Monotype BLT (Won by Victorious Victinis)


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Prediction time! :D
Victorious Victinis
vs Ecruteak Eevees - HL Match
Ubers - czim vs AceOfGames - HL Match
LC - Moosical vs TheTacoMan - HL Match
DPP – Ronman5 vs Cheisoul - HL Match
CAP – Symphonii vs liverisalive - HL Match
LTM - vlmufa vs MiyoKa - HL Match
ORAS - Mateeus_1 vs Oberyn - HL Match
Victorious Victinis vs Ecruteak Eevees
Ubers - czim vs AceOfGames team nubs
LC - Moosical vs TheTacoMan TheTacoMan always wins
DPP – Ronman5 vs Cheisoul fren
CAP – Symphonii vs liverisalive fren²
LTM - vlmufa vs MiyoKa me.
ORAS - Mateeus_1 vs Oberyn ez pz
Empo i feel rather insulted lol considering me and him played last round and I won despite he had type advantage.. course I'm not going to lie when there was some hax involved with his raikou in the match

And I'm not going to get overconfident since I'm quite the opposite before battles..


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Victorious Victinis vs Ecruteak Eevees
Ubers - czim vs AceOfGames - Monotype Staff > missing replays
LC - Moosical vs TheTacoMan - wish this thread notified me so i could actually follow this
DPP – Ronman5 vs Cheisoul - Primal League love
CAP – Symphonii vs liverisalive - Somebody mentioned Dazzling Gleam Cinccino?
LTM - vlmufa vs MiyoKa - assuming miyoka is better with shit types
ORAS - Mateeus_1 vs Oberyn - Stall Normal vs Fairy. Gonna be a fun one
Lol at this rate I might not have to play...
anyways my battle with cheisoul will either get done tomorrow or thursday
Isn't this finals like 3 rounds? Best out of three style?

Also wondering if I should even do my battle now XD

(Ron is tired and idiotic, ignore this post)
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cteamed to win this one, not that it matters so much. gg mat, and grats to the victinis for winning

edit: Also shoutout to the eevees, especially Misaka and Miyoka for helping and generally being cool. I appreciated it throughout this BLT ^^
gg bro, this tour was actually a very nice way to take approach from the official tours, hope next edition comes before s/m

edit: oh wait nvm, we only have.... 2 and a half weeks left to ORAS
congrats victinis for winning the first ever mono blt

its too bad we got haxed out of our tie but its all good :]

special shoutouts:
thx to miyoka for being the best team mate and calling everything i build shit
thx to oberyn for always being supportive
thx to misaka for being active and supportive of our team and drafting me r3 even though i wasn't a r3 pick imo
thx to 6ti for hosting
thx to everyone for being very supportive on our team and sorry to Zmeeed for kicking you out of ltm •'◡'•

was fun and hope to see you all next time if there is one; cough cough make another one :]

eevees for life :D
Congrats to the Victorious Victinis for winning! The next BLT will happen, we just don't know when. We do know that it'll be after MPL though, potentially around the same time as this one next year.

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