Monot(OU)ype Part One: Entry Hazard Support and Removal

Overall a good read and an informative article, well done to the authors. As someone who's looking at getting into Monotype, this is a helpful article. The only criticism I have is that it doesn't always explain the EV sets for the various Pokémon, like Armalo. What does 212 Special Defence EVs accomplish? Minor complaint though. Also love the artwork, never thought Forretress could be cute.
ChrystalFalchion I'm not the best or most experienced Monotype player, so you might want to take this post with a grain of salt, but by using the Speed Tiers thread and Damage Calculator, here is what I think the counterintuitive EV spreads accomplish:

16 Speed EVs on Zapdos and Staraptor allow them to outspeed full investment, neutral nature base 70's like Bisharp, Breloom, and Mega Swampert.
I've used the Damage Calculator with Armaldo and every S and A ranked Fire-type, and don't really see a point to its 48 Attack EVs, since it can tank at least one attack from most of them and KO with Stone Edge + Aqua Jet. A more experienced Monotype player/QC team member should be able to tell you what they do, though. The Attack investment and Adamant nature on Piloswine makes it generally offensively potent, guarantees a OHKO on Terrakion with Earthquake after Rocks, and guarantees a OHKO on Rotom-H with Stone Edge + Ice Shard after rocks. The rest of its EVs are dumped into bulk.

Hope I helped!
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