Monotype Monotype Fall Seasonals - Round 1

Perish Song

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Act Wins

Fylkir Pudin  vs  mets3569 Was given win.
Kaguya Lys  vs  Bag of Trixx Bag of Trixx didnt respond to Kaguya's scheduling attempt.
Elfuseon  vs  King Billu King Billu didnt respond to Elfuseon's scheduling attempt at week 2 after missing the scheduled time at week 1.
bbburn  vs  TheArchitect_ bbburn didnt respond to Architect's scheduling attempt.
lockjaw  vs  RichardPepper Was given win.
gorex  vs  NLSlayer21 NLslayer didnt respond to gorex at all.


DerpsDeluxe  vs  giove97 These users seems to have a schedule for the game but I am unable to verify whether this game was played or not so this is extended.
Prof.Æther  vs  Zar Same as above.
Derpeddeath  vs  Holy Ghost same as above.
Perish Song  vs  Prof.Otaku Been busy irl and presumably so was he so we couldnt get the game done despite the effort from both sides.
Hax Believer  vs  64 Squares couldnt find anything between these users but I had to sub twice for Hax believer so they should get an extension.


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