Tournament Monotype BLT Finals [won by Morbid Misdreavus]

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Monotype OMs Mega Thread


Kindred Kingdras (2) vs. Morbid Misdreavus (4)

USUM: Bitana vs. Trichotomy
USUM: Chaitanya1.9 vs. EricSaysHi
ORAS: Vodoom vs. The Excadrill
LC: Nailec vs. Seo.
AAA: Waszap vs. smub
STABmons: High Pook vs. Quantum Tesseract

Please play the Monotype OMs in the following formats:
STABmons - Custom
AAA - Custom
Alternatively, a manager can make a 2-person tournament in a group chat with each OM's respective bans, so that rules cannot be broken.

Anyone caught breaking the corresponding Monotype OM's rules will result in an automatic loss.​
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ay yuh yeet yung dapper dick squad fam up

i would like to kick off this thread with some shoutouts

Balto you're a very good player and i hope i could be on your team for other tours as well, despite not being the most talkative person in the discord you still pulled through with your games and came off with a very good 4-1 and i hope to see more of you
AV8 ayy 1-3 twin lesgo, fr tho you seem like a fun dude and i know you're better than your record shows. hope to team with you again
Arlaxeon screens rotom-h is ass and you know it, sorry that your first major mono team tour came off as a 0-3, but i know you can bounce back later so keep at it
Namranan flamethrower gyarados is ass and you know it, same as arlaxeon, sorry that your first major team tour came with a 0-2, but you also seem to be constantly improving and you're pretty helpful in the mono chat so keep at it, also you'll never have as many alts as i do.
WD_WA honestly tho, i was a bit worried about you at first, but you did well to prove me wrong with a great 3-1 record for a debut. hope to see more of you in the future and also change your name.
RealShady you might come off as a bit offended sometimes but i know you can make a good name for yourself if you tried, dont let everyone get to you and i know you're better than the 0-2 so keep at it
Its Hatch thanks for drafting me in the first place, didnt expect myself to be a round 2 pick and i'm sorry i didnt really live up to your expectations. you're an all round chill dude outside of being a mono driver and hope to work with you again in the future.

Clearly Jyph iRKD Zarif Catalystic Misaka Mikoto Omega-Xis Seager TheThorn Vid for spicing up the discord and helping us during prep, it was great to have you guys around and especially Omega-Xis for proving why he's the og mono memer™

Moosical the original blt winning teammate victorious victinis gang gang thanks for hosting blt :blobnom::blobnom:

Hannibalism / Symphonii / HNBL / dhaarma signing off:blobthinking::bloblul::blobthumbsup:
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Balto you tell me I’m shit every time, but you have made me improve so thank you :D

dhaarma 1-3 twins ;w;, your funny as fuck, and hope to team with you in the future

Namranan I didn’t know you but now you seem chill and I hope you stay improving

Arlaxeon chill dude who always helped with lc prep :D

WD_WA best player on our team nuff said

RealShady sometimes I think you get to arrogant, and begin to make a fool of yourself, if you can control your temper you will become a better player

Its Hatch sorry we ended your managing career, but your still a great person to talk to and helped me prep, young dagger dicks :D

:dap: out
S/O to the two thiccest eyebrow memers
I wish Its Hatch the best of luck next time, i also hope he manages to control his emotions and not be a sad guy so much. hatch me outside, how bout dat
Seo. good job for proving that you are the ultimate little cup player and for dabbing on all the haters. [insert bad seo pic here]
Oh man, looks like the pressure is on for me to make some great end of tournament post. I'd first like to say I had a good time teaming with all of you and I hope each of you can grow from this. We had our ups and downs, but we got through it as a team and I was glad to see that. At first I didn't think I'd get to know you guys better because there wasn't really anybody there to break the ice in the beginning, but that's where my good friends Omega-Xis and Jyph came in. Both of you know how to liven up a team chat even when things get gloomy and I appreciate it. With that I'll move on to the rest of the shout outs.
Balto I wish you could have talked in chat with us a little more, but I understand you're a busy guy irl. It was nice having you around and you showed you've still got it by taking a few wins for us.
dhaarma was nice teaming with you because you gave us all a good laugh. I give you some of the credit for creating the dartrix dab emote. We for sure had the best emotes out of all the other team discords (yes I'm prepared to argue for that).
Namranan you're a chill guy and I enjoyed having you around to help prep lc, I know you'll keep improving and I look forward to seeing what else you do in this game in the future.
AV8 would definitely team with you again. You're chill and yes we do share similar music tastes so I look forward to teaming with you in the future.
Arlaxeon wish I could have gotten to know you a little more, but I'm around on discord so just hmu. All around chill guy and was helpful even when he was busy with uni. You even jumped in to play AAA for us one week and I appreciated you doing that.
WD_WA a new face in the tournament scene for sure. I was surprised at how well you did and look forward to what you do in the future.
RealShady I know you can be a chill guy so just keep working at it and I know you'll get there. You were helpful with prepping in the team chat and I appreciate that, just try not to take yourself too seriously
I'd also like to thank Clearly Vid Misaka Mikoto Catalystic TheThorn and Seager for helping us out with prep and supporting us.
Since my mates are doing this I'll do it as well.

I know I didn't do well in the tournament and that I made a few glaring mistakes, but for my first team tour I think I showed off what I am capable of doing.
Now onto the mentions:

Its Hatch thanks for taking me in despite all the adversity, I know I was a little too much to handle at times but over time I should improve and grow, and you would have helped me with that so thank you.

Arlaxeon You were pretty cool and I liked tagging LC with you, even though we both didn't do well I still had a blast prepping for both of my my matches and also liked helping you and the others in chat so I look forward to seeing you later.

WD_WA Good stuff dude. You were really great in discord chat as well as being a great teammate in general, you did great for being a new player and I admire that so much. I wish you best of luck for your future in this game.

AV8 You and WD were always helpful in chat and were joys to have on the team, I wish I got to help you with your matches better but I did what I could, thanks for being great tho.

dhaarma Flamethrower Gyarados is the wave. In all seriousness though you were also great in discord chat with your memes and dapper gang support, but otherwise I wish you better luck in the future as well as ssnls.

Balto Despite having 0 contact with you I still liked the advice you gave others when you did and appreciated the wins you gave us for Usum, I would love to play with you again if I'm ever able to.

RealShady Never got to talk to you too much but I saw what you were doing in the discord chat and you were very helpful from what I saw, good luck to you man.

Also ty to Clearly Vid Misaka Mikoto Catalystic TheThorn and Seager for helping with coordination and prep.

As a new player I thought that I would never get my name out there in a positive manner, and while this tour my not have shown all of what I am capable of, it was certainly a step in the right direction. To all of my fellow new players out there, don't be discouraged if you lose. Despite the word, losing doesn't do anything bad to you, the only thing that happens when you lose is that a chance to learn opens up. I realized this after both of my losses one of which was a 6-0. I was pretty discouraged for most of this tour and even wanted to drop out at times, but thanks to the support I got from my team I kept going. I am beyond grateful for having Hatch be really supportive when times for me got rough, and its because of him that I kept going and learned from my mistakes.

So tldr, if you are a new player and you didn't get drafted, don't give up! There are still more opportunities in the horizon, and everyone here is always here to help, just keep trying and eventually all of your hard work will pay off.

Sorry for making this so long, yikes.
I'd just like to preface this post by me being harassed by a user who went 2-3 and lost to Seo.

In all seriousness was a good time even tho we didn't get to playoffs or had the most outstanding record but I think it was a good test run for my first time managing and wouldn't have been as good of a time without the people I drafted.

iRKD you are the definition of a goon, but you did try your best every week so I do appreciate the determination and the help you provided to your teammates, and energy for preparing every week.

Cam Spaghetti never looked so good. never preped always won its not right, unfair to go undefeated while not caring about what your opponents bringing -.-

MMagma Don't beat yourself up over your record, you tried your best every week that's all that matters and that will get you somewhere.

Perishing Song You helped a lot during the weeks and we're always excited and motivated to play and had a lot of team spirit and as you said there's always next BLT. That goes for everyone reading this who wanted to be in this tournament don't be discouraged and try your best next time.

temporaily Helped a lot like Cam,P-Song and Rkd Do appreciate the work you put in with your teammates every week.

double switches WOA doesn't lose (Except that one time but we won't talk about that) thanks for being constantly good everyweek, and that was a quality 6-0 will always remember. $

zugubu royale Was good talking to you for he 3 lines you spoke in the team discord but good job throughout the tour and helped our team out a lot with the wins.

iLlama I hate that your were right the week I played, I'm also changing my Showdown name to ByeBlim!

Quantum Tesseract KevinELF
Grats to the finalists Goodluck to both teams
I had a lot of fun managing for this tour and most of that has to do with the great group of players on my team! While we didn't make it to playoffs, we still ended up tied for the most week points this tour which is a victory in itself!

Wanka the lord. Thanks for patching up my dreadful knowledge of ORAS and really being a teamplayer this tour. Watching you play is also always informative. It was cool to chat with you a bit since we hadn't talked much prior to this tour
Wincon while i know there's a lot of drama that follows you i didn't see any of it during this tour. You were enthusiastic and prepared and willing to help out team and I appreciate that. Keep it up.
King Billu thanks for stepping in and helping with stabmons and being willing to play whatever format we needed. Hope to see participate in future tours!
Escoffier I appreciate you diving into AAA with me and I had fun with the few teams we built together. You're also a nice guy to talk to and really flexible in a pinch!
Dondyxd I am bu Mikaav I hope you had fun in your first team tour! You guys did great for your first formal outing! Thanks for stepping up for us and i'll be watching what you do next!

Also thanks to Eien Zukushiku for helping us out with teambuilding, and good luck to finalists Quantum Tesseract and KevinELF! I hope everyone had as much fun in this tour as I did!
I'm getting thanked for doing nothing of use in any of your chats. Look at what this tier has become. You are all poors.
I’d like to apply for mpl assman with Seo. as my manager, he will be a very good idiot for the job as he is caring, compassionate and alright with losing. Let us not focus on his idiotbrain tendencies such as chicken sandwiches. #seoformanager
Lets make it happen!!!
After looking at our roster, you'd think our memerlord team would do alright with our strong OM Core, QT + Smub at 5-1 nj nj. Some S/O's
roman thanks for the team help, you may or may not have infuriated the shit out of me a ton lol.
Seo. :c Home Depot employees come in hot
Decemm :) I really enjoy teaming with you. You worked hard and I gladly present the award for worst luck in the tour to you vs chait in week 5 (lul)
Trichotomy We did not really speak but you're a chill dude.
The Excadrill please stop banning me in imperium
smub best team player, 5-1 record. enough said, you were the most pleasant person to work with and I really enjoyed you flaming me on my sets.
Leru thanks for the teambuilding help, really enjoyed speaking to you more.

Last but not least, the manager of the hour Quantum Tesseract. You should be proud at how many people you pissed off, grats on winning for the first time as a manager, I enjoy you and smub's banter for the om's. Anyway thanks for giving up your 10th pick on a washed up Canadian. I had a real good time throughout these 6 weeks.

#eyebrowfanatic #hatchmeoutside #woadorell
roman thanks for being my first round draft pick. You were always willing to contribute to chat with your stunning insights like "lol" and "bring dark," and I don't know what we'd do without you. (More seriously, great job helping prep and test with our SM crew and for being available to sub in on such short notice. You're way better than your record suggests when u try, just stop bringing dark and getting lucked)

Trichotomy you're a chill dude, super reliable. Wish we had talked more this tour but I'm sure they'll be plenty more in the future.

Decemm You're way better than your score suggests, should have gone undefeated but rng is a cruel mistress. You're only mistake was listening to roman like lol who does that.

EricSaysHi whys ur banter so bad oml it was good to have you on the team., even if you did make the unforgivable mistake of not shouting out eien, that really hurts our chances of not getting snaked next blt. smh

smub AAA goat. You played extremely solid every game and were a big part of why we never dropped a week.
Seo. ditto for LC, you didn't have quite as good a record but that was hardly your fault. Having the two of you made our OMs lineup extremely reliable and were always willing to pitch in to help your teammates.

The Excadrill we couldn't help you that much for ORAS, but you still managed to do really well. Solid teampicking, some help with SM, consistently good plays; not sure what more I could really have asked for.

Tyke thanks for all the help and testing for OMs you gave. Sorry we couldn't play you in finals, but it just didn't work out that way. You always hid some new fire shit ready to surprise me.

Leru only had u for the last few weeks but u were a big help nonetheless. Cute user, great teams, shame that ur an FGO poor :p.

Eien thanks for helping out every week with SM. You were instrumental in our great leap forward to victory, umu.

I'm really glad I got to work with all of you, my only regret this tour was that I didn't have enough starting slots to field you all every week. You made this managing experience a blast, and I look forward to playing with you goons in future tours.
u really snapped there waszap... anyway

grats team! i know i wasn't much help since i haven't been playing monotype as much but i'm super proud of our smers perfomances in the last couple rounds and i'm glad my team had my expert drafting skills to pick up our unbeatable om core of smub + qt (and sometimes seo.. lol) to keep us straight.

also thanks to everyone else who hung around in the discord to pass teams or just keep the chat active, i appreciate u too
Won the tour, gg Waszap

And now for the shoutouts, starting with myself for helping with nearly everyone's team lol
roman - always insisting on bringing Dark every week, and every time we brought it something terrible happened. You're still amazing though :)

EricSaysHi - Brings Water enough to run into Sub Grass Knot Tapu Koko. I'm still internally laughing. Imagine referring to Mao as Hitler. Also change your signature, it's bad.

Decemm - It still hurts watching your match against Chait, but you still did pretty well. Not much else to say other than sorry your odds weren't favorable

Trichotomy - You were definitely our best USUM player, and you proved it here. I honestly didn't know you very well before this tour, I hope we can be on a team together in the future

Seo. - This man always whispers my name in call. Typical Canadian. It was fun helping with LC teams and test games, and it sucks that you lost against Nailec twice in a row. Also your eyebrows are larger than a Victini's head

Tyke - Just great in general, really helped with teambuilding and test games, and overall best RO (sorry Torkool)

The Excadrill - You were always one of the most supportive teammates, even if you couldn't help with OM stuff. I'm sorry I couldn't have helped more since I hardly have any ORAS teams and suck at the meta, but you did really well. You're also great to talk to in general, so there's that.

Haaku. - It was nice having you in the Misdreavus Discord. Not much else to say other than thanks for having our backs

Leru - At some point I promise I'll bring your Rock team to a Spring ssnls game.

Quantum Tesseract - You were just amazing. Helping me with every single team that I brought, and doing the most test games with me. We also share that nice little 5-1 record, which is really cool. Honestly the best manager I could have played with, and one of the best friends I've made. Keep doing you :)

Perishing Song helped me a few times with AAA test games, so that's nice. Still pissed that you kept me from my 6-0

Moosical - Nice job hosting the tour, also 2nd best RO so there's that too.

Vid and Ticken - both of them helped me learn more about Gen 5 Mono, hope I get to play it in MPL :)

Wincon - every time this man challenges me he brings Steel, then acts surprised when I bring Psychic/Water. Also it would be nice if you brought your ego to at least double digits.

Bitana - Tagging you to remind you that you haven't been using Rock very often, and I will flood you with Rock teams until you bring it to a tour game. Rock dons don't retire.

Bushtush - Always banning me from the Imp room and fucking with my fragile self-esteem. The stuff you said about me during MWP actually made me want to try even harder to get into MPL. So I give you my sincerest thanks, and I hope to see you there too.

Oh yeah forgot one
Eien exists too, he's alright
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