Project Monotype Core Laddering Challenge Season 3: Challenge # 6

Taken over from Namranan approved by Eien , co-hosting with Perish Song

Monotype Core Laddering Challenge Season 3 Challenge #5
2 cores,April 15th - April 29th


Platinum: 1600+
Gold: 1475+
Silver: 1350+
Bronze: 1250+


Platinum: 1550+
Gold: 1400+
Silver: 1300+
Bronze: 1200+

Note: Namranan is no longer the host of CLC so if you have any questions regarding cores or any core suggestions you can pm me on PS! on Starblim or Message me on smogon aswell.

To register to participate in a core challenge, you must reply to this forum with the proper information to be eligible! See the example post below for details. This also applies for submitting peaks (with that said please keep all of your information onto 1 post)! Otherwise, refer to the Index Thread for the official rules and info on this project.

There will be a second challenge along with obtaining the Hall of Fame Rankings. This second challenge is the competition for the best Win/Loss Ratio in 30 games with each core, i.e. at 30 games, take a screenshot of your record and post it in your registration as well. The team with the best record will be added to its own Hall of Fame.

Sorry About the delay last week was out of town on Monday so thought itd be better to make it this week then have it in the middle of the week.


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PS! Name: DugZa
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