Monotype Cup Monotype BW Cup - Round 2 ($25 prize) [REPLAYS REQUIRED]


formerly silver grace

Beautiful art by Swiffix

Welcome to the fifth and final tournament in the third Monotype Cup! Whether you're a veteran with something to prove or a newbie looking for your breakout, I wish you the best of luck.

This is a single elimination tournament & each matchup is a Bo3 series!

>>Monotype Cup Playoffs Tracker<<

  • Baton Pass Clause: Baton pass is banned​
  • Same Type Clause: Pokémon in a team must share a type.​
  • Sleep Moves Clause: Bans all moves that induce sleep, such as Hypnosis​
  • Swagger Clause: Bans the move Swagger​
  • Evasion Abilities Clause: Evasion abilities are banned​
  • Species Clause: Limit one of each Pokémon​
  • OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned​
  • Moody Clause: Moody is banned​
  • Evasion Moves Clause: Evasion moves are banned​
  • Endless Battle Clause: Forcing endless battles is banned​
  • HP Percentage Mod: HP is shown in percentages​
  • Baton Pass Stat Clause: Stops teams from having a Pokémon with Baton Pass that has any way to boost its stats​

  1. Identity: I expect many battles to be completed under alts. This can be bad for tournament security, and thus I will make this clear: If I hear any whispers of identity theft (battling as someone you are not) or proxy battling (helping someone else battle through pm) I will not be pleased and I will take severe actions.​
  2. Scouting: Next, I do not want to hear anything about counterteaming, at all. Do not complain about it. I also don't want to hear about any blatant scouting. There is a difference between "[user] is known for using Fire-type" and "let me follow [user] around all day to watch all his battles since I am his opponent". I expect a lot of the former and none of the latter. I give permission to all battlers to ask any person spectating their battle to leave if they do not want them watching. Everyone will have access to your replays from earlier rounds though.​
  3. Timer Clause: As for taking long between moves, if your opponent asks you to hurry up, please oblige. If you are doing a damage calc for a key turn that is one thing, but prolonging every move is suspicious and annoying. Don't do it. Furthermore, Battle Timeout is a rule for a reason. If you run out of time, you lose, simple as that. It does not matter what your opponent says. Do not battle if you think you will have to leave mid battle, and instead reschedule for a better time.​
  4. Disconnections: Finally, in the case of a disconnect, the decision is in the hands of the player who did not disconnect. The options are: redo the battle move for move, redo the battle with the same teams but different moves, or redo the battle with completely different teams. If the battle was without a doubt over, they may also take the win. Any suspicion that a disconnect was committed on purpose to redo a match may be appealed to me, and if I feel this happened there will be severe consequences, don't do it.​

In order to schedule with your opponent, please follow the scheduling guidelines!

Feel free to contact me in the Monotype discord server if you still have any questions regarding this tournament (or the Monotype Cup in general) after reading this post!

DragonPhoenix333  vs  kimminki [*DNP]
Pengairxan  vs  Hairoll
Jahkem  vs  ragazzosole
Chosenonew  vs  JeoZ [*DNP]
Menegucci  vs  Elyoss [*DNP]
style.css [*DNP]  vs  D4R8X
roxie  [*DNP] vs  Kastejon
TheCreatorOfBullsht  vs  Dragon Expert Soma [*DNP]
squidwardKK  [*DNP] vs  PhantomShadow_07
lightflight  vs  megasalappo [*DNP]
ToxaNex  vs  yuramas
namanisking  vs  King Billu [*DNP]
temporaily  vs  Tav72
Imperial [*DNP]  vs  timeless_asteroid
bonboniera boy  vs  Tarre25 [*DNP]
DHUVANESH  vs  Mateeus [*DNP]
FadedCharm  [*DNP] vs  InotLiam-Hearts
Builder106  vs  hupagi [*DNP]
Sificon  vs  sxd2002
Rex Slayer  vs  MarsuppiettoMain
Holy Cheetos  vs  Dieu Amphibien
Piedrer  vs  Mr.Explod_E [*DNP]
adjustments [*DNP]  vs  litrixity
North  vs  Chazz Princeton
ampharos4ever [*DNP]  vs  DetectiveLocke
numeronormal  [*DNP] vs  PiccoloIsBlack
Charliezard7  vs  Leafium Z
Snak  [*DNP] vs  yedla
Santiagoht27  vs  Ashton112 [*DNP]
Blitz0  vs  Sae [*DNP]
KillaLeston  [*DNP] vs  viscavista
freckle_galore  vs  Daniolo7 [*DNP]
Black muhn  vs  Jin4President [*DNP]
Royal5888  vs  DaviDXrt
Adriyun  vs  Silveruby [*DNP]
Trouser Snakes  vs  DAHLI
Xiri  [*DNP] vs  Dysonysus
Roxanner  vs  addon [*DNP]
wkxkevin  vs  Dj Breloominati♬ [*DNP]
Remake [*DNP]  vs  tausifur
azalea94  vs  Covle [*DNP]
Incognition  vs  juleocesar
skeeves  vs  Tojizhenin [*DNP]
amstro  vs  untakenlmfao [*DNP]
Zevachu8  vs  Prof.Otaku [*DNP]
memedose46  vs  SolarBeam
Duripop  vs  txitxas [*DNP]
B1Kharma  vs  Neko [*DNP]
Xocov  vs  halaman95
ArchAether  vs  Vertigo [*DNP]
ArkenCiel  vs  feen
zRyan74 [*DNP]  vs  Snackbanana
Staraptor  vs  Galactikitty [*DNP]
Fraolain  vs  Nyx
Daniel Ramos  vs  sasha
mohddubai  vs  DaRotomMachine [*DNP]
cherif18  vs  byulharang
GGwebas  [*DNP] vs  Splash
BigA2743  vs  phantomcobra [*DNP]
Whitespaniard  vs  stealthstone
tigrebraco123  [*DNP] vs  ChipDarulei
matherumaderu  vs  Ashbala
Mahin0999  vs  Woomsicle [*DNP]
twinkay  [*DNP] vs  bricknermon
RandomPopplio  vs  GotCookies
Dobesito  [*DNP] vs  Hyjinks
bingy  vs  StardustDragon123 [*DNP]
skatt7000  vs  cicepece11 [*DNP]
TheWyvernKing  [*DNP] vs  MonoSyn64
IceBroMage  vs  sapphiree [*DNP]
Shortie  vs  zaydapoketrainer
guiguir  vs  maroon [*DNP]
bdudeinthehouse  vs  shinylemur5787 [*DNP]
KingKrook553  vs  joemonke
treeshhhh  vs  RAF4LE_
ZincTheJeater  vs  Tico [*DNP]
freakydood  vs  jOlly_722
Jays2202  vs  Hubriz [*DNP]
Live1sh [*DNP]  vs  atashii
L3m0n Square  vs  RzK [*DNP]
henguinie [*DNP]  vs  Paraplegik
Shucklegigas  vs  Cielau
TheElderCheese  vs  FoxCookie [*DNP]
Dead by Daylight  [*DNP] vs  Little Bastard
Ronman5  [*DNP] vs  Deadshot2wx
imed2000111  vs  Jojo8868 [*DNP]
chuggachuggachooo  vs  Gekokeso
Nunsori  vs  8BiterOfficial [*DNP]
des121  vs  cpt.kraken
Real GLaDOS  vs  Bka Onon [*DNP]
Sabella  vs  Failbor
Airarises  vs  lemonademaker
Temeevee  vs  DomadragonAlvaro
DruxCrow  vs  DenyInDenial [*DNP]
Costait  vs  Tenebricite

Replays are MANDATORY for round 2. Games will not be counted if replays aren't provided.
The Deadline for Round 2 will be on April 22nd @ 12 PM (Noon) GMT-4
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