Monotype Gen 8 [Slate 13: Balance]

Alright the votes are in. Winners:

Scoopapa ’s Ocean Quartet
My Gems of Peace.

For the next slate, instead of creating any new Pokemon we are going to be balancing out some of the ones we already have. So Scoopapa could you please PM me with one of our creations that you’d like to buff and one you think should be nerfed, along with your reasonings.

Also, this week we will be creating or changing a mechanic (see OP for more info). Include that in your post, if you wish.

Buffs: Temprasect, Lupina
Nerfs: Flooduel, Braviary-Alola

ChrystalFalchion said:
Temprasect was originally envisaged as a mixed sweeper / wall breaker, a bit like Rayquaza. However it was let down by average Speed, terrible bulk, a poor move pool and bad defensive typing. It was also outclassed at pretty much everything it tried to do.

Flooduel on the other hand exchanged some of Keldeo’s power for a better move pool and a much better ability. As Mega Pidgeot can testify in this meta that perfectly accurate Focus Blast is very threatening, especially with STAB on top. Flooduel also gets Nasty Plot and the move pool to hit almost everything for neutral damage.

Scoopapa said:
- 128 / 112 offenses outclasses most pokemon outside of Ubers, including our new fakemons.
- dual, 100% accurate, 120 BP STAB moves with great coverage between them is better than the vast majority of pokemon with lesser stats. This and the previous point mean it's too hard to wall.
- Tough Claws pushes it into astronomical range because it applies a 1.3x multiplier to both STABs, giving it effectively a 181 base attack stat. It 2HKOes max Def Magmule with a Life Orb.
- There's no real downside to balance this out. Everything else about it is middling to good. 90/90/70 bulk isn't bad and with Intimidate it's downright good at switching in. It gets a custom priority move for anything faster than 112 and it gets Defog and U-turn for utility.
- Major changes are needed to balance this.

- mono Dark is a tough sell in monotype without some huge benefit to using the mon
- Strong Crunch and physical BoltBeam coverage doesn't deliver that benefit because Dark already has the superb Knock Off for most of its physical attackers, and the type has great neutral coverage that doesn't need boltbeam for much.
- Dark hasn't gotten too much love in this mod yet. 4 new Dark types, but in my opinion only Faenister really stands out as providing something solid that synergizes with Dark teams easily.
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The code has been updated! Everything including the legendaries should be playable now!

Let me know if you catch anything that isn't working.


New Stats: 55/104/101/99/60/111 ( +12 Atk, -12 SpA )
Reasoning: Simply weakening the Special Attack a bit. 99 SpA still hits as hard with Hydro Pump as a pokemon with 132 base SpA does with Surf, and of course Focus Blast hits slightly harder than that. I suppose the raised Atk is a bit of a shadow buff, but I still think physical sets would still be used more for the surprise value as the attacks it has access to are weaker.

New Stats: 100/123/75/57/75/80 ( Braviary's original stats )
Abilities: Defiant / Keen Eye | Intimidate (HA)
Reasoning: It's just Braviary's stats and no Tough Claws. I think a Flying/Fighting Braviary with Intimidate and Close Combat is already really bad ass. It functions as a tank with CC / BB / Roost / Mach Wing or Defog or Bulk Up or U-turn. It's comparable to Lando-T, trading a bit of speed and bulk for Roost and dual STAB.


New Stats: 80 / 110 / 70 / 85 / 80 / 105 ( +5 Spe, +5 SpA, -5 Def, -5 SpD )
New Type: Normal / Dark
New Moves: Hyper Fang, Psychic Fangs, Quick Attack, Hyper Voice
Reasoning: Strong Jaw boosts Hyper Fang to 120 BP, giving Lupina a great dual STAB to hit almost everything neutrally. Psychic Fangs adds a much more relevant coverage option than Ice or Electric. This really frees up its movepool and makes things like Quick Attack/Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Taunt, and U-turn more easy to fit onto a set.

New Stats: 100 / 120 / 60 / 110 / 70 / 90 [550 BST] ( +50 HP )
New Moves: Rock Slide, Iron Head
Reasoning: I don't think Temprasect needed to be so squishy, so I gave it a large boost to bulk in order to hopefully preserve its original concept. It should now be able to take many special hits at +1 SpD, meaning this build will probably favor Quiver Dance over Dragon Dance. Quiver Dance, Z-Draco Meteor, and Serene Grace Fiery Dance should get a fair chance to be as scary as it sounds now. It's similar to Atlampra but it stands out with Quiver Dance, good physical STAB in Megahorn, and Fire coverage that boosts SpA.
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New Stats: 70 / 110 / 100 / 60 / 90 / 90
Abilities: Dancer / Heatproof
New Moves: Cross Chop, Rock Slide
Reasoning: Since Termight and Volcarona are already good special attackers on Bug, I made Temprasect exclusively a physical wallbreaker. Heatproof patches up its bad defensive typing by giving it a pseudo-resistance to Fire, perfect on Bug-type teams. Cross Chop is a more reliable Fighting coverage and Rock Slide hits Fire-types with Ground immunities hard.

New Stats: 80 / 110 / 75 / 80 / 75 / 110
Abilities: Tough Claws / Moxie / Infiltrator
New Move: Brick Break
Reasoning: If Lupina like Knock Off, boost its Knock Off with Tough Claws. It still gets BoltBeam coverage, albeit slightly weaker, but now its STAB is more threatening. Brick Break helps it hit opposing Dark and Steel-types, although it's already strapped for moves on its set.

New Stats: 55/101/81/101/81/111
Removed: Nasty Plot
New Move: Calm Mind
Reasoning: Nasty Plot made Flooduel too threatening, so nerfing its Special Attack slightly and adding Calm Mind in its stead makes it easier to handle.

(no wonder why it's broken when superstrike removes the "Is it OP?" section :smogthink:)
New Stats: 90/113/90/57/90/90
Removed: Close Combat, Mach Wing, Iron Head, Bullet Punch (it doesn't have fists to punch with sir), Earthquake, Outrage
Reasoning: Nerfing its offensive presence significantly by making it struggle significantly more with hitting Fairy-types, as well as making its Fighting STAB more unreliable. This forces it to use a more bulky set such as Choice Band or Bulk Up.
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Braviary-Alola Nerf

Type: Fighting /
Abilities: Technician/ Intimidate / Defiant
HP: 90 => 100 (+10)
Atk: 127 => 123 (-5)
Def: 90 => 75 (-15)
SpA: 20 => 37 (+17)
SpD: 70
Spe: 112 => 105 (-7)
Total: 510
Physical moves: Same
Special moves: Same
Status moves: Same
Reasoning: Changed stats to regular Braviary's, but with more Speed and less SPA. However, Its still fast enough to outspeed base 100s, and with a Scarf, other Scarfers like Niheligo. Also replaced Tough Claws with Technician, to make most of its moves less powerful, while giving a boost to its weaker moves.

Temprasect Buff

Type: Bug / Dragon
Abilities: Compound Eyes / Dancer / Serene Grace
HP: 50
Atk: 120
Def: 60
SpA: 90
SpD: 70
Spe: 110
Total: 500
Physical moves: Same Plus Dragon Rush, X-Scissor, Cross Chop, Fire Punch, Steel Wing, Drill Run
Special moves: Same Plus Sludge Bomb
Status moves: Same
Reasoning: Poor Bulk combined with a low speed stat really hurt Temprasect. Swaping Speed with SPA gives this mon a nice speed tier, while still allowing it to use special attacks. The physical movepool has been also been buffed, giving it some nice options to use with Compound Eyes.
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Ability: Sheer Force , Moxie , Infiltrator
Base stats: 70 (-10), 110, 65 (-10), 85 (swapped with SpD), 70 (-10), 130 (+30)
New moves
Gunk Shot, Parting Shot

Instead of trying to make it an AoA wallbreaker like it was before, it's now more of an offensive pivot. Hit fast, hit hard, and if you come across something you can't break, Parting Shot out. You could even use Z-Parting Shot to restore a teammate's HP. Sheer Force gives it a lot of power, so it could also clean late game. It can also put in work vs Fairy teams, as it ties with Tapu Koko and can do massive damage to a Fairy team with its Sheer Force boosted Gunk Shot.

Ability: Dancer, Tinted Lens
Base stats: 50, 120, 60, 90 (swapped with Spe), 70, 110
New moves
Close Combat, Dragon Hammer, Poison Jab, Sticky Web

While it was a mediocre mixed attacker, this new take on Temprasect trades its ability to go Special for a much better Speed tier and a much better ability. Thanks to Tinted Lens, its STAB combination is now almost unresisted, with only a handful of Fairy types able to switch in. On Bug teams I suspect it will run a Choice Band set, as they already have Galvantula and Araquanid to set webs. It now also gives Dragon teams a Sticky Web setter, meaning Mega Altaria and Kommo-O can outrun Scarf Greninja after 1 boost.



Ability: Torrent, No Guard
Base stats: 55, 102 (+10), 101, 121 (+10), 80 (+10), 81 (-30)
New moves: Dynamic Punch
Lost moves: Nasty Plot

By reducing Flooduel's Speed and taking away Nasty Plot, it goes from being a nigh unstoppable sweeper to an almost impossible to switch into wallbreaker. To compensate for the much lower Speed, it has better Attack and slightly better defences. I think it will be more balanced now, as even though it hits even harder its average Speed means it's easily forced out by faster Pokemon.

New mechanic: Ice types gain 50% defence in Hail. It gives the Ice type some much needed extra viability, it makes Ninetales-Alola less fragile, and it makes Sandslash-Alola harder to revenge kill with (non SE) priority.

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