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Approved by Acast & Eien / Co-hosted with Moosical (Torkool) & Ticken

The Monotype Champion Tournament is making a return with the introduction of Generation 7! The Monotype Champ Tours are a series of tours where the winner from each one has a chance to be recognized as type champion on this thread. If you are the first to win type champion for your type you will become the Type Champion. However, if someone has that type already you must challenge and beat them in a Best Out of 1 in that types Monothreat. Monotype Champions from the ORAS Metagame aren’t champions in the new Generation meaning all champion spots are available.

1. You are type locked & team locked throughout the entire tour.
2. Each person may only become Champion of 2 types and can only bring the types that they are the type champion of. If you only have one champion title you can bring another type to the tournament.
3. Type Champions are required to have a Smogon Account. All championship battle replays must be posted in the thread.
4. You must complete challenge battles in 1 week. If you are challenging a champion for their spot both players must bring a monothreat of that type in a Best out of 1
5. If this is not obvious already, if you are Blacklisted from the Monotype Room you are not allowed to play in the Monotype Champions tour and will lose your 'champion' titles.

Tournament Schedule
Sunday @ 6 pm GMT+0 in the
Monotype Events Room

Current Champions
- Chaitanya1.9
- Garry2Scary
- Decemm
- revival
- juleocesar
- smub
- zugubu royale
- iLlama
- Prosaic
- Catalystic
- Escoffier
- smub
- Garry2Scary
- Cloud9 NxtLvl
- Calucha
- Chaitanya1.9
- Dragon Expert Soma
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