monomo): off and on
WaterBomb(monomo): I can't predict my availability
WaterBomb(monomo): it's sporadic
WaterBomb(monomo): basically when I'm finished with my homework and don
WaterBomb(monomo): don't have other shit to do
meddle: well i think its better that i just give you the win then
WaterBomb(monomo): =\
meddle: cause i start college again this week
meddle: it will be hectic to get in a time
meddle: i think
WaterBomb(monomo): yeah I did that like 2 weeks ago
WaterBomb(monomo): well man, I guess I should be happy I get a free pass
WaterBomb(monomo): I just wish we could have battled
meddle: yeah i know
WaterBomb(monomo): the winner of our match would have to fight mop
meddle: but thanks for waiting
WaterBomb(monomo): no problem man
WaterBomb(monomo): I'll keep my team
meddle: ok
WaterBomb(monomo): if you're up for it, you can make one anyway
WaterBomb(monomo): and we'll battle for fun
WaterBomb(monomo): some time
WaterBomb(monomo): sound good?
meddle: alright
meddle: i gotta run
meddle: later
WaterBomb(monomo): ok
WaterBomb(monomo): want me to post?
WaterBomb(monomo): I don't want to sound arrogant =\
meddle: yeah just copy this log i guess
WaterBomb(monomo): lol
WaterBomb(monomo): ok
WaterBomb(monomo): have a good one man
meddle: later
God I really don't like being randomized out of here when Echo is still inactive. Begging to be put back for reasons stated in PM. :(
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