Monotype Cup Monotype Cup III - Introduction [$650 Prizepool]

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Welcome to the third Monotype Cup! The tournament will feature the 5 most recent Monotype metagames being SV, SS, SM, ORAS, and BW. The SV Monotype Cup will count towards the circuit, however, the old generation cups and the playoffs will not be included in Monotype's Ribbon Circuit.

The format starts with the regular season, which consists of five separate tournaments: The SV Monotype Cup, the SS Monotype Cup, the SM Monotype Cup, the ORAS Monotype Cup, and the BW Monotype Cup. The point system for the cups is the same as the one used in previous 5 format Smogon Grand Slam Tournaments (see this for further explanation). When all the Cups have been finished, the sixteen players with the most points will qualify for playoffs, where the battlers will duke it out in a single elimination bracket until the first Monotype Cup champion is crowned. The playoffs of this tournament will feature a cash prize!

Current Prizepool: $650
If you are interested in donating to increase the prizepool, please pm me on discord (.maroon)
The current prize distribution is:

  • SV Cup - $50
  • Remaining Cups - $25 each
  • Playoffs - $500 (300/100/50/50 split)
The winner of the playoffs will receive the banner again this year!

Here is the list of the five Cups and the dates each signup thread will be posted:
  • The SV Monotype Cup - Hosted by ken - February 25th [COUNTS TOWARDS CIRCUIT]
  • The SS Monotype Cup - Hosted by Azick - March 3rd
  • The SM Monotype Cup - Hosted by Ashbala - March 10th
  • The ORAS Monotype Cup - Hosted by Sificon - March 17th
  • The BW Monotype Cup - Hosted by sapphiree and Aqua Jet - March 24th
Only the SV cup will take place in the circuit tournaments forum, the other four cups will take place in the Monotype forum!

If a tier shift happens to occur during a round, it will not be taken into account until the following round. Be sure to join the Monotype Discord server if you have any questions or wish to ask a host about a decision. More information on the tournament, standings spreadsheet, and any other logistics will be edited here and posted about in the near future -- stay tuned!

Hello all, this Smogon page will track the records for the Monotype Cup points. The link can be found HERE!
Note: The Monotype Cup tracker currently has a last years final seeds in place to allow the five tours to be seen. It will be replaced once the first round of SV Monotype Open is completed.

Please check out ken's Monotype Cup FAQs page, if you have any question about the tournament.

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