Monotype Ghosting Tournament [Won by Rebellion]

Opp missed initial schedule because they grieved the loss of a pet, missed yesterday too because of their neighbor's unfortunate loss, and idk who or what died today but not here too; act
my aunts hamster (syrian hamster) (mesocricetus) unfortunatly passed away. sorry for not informing you earlier but me and my teammates were too busy grieving (as expected) to play mons. my deepest apologies.
my aunts hamster (syrian hamster) (mesocricetus) unfortunatly passed away. sorry for not informing you earlier but me and my teammates were too busy grieving (as expected) to play mons. my deepest apologies.
Echoing my dear friend here, we are (clearly) distraught over this loss & as expected have needed time to recuperate after this life altering event. Augustus Cornelius Humphrey Jr (Ceraaunts hamster) was a dear friend to us all. As a fellow human being with thoughts feelings & emotions i'm sure you can empathise with us during this tough time in our lives, so I ask you, no, I plead with you ArkenCiel , meet us tomorrow at the same time & we will be there to wax those legs on the Pokemon Showdown! battlefield. Thank you for your time.
my aunts hamster (syrian hamster) (mesocricetus) unfortunatly passed away. sorry for not informing you earlier but me and my teammates were too busy grieving (as expected) to play mons. my deepest apologies.
Sorry your hamster died. Not all gifts are everlasting. From your collective grief it seems you all enjoyed him. We are still within the deadline so if you guys show up we will probably be around.
"Won" gg Havens

Our Logs

[20:30] MetaRiolu7: can i have a paste of the team?
[20:30] Namranan: ok
[20:32] Namranan: [Redacted]
[20:33] Namranan: can you calc and see
[20:33] Namranan: if I kill m-zard with V-create
[20:33] MetaRiolu7: k
[20:33] Namranan: If I don't I should be fine
[20:33] MetaRiolu7: 252 Atk Victini Bolt Strike vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Charizard-Mega-Y: 292-344 (98.3 - 115.8%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO bolt stirke does
[20:34] Namranan: U_U
[20:34] Namranan: I don't wanna get stuck on bolt strike tho
[20:34] Namranan: if he goes gli
[20:34] MetaRiolu7: 252 Atk Victini V-create vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Charizard-Mega-Y in Sun: 225-266 (75.7 - 89.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
[20:34] Namranan: how much does F-blast do to me
[20:34] Namranan: fire*
[20:34] Namranan: after -1
[20:34] MetaRiolu7: 252 SpA Charizard-Mega-Y Fire Blast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Victini in Sun: 156-185 (45.7 - 54.2%) -- 53.1% chance to 2HKO
[20:34] Namranan: ok ye I'm fine
[20:35] MetaRiolu7: wait
[20:35] MetaRiolu7: minus 1 lemme check
[20:35] MetaRiolu7: 252 SpA Charizard-Mega-Y Fire Blast vs. -1 0 HP / 0 SpD Victini in Sun: 235-277 (68.9 - 81.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
[20:35] MetaRiolu7: ok should be fine i guess
[20:35] Namranan: ye its a safe play
[20:35] Namranan: + he would never stay in with zard in case of band
[20:35] MetaRiolu7: yeh tru
[20:36] Namranan: also my lati set
[20:36] Namranan: destroys his team once cele is gone
[20:36] MetaRiolu7: yeh having ice beam is nice
[20:36] Namranan: oh yikes
[20:36] Namranan: he read it
[20:36] MetaRiolu7: rip
[20:36] Namranan: now he knows I'm scarf because of the damage
[20:37] Namranan: u_u
[20:37] Namranan: I'm forced to switch
[20:37] MetaRiolu7: and now u don't outspeed
[20:37] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[20:37] Namranan: hm
[20:38] Namranan: might go into lati here
[20:38] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[20:38] MetaRiolu7: he could rost
[20:38] MetaRiolu7: roost*
[20:38] Namranan: ye I'm prolly will do that
[20:38] Namranan: oh damn mantine is out
[20:38] MetaRiolu7: oof didn't bring psychock
[20:39] Namranan: I would go celebi but I think he might double to zard
[20:39] MetaRiolu7: yeh it's kinda risky
[20:39] Namranan: only other safe switch is melo
[20:40] Namranan: thx to sun it won't take too much dmg
[20:40] Namranan: ye I'm going melo here
[20:41] Namranan: you think its good?
[20:41] MetaRiolu7: yeh sure
[20:41] Namranan: he did double
[20:41] Namranan: but not into zard
[20:41] MetaRiolu7: dam i wanted to say victini at first lol
[20:41] MetaRiolu7: cuz if he zarded we would have been fine
[20:41] Namranan: ah true
[20:41] MetaRiolu7: and tini lives scald in sun
[20:42] Namranan: ye
[20:42] Namranan: that would have been dope
[20:42] Namranan: alright but now that we are on last sun turn
[20:42] Namranan: I can send in celebi
[20:42] Namranan: since it will live one boostless flamethrower
[20:42] Namranan: and his 4th move isn't tailwind
[20:42] MetaRiolu7: yeh prob best option rn
[20:43] Namranan: alright nice rocks are down
[20:43] MetaRiolu7: yep
[20:43] Namranan: now his gli is likely defog
[20:43] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[20:43] Namranan: so uturn is a safe play here
[20:44] Namranan: any objection?
[20:44] MetaRiolu7: seems fair
[20:44] MetaRiolu7: alright i'ma gonna be afk for like 5 mins so u gotta solo for a bit
[20:45] Namranan: k
[20:52] MetaRiolu7: k i'm back
[20:52] Namranan: ok
[20:52] MetaRiolu7: sry bout that
[20:52] Namranan: all g
[20:52] Namranan: so rn vic can't switch into rocks
[20:53] Namranan: and I've been pressuring him with rocks as well
[20:53] MetaRiolu7: alright good
[20:53] Namranan: he keeps defogging for free with gli tho
[20:53] Namranan: and lati can't come in till cele gets chipped enough
[20:53] Namranan: its at 62 rn tho so that's p fresh
[20:54] MetaRiolu7: what do u think the next move gonna be?
[20:54] Namranan: ok so
[20:54] Namranan: he revealed defog on two mons
[20:55] Namranan: the odds of him being triple defog is so low
[20:55] Namranan: so I'm assuming that his zap is subtox
[20:55] Namranan: which puts me in a good position
[20:55] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[20:55] Namranan: this play could make or break the game hto
[20:55] MetaRiolu7: will that mean lando is def. sr or scarf?
[20:56] Namranan: nah found out that gli is sr + defog
[20:56] MetaRiolu7: ah okay
[20:56] Namranan: so lando is scarf
[20:56] Namranan: which is not good news for my team
[20:56] MetaRiolu7: unfort
[20:57] MetaRiolu7: i think he might roost but i'm not sure
[20:57] MetaRiolu7: he could go gliscor/lando
[20:57] Namranan: he will most likely switch into lando imo
[20:57] Namranan: so he can get a uturn off
[20:57] Namranan: melo is more safe imo tho in case zap uses sub
[20:58] Namranan: since voice goes thru
[20:58] Namranan: but he won't do that because of 3hko
[20:59] Namranan: since I'm slower I might just go gallade
[20:59] MetaRiolu7: but if u get para :/
[20:59] MetaRiolu7: yeh i guess that can work
[20:59] Namranan: ye this is a hard switch
[20:59] MetaRiolu7: i think gallade or melo
[21:00] Namranan: I think I'll go melo since gallade is really important for lando
[21:00] Namranan: ok phew
[21:00] Namranan: he didn't switch
[21:01] Namranan: I can let melo get toxiced
[21:01] Namranan: in favor of a better position
[21:01] MetaRiolu7: go for psyshock?
[21:01] Namranan: hm
[21:01] Namranan: how much does it do to steela
[21:02] MetaRiolu7: assuming it's sp def
[21:02] MetaRiolu7: 252 SpA Choice Specs Meloetta Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Celesteela: 94-111 (23.6 - 27.8%) -- possible 5HKO after Leftovers recovery
[21:02] Namranan: and what is the roll on hyper voice?
[21:02] MetaRiolu7: less then psy if it's sp def
[21:02] Namranan: hmmm
[21:03] Namranan: ye its spd
[21:03] Namranan: for sure lol
[21:03] Namranan: so psyshock is better
[21:03] MetaRiolu7: i think psyshock is best bc it can also dish mantine if he for some reason goes for that
[21:03] Namranan: true
[21:03] Namranan: alright lgi
[21:04] Namranan: ok he roosted
[21:04] Namranan: keep going?
[21:04] MetaRiolu7: hmm
[21:04] MetaRiolu7: we could overpredict the stela
[21:04] Namranan: nah c9 ain't like that
[21:05] MetaRiolu7: alright just go psy
[21:05] Namranan: ye
[21:05] MetaRiolu7: see what he does
[21:05] Namranan: ah yes gli
[21:05] MetaRiolu7: ok so he prob gonna set rocks or heal
[21:06] Namranan: praying he isn't knock off
[21:06] MetaRiolu7: yeh lol
[21:06] Namranan: actually wait he should be roost
[21:06] Namranan: otherwise it gets wallbroken easily
[21:06] MetaRiolu7: that's what i'm thinking
[21:06] Namranan: ye I'll just use psyshock
[21:07] MetaRiolu7: k
[21:07] Namranan: wait we should've played on that
[21:07] Namranan: and went lati
[21:07] Namranan: L
[21:07] MetaRiolu7: tru :/
[21:07] Namranan: alright celebi is in again
[21:07] Namranan: rocks is a must here
[21:08] MetaRiolu7: hm
[21:08] Namranan: metagross or melo here?
[21:08] MetaRiolu7: i'm gonna say melo
[21:09] Namranan: alright how much does psyshock do vs hyper voice?
[21:09] MetaRiolu7: what mon?
[21:10] Namranan: mantine
[21:10] Namranan: he's running enough speed EV's to creep azu just remember
[21:11] MetaRiolu7: psy will do more
[21:11] Namranan: alright
[21:11] Namranan: does it OHKO?
[21:11] Namranan: idts right?
[21:11] MetaRiolu7: na
[21:11] MetaRiolu7: should be over half at least
[21:11] Namranan: ye I'll just use shock
[21:12] Namranan: now I wish I had thunderbolt u_u
[21:12] Namranan: if only I knew how good this would be vs flying
[21:12] Namranan: oh yeah he is feeling that
[21:12] MetaRiolu7: ok now he will prob glis or cele
[21:13] Namranan: he's gonna switch into gli most likely
[21:13] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:13] Namranan: since he knows I'm choice
[21:13] Namranan: should I go celebi?
[21:13] Namranan: or go lati to threaten
[21:13] MetaRiolu7: hm
[21:14] MetaRiolu7: i think just lati
[21:14] MetaRiolu7: cuz he will just defog rocks
[21:14] Namranan: we gottem
[21:15] Namranan: rn I'm bluffing ice beam
[21:15] Namranan: and choice scarf
[21:15] Namranan: er
[21:15] Namranan: I'm bluffing choice scarf and hiding ice beam
[21:15] MetaRiolu7: okay
[21:15] MetaRiolu7: yeh we need to suprise him
[21:15] Namranan: psychic should do enough to kill right?
[21:16] Namranan: well 2hko
[21:16] MetaRiolu7: i think he might try to roost to see what we do
[21:16] Namranan: mm true
[21:17] MetaRiolu7: killing this thing will be vry nice
[21:17] Namranan: ye
[21:17] MetaRiolu7: u think we should ice beam here?
[21:17] Namranan: should I just use ice beam and get him?
[21:17] MetaRiolu7: yeh i think
[21:17] Namranan: we can still bluff scarf
[21:18] MetaRiolu7: aw rip
[21:18] Namranan: at least cele is lower now
[21:18] Namranan: which means I can go straight into cele
[21:18] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:18] Namranan: oh wow he doubled into zard
[21:18] Namranan: yikes
[21:18] MetaRiolu7: now he did it, oof
[21:19] MetaRiolu7: he's gonna roost
[21:19] Namranan: ye I'm thinking that too
[21:19] Namranan: should I go hard lati?
[21:20] Namranan: since he is flamethrower
[21:20] MetaRiolu7: that or we go tini and pressure tho it's risky
[21:20] Namranan: damn should've used tini
[21:21] Namranan: alright how much does psy do vs zard
[21:21] Namranan: does it kill at 71?
[21:21] MetaRiolu7: 252 SpA Latios Psychic vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Charizard-Mega-Y: 132-156 (44.4 - 52.5%) -- 17.2% chance to 2HKO
[21:21] Namranan: damn
[21:21] Namranan: we are forced to draco then
[21:21] MetaRiolu7: yep
[21:22] Namranan: alright
[21:22] Namranan: victini would be a great play here
[21:22] Namranan: since sun is up
[21:22] Namranan: it doesn't kill at 19% does it?
[21:23] MetaRiolu7: 0 SpA Mantine Scald vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Victini in Sun: 68-84 (19.9 - 24.6%) -- possible 5HKO
[21:23] Namranan: oh wow
[21:23] MetaRiolu7: i don't think it's worth the risk
[21:23] Namranan: ye same
[21:23] MetaRiolu7: maybe metagross?
[21:23] Namranan: he's prolly gonna roost
[21:23] Namranan: so ye meta might be good here
[21:24] Namranan: roosted
[21:24] Namranan: now here is that hard decision
[21:24] Namranan: tpunch or m-mash
[21:24] MetaRiolu7: he obvi gonna switch
[21:24] Namranan: zapdos is his best switch
[21:24] MetaRiolu7: tho idk if he gonna go zap or gliscor
[21:24] MetaRiolu7: i'm gonna say t punch
[21:24] Namranan: zap is safer so he might go that
[21:24] Namranan: ye
[21:25] MetaRiolu7: if only we had ice punch on this :P
[21:25] Namranan: ye...
[21:25] Namranan: melo right?
[21:25] MetaRiolu7: yeh probs
[21:25] Namranan: hmm
[21:26] Namranan: actually
[21:26] MetaRiolu7: he gonna roost or sub
[21:26] Namranan: I might go celebi
[21:26] Namranan: since he will do those
[21:26] Namranan: I can get rocks down
[21:26] Namranan: take a dcharge or status
[21:26] Namranan: then go uturn into melo
[21:27] Namranan: y/n?
[21:27] MetaRiolu7: yeh that works
[21:27] MetaRiolu7: cuz hyper goes through sub
[21:27] Namranan: ye he knew
[21:28] Namranan: oh nice
[21:28] Namranan: cele is getting low
[21:28] Namranan: so we might start taking advantage of that soon
[21:28] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:29] MetaRiolu7: we need that mantine gone too
[21:29] Namranan: ye
[21:29] Namranan: uturn to melo?
[21:29] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:29] Namranan: was expecting tini ther
[21:29] MetaRiolu7: yep, good we didn't
[21:30] Namranan: ok since he may be forced to defog
[21:30] MetaRiolu7: go for psy prob?
[21:30] Namranan: I think hyper voice might be good here
[21:30] Namranan: in case he goes gli
[21:30] MetaRiolu7: okay
[21:30] Namranan: wait
[21:30] Namranan: does psyshock 2hko after rocks
[21:30] Namranan: because if so I'll do that instead
[21:30] MetaRiolu7: idk what gliscor set he running?
[21:31] Namranan: he's a speed creeping phys defense one most likely
[21:31] Namranan: I mean we did 50 to him so he's clearly not spD
[21:32] MetaRiolu7: psy prob doesn't 2hko
[21:32] Namranan: sad u_u
[21:32] MetaRiolu7: cuz of poison heal
[21:32] Namranan: ye
[21:32] Namranan: so here we go to hyper voice
[21:32] Namranan: that 2hko's mantine right?
[21:32] MetaRiolu7: um
[21:33] Namranan: well actually wait
[21:33] Namranan: since he has to defog
[21:33] Namranan: we will get another turn on him anyway
[21:33] MetaRiolu7: yeh so go ahead
[21:33] Namranan: ye lol
[21:33] MetaRiolu7: not to rush but try to hurry dis up cuz i might gtg soon
[21:33] Namranan: ye sorry
[21:34] Namranan: alright psyshock again is obv right
[21:34] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:34] MetaRiolu7: prob gonna go glis
[21:34] MetaRiolu7: he might go mantine
[21:35] Namranan: hm
[21:35] MetaRiolu7: so we could try a double switch
[21:35] Namranan: so uturn is safer here right?
[21:35] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:35] MetaRiolu7: go into melo?
[21:36] Namranan: oh
[21:36] Namranan: ye lol we can do that
[21:36] MetaRiolu7: yeh we can hyper voice
[21:36] Namranan: oh nice more chip
[21:36] Namranan: ok 2 options
[21:37] Namranan: stay in and keep spamming
[21:37] Namranan: or go cele and get rocks up
[21:37] Namranan: I think I like option 2 better
[21:37] MetaRiolu7: well i don't want him getting leech seed up
[21:37] MetaRiolu7: so prob celebi
[21:37] Namranan: hm
[21:37] MetaRiolu7: ouch
[21:37] Namranan: good play on his part
[21:38] MetaRiolu7: just set up rocks?
[21:38] Namranan: ye rocks is good here
[21:38] Namranan: unless he hard predicts
[21:39] MetaRiolu7: what do u wanna switch into?
[21:39] Namranan: uturn into melo?
[21:39] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:40] Namranan: how much does hyper voice do to mantine
[21:40] Namranan: because I'm gonna spam that if it 2HKO's
[21:40] MetaRiolu7: 252 SpA Choice Specs Meloetta Hyper Voice vs. 252 HP / 160+ SpD Mantine: 132-156 (35.2 - 41.7%) -- 77.7% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery
[21:41] Namranan: yikes that's a big L
[21:41] Namranan: I thought that would do more lmao
[21:41] Namranan: alright I guess we are stuck using psyshock then
[21:41] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:41] Namranan: ok he's gonna try to set up here
[21:42] Namranan: so I might go lati
[21:42] Namranan: ok so
[21:42] Namranan: how much does drag -Z do to mantine
[21:43] MetaRiolu7: 252 SpA Latios Devastating Drake (195 BP) vs. 252 HP / 160+ SpD Mantine: 193-228 (51.6 - 60.9%) -- 94.1% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
[21:43] Namranan: hm
[21:43] Namranan: might be worth then
[21:43] MetaRiolu7: yeh worth a try
[21:43] Namranan: oh no
[21:44] MetaRiolu7: do we wanna z this?
[21:44] Namranan: nah if we Z-here
[21:44] Namranan: actually nvm
[21:44] Namranan: the same thing would have happened
[21:44] MetaRiolu7: he thinks we scarf
[21:44] Namranan: if we did it to tine
[21:44] MetaRiolu7: he will prob roost
[21:44] Namranan: ye we might Z here
[21:45] Namranan: ok now his lando
[21:45] Namranan: is gonna pressure tf out of this team lol
[21:45] MetaRiolu7: we gonna need gallade for that prob
[21:45] Namranan: ye so now gallade is staying puppy guarded
[21:46] Namranan: we go celebi here right?
[21:46] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:46] Namranan: alright lets try to uturn on that
[21:46] MetaRiolu7: yep
[21:46] MetaRiolu7: he not gonna saty
[21:46] MetaRiolu7: ok nvm then
[21:46] Namranan: he stayed lmao
[21:47] Namranan: going to melo then
[21:47] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:47] Namranan: alright he always roosts here
[21:47] Namranan: so I might double to tini
[21:48] Namranan: since he can't risk being low
[21:48] MetaRiolu7: alright
[21:48] Namranan: dank
[21:48] Namranan: uturn into lati is obv here right
[21:48] MetaRiolu7: yep
[21:49] Namranan: alright he is thinking
[21:50] Namranan: new plan
[21:50] Namranan: go celebi for rocks here since zap is no more
[21:50] Namranan: y/n
[21:51] MetaRiolu7: hm
[21:51] MetaRiolu7: alright
[21:51] Namranan: bacause lando is coming in
[21:51] MetaRiolu7: that works
[21:51] Namranan: regarldess ye
[21:52] MetaRiolu7: melo again?
[21:52] Namranan: melo is getting low
[21:52] Namranan: so I might use meta
[21:52] MetaRiolu7: okay
[21:52] Namranan: forces a 50/50 if I don't get burned
[21:53] Namranan: this is a huge 50/50
[21:53] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:53] MetaRiolu7: i'm gonna lean towards meteor but i'm not sure
[21:54] Namranan: its a 50/50 regardless
[21:54] Namranan: I personally don't think he would sack mantine
[21:54] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[21:54] Namranan: since then it would let mimikyu go crazy
[21:54] Namranan: er
[21:54] Namranan: victini
[21:54] MetaRiolu7: lol
[21:54] MetaRiolu7: yeh go meteor
[21:54] MetaRiolu7: :O juicy
[21:55] Namranan: I'll go tini here
[21:55] Namranan: actually nvm n
[21:55] MetaRiolu7: na just meteor
[21:55] Namranan: thinking about zard coming in
[21:56] Namranan: but ye it would force roost
[21:56] Namranan: so nvm
[21:56] MetaRiolu7: actually
[21:56] MetaRiolu7: maybe tini
[21:56] Namranan: nah
[21:56] Namranan: too risky imo
[21:56] MetaRiolu7: alright just meteor
[21:57] Namranan: oh yeah
[21:57] Namranan: he is def roosting here
[21:57] Namranan: ez lati switch
[21:57] MetaRiolu7: yeh overpredict
[21:57] Namranan: actually
[21:57] Namranan: I can go really crazy
[21:57] Namranan: and go m-gallade here
[21:58] MetaRiolu7: eh
[21:58] Namranan: Zen should kill 62 %
[21:58] MetaRiolu7: worth a try i guess
[21:58] MetaRiolu7: oh boi
[21:59] Namranan: ye
[21:59] Namranan: that won't be good for lando lol
[21:59] Namranan: ok headbutt here
[21:59] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[22:00] MetaRiolu7: alright unfort i prob have to go at like 10:10
[22:00] Namranan: sad
[22:00] Namranan: sorry for making this take so long D:
[22:01] MetaRiolu7: it's fine
[22:01] MetaRiolu7: just didn't expect it lol
[22:01] MetaRiolu7: was thinking it would be 1 hour at least lol
[22:01] Namranan: ye big rip
[22:01] MetaRiolu7: so u prob have to solo again a bit unfort
[22:01] Namranan: this is a good position
[22:02] MetaRiolu7: we just sack gallade hre or?
[22:02] Namranan: ok might sack gallade here
[22:03] Namranan: should I chip it?
[22:03] MetaRiolu7: might as well
[22:03] Namranan: hold up
[22:03] Namranan: he might be double dance
[22:04] MetaRiolu7: oh dang
[22:04] Namranan: ye he is DD L
[22:04] MetaRiolu7: so he ain't scarf
[22:04] Namranan: with bullet + SS
[22:04] MetaRiolu7: that's fine
[22:04] Namranan: I can R kill
[22:04] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[22:04] Namranan: now we just need to sack something
[22:05] MetaRiolu7: think we can just ss on lade
[22:06] Namranan: hm
[22:06] Namranan: ok I trust
[22:06] Namranan: since BP can prolly rkill
[22:06] MetaRiolu7: yeh
[22:07] Namranan: ok I think I got htis now
[22:07] Namranan: you can go now if you want
[22:07] Namranan: so you don't go over
[22:07] MetaRiolu7: i'll stay for a bit longer
[22:07] MetaRiolu7: i'll prob stay for like a min or 2
[22:08] MetaRiolu7: go lati and psychic
[22:09] MetaRiolu7: alright yeh i'ma go now, gl
[22:09] Namranan: ty
[22:09] MetaRiolu7: bye
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Round 2
Remember all pokemon must share a type and follow the Monotype Banlist. Captains will be in charge of organizing team members, providing the opposing captain with available times, and making sure the team gets the battle done in a timely manner. Please post the replay, your match will not count if no replay is posted.

Team Matchups:
Random Pick matchups screenshot / (team captains are bolded in maroon)

5) hf n_n vs. 9) Team nick cag fanclub
(Ticken, Moosical, Anttya, & Sae vs. Paleo, Yaksok, Eien, & Ridley.)

17) Metanam vs. 16) cb aaron judge audis
(Namranan & MetaRiolu7 vs. cb aaron judge & North)

2) Grug vs. 4) Doritos JACKED [RANCH DIPPED HOT WINGS] (i want KOLINDA GRABAR-KITAROVIĆ to peg me)
(ima, lax, Decemm, & ayevon vs. ceraa, the ghost formerly known as p2, & The Hallows)

3) Rebellion vs. 11) Just Addy, No Head
(skysolo14, Alpha Rabbit, Bluxio, & Bitana vs. Jase Duken, Mold, Its Hatch, & Balto)

There have been slight changes, due to the complexity of the brackets, my team has decided to drop out allowing the tour to run with even brackets the rest of the tour. Team 16 no longer gets a bye like in the screenshot and takes our place vs team metanam.
Edit: Since 2 pairings have not played yet and at least 1 from each group has asked for an extension I decided to extend the round to Friday November 2nd @ 9 PM EDT (GMT-4)
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Round 3
Remember all pokemon must share a type and follow the Monotype Banlist. Captains will be in charge of organizing team members, providing the opposing captain with available times, and making sure the team gets the battle done in a timely manner. Please post the replay, your match will notcount if no replay is posted.

Team Matchups:
Random Pick matchups screenshot / (team captains are tagged)

2) Team Grug vs. 5) Team hf n_n
(ima , decem, lax & ayevon vs. Ticken , moosical (torkool), anttya & sae)

16) Team cb aaron judge audis vs. 3) Team Rebellion
(cb aaron judge & north vs. skysolo14, Alpha Rabbit , Bluxio, & Bitana)

The deadline for Round 3 is Saturday November 10th@ 9 PM EDT (GMT -4)
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