Monotype BLT (Won by Victorious Victinis)

Approved by: Eevee General
Hosted by: 6TI (rip Omega-Xis)
Art by: Zarif
Idea stolen from Tours room :P (Thanks guys!)

Welcome to the 1st Monotype BLT!

The Monotype BLT will consist of 4 stages:

1) The first stage is a 5 week period consisting of 5 1 week cycles. At the end of each 1 week cycle, the 5 people with the most points will be guaranteed to be drafted during the draft that will take place at the end of the 5 cycles (more on that in a sec). The next 3 in the standings (#6-#8 in that cycle) will be put in the pool of draftees, but are not guaranteed to be picked. Winning the tours that will be held in the room for the BLT will award you 3 points in a cycle, taking 2nd will award you 2, and each 3rd place winner will earn 1 point towards that week's standings.

2) 2) After the 5 cycles are complete, the 4 teams participate in a snake draft to fill their rosters. The teams and managers are:

Managed by iVid and Sabella - Victorious Victinis​
Czim, Sandman, Hannibalism, Torkool, Vlmufa, Mateeus_1, Ronman5, Luckyassbitch

Managed by Clearly and Misaka Mikoto
Oberyn, MiyoKa, Aceofgames, Zmeeed, Cheisoul, its tacoman, Liverisalive, Soma

Managed by Dece1t and Dream Eater Gengar
Terrors, Senegal, Kushal00, Ultrra, Demontamer, Shedina, Trade, ZDomain

Managed by Bondie and Anttya
Anttya, dusk raimon, Lerenn, Hamhamhamham, Auburn, Distrobro, Rage.spam.quit, Qwertymcqwertyson

3) Following the draft, there will be a 3-week regular season. The schedule is a simple round robin; every team will face the other 3 once. Scoring will be as follows: 2 points for a series win, 1 point for a series tie, and 0 for a series loss. If teams are tied, I'll count game wins, which will be 1 point each.

4) The last phase is the finals, where the 2 teams with the best records of the 4 will play for the championship.


1) You must have a Smogon account to participate.
2) For all BLT tours in the Monotype room, you must enter on your main account. We will NOT be transferring points across your multiple alts.
3) Don't be an ass; not in the cycle stage, not during the draft and not to your teammates or opposing team should you make it that far. If you exhibit poor behavior at any point during this event, you will simply be banned from participating, no ifs ands or buts about it. Act maturely and respectfully.
4) If there is substantial proof at any point of ghosting, whether you were ghosting or being ghosted, you will be banned.

Anticipated FAQs:

"What happens if I place in the top 5 of a cycle in different weeks, do I take up multiple 'guaranteed to be drafted' spots?"

The short answer is no, but I'll explain what happens if people place in the top 5 in different weeks. For example, let's say all falls down decides to be a tour fiend and own everyone in the first cycle. After the end of the first cycle, he has enough points to be in the top 5 and is guaranteed to be drafted. So far, we have 5 people guaranteed to be drafted and 3 more people (#6-#8 in the standings) who will have their name put in the pool of draft eligible players.

If AFD decides to enter a ton of tours the next week and places in the top 5 again, but the other 4 people in the top 5 were not the same as the week before AFD would not gain another "guaranteed to be drafted" spot, while the other 4 people in the top 5 would. Then, the next 4 people outside of the top 5 would be put in the "eligible to be drafted" pool.

In short, 8 people each week will be put in the pool. The first week will have 5 people guaranteed to be drafted and 3 people will be put in the pool of "eligible to be drafted." The numbers for these 2 categories will fluctuate for each future week depending on how many repeat top 5 performers there are.

"What formats will we be played during the BLT?"

Lower Tier Monotype (A format where players must bring one of the 8 types lowest in usage)

"How do I know if a room tournament is counting towards BLT?"

A room tournament applies towards BLT if a staff member in the room types .startBLT, at which point the bot will announce that this tour counts towards the BLT.

The first cycle starts this Monday, August 1st. Stick around the room to enter tours and have a shot at qualifying!


Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

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Life > Monotype... unfortunately :)
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posting for 6TI since he can't mass tag. please direct any questions to him.

Qualifier ID

Tagging everyone here who qualified in weeks 1-4, respond with "in" if you're still interested in being drafted.​
Guaranteed: Lerenn terrors czim Oberyn wfuu (no smogon) MiyoKa Zmeeed senegal kushal00 AceOfGames ultrra (no smogon)@Hamhamhamham
torkool (no smogon) dusk raimon (figments)
Qwertymcqwertyson lkertxus (no smogon) 3M3 volovan (no smogon) liverisalive Sandman VILIX (isandman) Rage.Spam.Quit. (astral rage) Hannibalism
Anttya (naviance) Ronman5 DISTROBRO shedina (no smogon) Racool Trade

it's also super helpful if you post which metagame you're particularly good at​

dusk raimon

Banned deucer.
Preferred metas are ORAS reg mono/cap/ubers

Edit: yeah figments on PS again
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Life > Monotype... unfortunately :)
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posting for 6TI again since we need to tag ppl

Week 5! Remember, you have to post "in" to be eligible to be drafted.
Hannibalism Cheisoul Demontamer (No smogon)
Sandman VILIX
Rage.Spam.Quit. (astral rage)
Jerechyo (CEZ DOMAIN)
Dragon Expert Soma (annael)
sxc birb trainer (no smogon)
Sokre13 (no smogon)
ItzArchie (no smogon)
Az3lf (no smogon)
Luckyassbitch (no smogon)
Soliddude (no smogon)
2 birbs 1 cup (no smogon)
mecuzi (no smogon)
EmperorEmpoleon395 (no smogon)
GoldenTorkoal (no smogon)
Irockdesigner (no smogon)
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