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Welcome to the first ever Monotype Camomons tournament! Monotype has always been a metagame where you must use 6 Pokemon, all of the same base typing, but in this tournament, you get to pick the type you want to use, as well as nearly any pokemon to use it on! The only difference is that every pokemon on your "Monotype" team must consist of the same type of move in their first or second moveslot. For example, if you choose to put Rotom-W, Landorus-T, Tapu Bulu and others on a team then gave all of them Protect, then it would be considered a Normal team.

-This tournament is a bo3, single elimination tournament.
-Normally, this OM would be played in some sort of Custom Game or modified format to allow the current Monotype bans/unbans. However, the current Custom Game format does not carry over Camomons type changes, nor is there a mod that exists for this format. Therefore, we will be using the Standard Camomons format and banlist.
-The list of notable bans/unbans are as follows:
--Ash Greninja
--Tapu Lele

-Banned items however, are something that we can control and will adhere to the standard Monotype policy, meaning the following items are banned:
--Damp Rock
--Smooth Rock
--Terrain Extender

-Teambuilding: As long as there is a move of the same type within the first two moveslots of each pokemon, it is considered "Monotype." (i.e., if a team of Nidoking/Latios/Zeraora and such had Thunderbolt or another Electric move within the first two moveslots, it's considered an Electric team.)
-For Pokemon that you'd like to utilize on your team that already has the typing you want to use on it, you still must have a move of the same type in their first/second moveslot. For example, if I wanted to use Toxapex on a Poison team, I must have a Poison type move in my first or second moveslot.
-All replays are required to be recorded and posted as a means of legitimizing your "Monotype" team, as well as to explore what fun combinations that you've created.
-For information about the premise of Camomons and common sets, click here. To see the Camomons VR, click here.

Signups will end on Monday, January 21st at 7 PM, or until we've reached a rounded number. Please post "in" to participate. Thank you and good luck!

Here's a couple samples I made to provide context:
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