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Monotype Interviews #1 - Toadow

:pmd/pawmi: royal :pmd/pawmi: | :pmd/jigglypuff: Toadow :pmd/jigglypuff:

:pmd/pawmi: First of all I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this, I'm sure a lot of the community will be very interested to hear from the defending circuit champion. Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?

:pmd/jigglypuff: Yeah sure! So, I'm Toadow, I'm french, I'm 22, turning 23 this year and I'm playing this game since 8 years now. I'm in college right now and outside of Pokemon, in terms of game, I'm a big fan of Mario Kart, Smash, Persona and recently the Ace Attorney series. And outside of games, I'm a huge fan of motor racing, especially formula 1. I used to race in go-karting in the past but unfortunately, I had to stop but it's still a thing that I like a lot.

:pmd/pawmi: You have a great taste in games lol. Formula 1 has always been interesting to me, but I've never been able to really get into it. How did you first get involved in Monotype?

:pmd/jigglypuff: Honestly, it's really been a while, I think it was in the end of 2016 but I'm not sure. But I tried to remember, I think I saw someone playing Raticate on a video, I would guess it was Fildrong but I'm not sure. And I found this set cool so I thought that I should try it and I don't know why, I decided that I would try this set in Monotype. I think I was already using Raticate in ORAS but I found a replay, it was in 2017 so I don't know if I started to play Monotype in 2017 or before but I just know that I used to ladd with Raticate at this time and seems like it wasn't really good: And next, I tried to build a team with Pikachu, the team was not that bad but at this time, yeah I was just having fun in the tier, I think I didn't know about Smogon until summer 2017 and it was only for OLT IV but when I started to really use this site, it was in Little Cup, precisely, spring seasonal 2018. At this time, I was still playing in Monotype, just not on Smogon. The first time that I played a Smogon tournament game in monotype was during MPL in 2019.

:pmd/pawmi: Thats pretty funny actually, it's amazing that you have the replay (and that it even works lol). What is your favorite Pokemon / favorite Pokemon to battle with?

:pmd/jigglypuff: Oh so my favorite Pokemon... back in the day, it was Infernape because my first game was Platinum and I was just a huge fan. Now, I still like Infernape but I don't think I would say it's my favorite Pokemon now. It's hard to choose but right now, I would say that Meloetta is my favorite Pokemon. I really like the design, the concept behind the Pokemon and also Relic Song is such a good OST... my favorite Pokemon to battle with, I'm gonna say in general... I think it's Darmanitan-Galar. I already had a lot of fun in the past with Darmanitan but now, the Galar one is just so strong for no reason and I don't see a situation where I'm not having fun playing Darmanitan-Galar or just thinking that this Pokemon is useless. But in this gen, I will give a huge point to Iron Moth, I played a lot in BSS at the start of the gen and I had a lot of fun with Iron Moth during series 2 and 3. (royal comment: Toadow asked to have his sprite be Jigglypuff because its his main in smash).

:pmd/pawmi: I can definitely relate to you on your first pokemon being one of your favorites, Swampert is still my favorite to this day. I quite like Meloetta too, the relic song is really good as you said and I really like using Meloetta in battle, but it's a shame it isnt the strongest. If you were the tier leader for one day, would you ban / unban anything?

:pmd/jigglypuff: "It was a fun year, we had fun playing gen9 with some Pokemon we never expect that could ever exist before. But it's about time to get serious and just kick out Chien Pao, Flutter Mane and Kingambit of this tier and we will see what we have to do next." -Toadow, tier leader for one day (probably). But seriously, I think it's hard for the tier leader/council to make some choices because there will always be some peoples that are not happy with the decision, they will never be able to satisfy the expectation of everyone. So the only thing I can do as a player is to watch how the tier changes and to respect the decisions they are making. Now, you wanna know what I would do as the tier leader for one day and I would just ban Chien Pao, Kingambit and Flutter Mane, they can always win a game for no reason, it's just absurd.

:pmd/pawmi: Haha, I could definitely get on board with banning those. I'd be very happy to see Chien-Pao go, and it would be interested to see what a metagame without Kingambit looks like. Flutter Mane I'm not so quick to ban but I can definitely understand. It is tough for the tier leaders and council to approach tiering decision, much like how Gouging Fire was #1 on the survey and stayed via suspect, while Baxcalibur was #2 and went via suspect. Do you have a favorite playstyle in Monotype? Is there a certain team that you think embodies your style of play best?

:pmd/jigglypuff: Well, honestly, I can play pretty much anything except hard stall because it's just not compatible with my playstyle. In general, I will watch the MU, try to think of what I wanna do, which Pokemon is my wincon, what could be annoying during the game and how I can avoid that. When the game starts, I will just try to pressure my opponent enough that he will make one mistake and instant punish this mistake. Once he made this mistake, I will keep the pressure on, trying to think of "ok now he's feeling unsafe, how he's gonna try to comeback from this situation". Of course, at this point, I need to think about the habits of my opponent, if he's the type of people who loves to do switch/double switch, if they will only switch if they really need to but will try to predict what I'm gonna do or just if they don't wanna take risk and are doing the "safe move" every turn. And my aim is to force the opp to do more and more mistakes until that I think I can put my wincon on the field and just win the game. So I think the best style for me would be Bulky Offense. probably this type of team, I had a lot of fun with this team in dlc 1. Just one thing, it's not my build, this is probably Cielau who built this team, shout out to Cielau! Also, it's not really a playstyle but I love using Dragon, I don't know why but it's the case since gen7. But since dlc 2, even if I love this type, it's just too strong that I'm not really having fun when I win with this type.

:pmd/pawmi: That's an incredibly smart way to approach the game. I've fought this team (presumably you) on ladder several times and I can say firsthand that each turn against you is extremely critical. The games are winnable but you definitely make me work for it, the pressure you apply is very impressive and its no wonder how you were able to win the circuit. Speaking of, do you have a favorite moment playing Monotype?

:pmd/jigglypuff: My favorite moment playing Monotype... in terms of period, I would say during the last year of gen8. At this time, I started to play way less in LC because I was not really having fun anymore with the gen and with that, I started to play way more in Monotype, the only tier where I was having fun. But there is a reason of why I was having fun... Dragon, again. I just had way too much fun with Dragon at the time. And I think it was during the last seasonal, at this time I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's and the lore is really focused around dragons in general. So when I had to play and I wanted to use dragon, before that the game starts, I went on Youtube, chose an OST from YGO 5D's and each time, it felt like a power-up, sometimes I was playing and just everything was going my way, I thought I was the protagonist! It feels so epic to me that I was just having way too much fun. But as a competitor, I would say it was beating trichotomy twice and with that, winning my first Monotype Tournament. To be honest, at the start of 2023, I didn't think I would try to qualify for the circuit, I thought I would just play when I wanna have fun because I knew how good I am and I thought I did everything I wanna do in this game. At least, it's what I thought until MPL. During MPL, in semi, I faced tricho and of course, no one thought I would be able to beat him but I knew that I could. And the game happened. And I lost. But it's not just a lose, it feels like I could do everything I wanted, it was just impossible for me to win. And I didn't really accept this lose so at this moment, I decided that I will do my best to play against him and that I will never lose an other set to him in 2023. At this time, it was more than have a win against tricho in 2023. It was to prove to myself that I can beat the guy who everyone consider to be the current best player in the tier. This is the only reason of why I tried so hard to do well during the Fall Seasonal. Sometimes, I didn't really wanna play but I kept in mind that I would not lose until I faced and beat tricho And this is how I made it to Winner Final in Fall Seasonal. Against trichotomy. The only reason of why I did my best and that I'm still in this tour. We played the set and I won. Then he will comeback from the loser side and I won again. And like that, I won my first solo tournament in Monotype. But for me, I was not satisfied... and it's not that I wanna sound arrogant but I felt like he didn't try his best. The first set, he played fighting 3 times in a row and he started the second set with Fighting again. I didn't ask him because I will not see the guy I beat to win a tourney just after we played and ask if he was serious or not. So I was happy but still not satisfied. The only solution I had was to play him again during the circuit. If I win at this moment, it means that it was not just a one time moment, that I have what it takes to do it. And so this is what I did, I had to beat Crashy and Chait before but it was what I have to do if I wanna face tricho. This time, I asked mushamu if he can help me to build for this set, shout out to mushamu, he's the goat. And like that, I did take the win against trichotomy in semi final of the Circuit. And for this story, even if I didn't really have fun like in 2022 with Dragon in gen8monotype, as a competitor, it was really cool to aim for the top and see that I can do it, I can beat the best players of the tier, players that I respect a lot. And this is the great part, it's not a toxic environment, when we are playing against each other, we are opponent but after that, it's friendly, everyone respects each other and this is what I like as a competitor, a good rivalry.

:pmd/pawmi: I'll be honest, I was fully expecting to see Trichotomy go back to back on circuit championships after seeing how he approaches the game in MPL. Once I saw that you and he were matched up in the semis of circuit, I knew it would be a great set and definitely not one to mark as an auto win for him. I knew if anyone could beat him, it could be you, based on your wins against him in the seasonal. Do you have any advice you'd give to newer, less experienced players who want to some day have a Monotype ribbon of their own?

:pmd/jigglypuff: So, of course it will be hard, it's really not easy and you will need to dedicate a good amount of time if you wanna aim to the top. And even at the top, it doesn't mean you will success. You need to learn the game and for that, you need to see what is the best for you : if it's better for you to theorize the game or just you have to play the game a lot. You need to do both anyway but prioritize the one that is the best for you. You need to watch some games, prioritize your games, we don't really care if you win or lose, it's even better if it's a lose. Try to see why a play worked, why you won this game or why you lost. But you also have to see why your opponent won/lost the game, what he did wrong against this team. The best thing would be that you can talk about the game with your opponent, asked him some advices of what you could have done better, why did he choose this team against you. And at the end of the day, you will be able to recognize a lot of situations you played in the past and it will help you to have a better idea of the risk/reward you will face during your games. And also, you need to study a lot the meta, see what is good, what is not good. It's really easy to lose a game because you didn't know a Pokemon could be used in a certain way so just take as much data as you can in a way that you will not be able to say that you lost because you didn't know this Pokemon was a thing. And if you have a really good knowledge of the tier, you can start to build in it. You can start before but it can be harder if you don't really have a good idea of the meta. So start with a sample team of a top tier type and when you feel ready, you can start to build on your own. It's a good thing to know how to build because it's easier to understand how it is supposed to work (because you made it). And with that, you are good to go. But that doesn't mean you will quickly see the result, everyone is different, some people will learn faster than the others and it's okay. If you wanna win some tourneys, you need to aim for the top, it's okay if you don't perform directly or after 1 or 2 years, you are not the only one aiming for the win. But if it's really what you want, don't give up, learn from your loses and comeback stronger. And don't try to find an excuse when you lost, it's not a good mentality. Pokemon is a game luck-based and you can lose on that for sure but maybe you could avoid that, it's possible that you miss a easier path. But most importantly, don't force yourself, in the end, it's still a game so if you are not having fun playing anymore, just take a break, you will not progress if you don't have fun and you will really hate losing, it will just be counterproductive for you.

:pmd/pawmi: That's really great advice. I think something super important that you said that is competing is a marathon, not a sprint. It's important to keep going even if you don't see results at first. That's all the questions I've got for you. I want to thank you for your time (sorry it took so long and I've probably kept you up quite late) and your extremely dilligent answers, it's been an honor getting to know you and I'm sure that the readers will feel the same! Do you have any closing thoughts, anyone you'd like to give a shoutout to?

:pmd/jigglypuff: Thank you for the interview, it's been a great one and it's good to talk about this last year, this is something I wanted to do after the final of the circuit but I thought I would just be fast and not talk about me at this moment. It's been a journey, it's at least what I can tell, since 6 years I'm playing competitive Pokemon and I didn't think I would end up here, not that I thought I didn't have the level but I didn't think I would have the endurance to close it out, generally after a certain point, I just want to be out of a tournament because it takes too much time. The more the years passed, the more it was the case. And when I lost in final of LC Circuit 2021 against Acehunter, I think I would never try to win a Circuit again, it's just too much time and work. But here I am. So now, I will try to take a break, not a real break but I will just play where I wanna play and trying to enjoy it but I'm not really focusing on competing in Pokemon for now. I will try to focus more on getting good at Smash or getting back on some timetrial in Mario Kart, it's been a while I didn't make that and I really wanna grind again. And yeah I wanna give a shoutout to Gelbel and Hurtadoo, two great friends who also helped me during this journey and shoutout to everyone who support me during the playoff!


This thread will remain open in case anyone would like to ask Toadow any further questions. If you have an idea for who you would like to be interviewed next, please don't hesitate to let me know!​
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Thank you Royal for bringing this back! These were always enjoyable to read.
Questions for Toadow:
1. Is there a tournament game that you've played that you are most proud of? If so, why? This doesn't necessarily have to be a monotype replay, it can be something like LC if that's the case. A replay would be appreciated!
2. During your time of playing, was there a point in time where you thought to yourself that you can compete with anyone, regardless of their skill level? If so, when?
3. By the time circuit playoffs started, you had just won the latest circuit tournament. What was your mindset going into playoffs? Were you confident that you can win the whole thing?
4. What was your favorite MPL or MWP team that you have been apart of, and why?
5. Which French player(s) do you think is the next best thing in the Monotype scene?

Lastly, congrats on the successful 2023! Looking forward to see what you do in the future
Always cool to see this kind of project thank you Royal.
Cher touad,
- unlike your first, did you do this interview in English ?

- What's your first teamtour on smogon (excluding world cup) ? What was your first feeling? Was there a problem with language barrier ?

- Which French mono player is most likely to take a tourban ?

- Would you rather win stt (french teamtour) or mwp ?

- Which old gen mono do you prefer ?
Rank the french mono players from least to most likely to put ketchup on their steak
From least to most likely...
Okok so first, the players who would NOT put ketchup on their steak:

Bouki: would say that ketchup is for kids
Masskeau: would refuse politely
Gelbel: would refuse and laugh at you for asking
Toadow: So I could put hot sauce but not ketchup
Firnen : He isn't french

Players who would give it a try:

Elyoss: He can try, maybe he would do a mix with mustard
Frol1: Honestly I don't know if he has ketchup at home, he would totally try once but that's it
Cielau: Doesn't know how to say no so he doesn't really have the choice if you ask him
Rinda: Only if he feels like it
Nailec: Would gladly do it but only if it's homemade

And now, the players who would gladly put ketchup on their steak:

Pas_touchao: I mean, I did my research and I think he's definitely this guy
Cpt Kraken: Just a feeling
Dieu Amphibien: would even add olive oil with that
Tomlelego: would drink the whole bottle
Hurtadoo: I know he already cooked pasta in vodka, so I would not be surprise at all...
Thank you Royal for bringing this back! These were always enjoyable to read.
Questions for Toadow:
1. Is there a tournament game that you've played that you are most proud of? If so, why? This doesn't necessarily have to be a monotype replay, it can be something like LC if that's the case. A replay would be appreciated!
2. During your time of playing, was there a point in time where you thought to yourself that you can compete with anyone, regardless of their skill level? If so, when?
3. By the time circuit playoffs started, you had just won the latest circuit tournament. What was your mindset going into playoffs? Were you confident that you can win the whole thing?
4. What was your favorite MPL or MWP team that you have been apart of, and why?
5. Which French player(s) do you think is the next best thing in the Monotype scene?

Lastly, congrats on the successful 2023! Looking forward to see what you do in the future
1 - Well, I don't think it can be called a tournament, it's more like a showmatch, it was for a King Of The Hill in Little Cup in 2018. I played LilyAC, the defending champion at the time and I didn't think I would be able to win the set. In a bo3, the set went to g3 and it was really really close but spoiler alert: I won the game! I was so happy, I couldn't really believe it. And even if I already had great wins before this set, this win is probably the starting point of my LC career.
The replay is here if you wanna see:
But if you want to see a tournament game, there is this game against Soulwind during a smogon tour. Please, don't be afraid at the team preview, I swear it's probably one if not the funniest game I played in tournament.

2 - I think it's my mindset since 2020 and maybe it was already the case at the end of 2019, as long as I have a good knowledge of the tier and I'm not playing with a terrible MU, I think I can compete with anyone. But I will add that there is no match that I will play while thinking that I'm better than my opponent, I should win easily. Firstly, because it's Pokemon but I think it's a toxic way to see the game and it's really toxic for yourself, it's like going to a game and accept that you will not improve from this game because it's sure that you would win. You can't enjoy your win and you will just really hate your lose, it's just a lose/lose situation. I can see that it's hard to not think like that because there will always be at least someone who say that you're better than your opponent, you should always win. And maybe, that's true, you are better, it's a fact, you can't deny it. But if I wanna win, I will never go to a game/set thinking that it's an easy win. And same for the opposite case, if you really wanna win, don't go thinking your opponent is stronger than you and that you stand no chance.
Ok, I'm the better player or not on this pairing, it doesn't matter at all, I just need to focus, take my time and I will do my best to win it all and if I lose, it's okay, I did my best and I had fun! It's my mindset when I'm playing but when I'm not playing, yeah I do think I can compete with anyone.
Also, I can add that when I was in final, I thought a lot. Of course, about my lose in 2021 and that I don't want that to happen but I was also thinking about what I will do if I end up winning the tournament. It was a bit scary, like I would just end my journey, that maybe it would be the time to quit the game I put so much time and love. I didn't think about what I would do in case I lose the set because I really didn't wanna lose, I didn't think a single second that I would repeat the scenario from 2021. I said to myself that I would accept the lose because I tried my hardest but you never know how you will react if you end up losing, it's hard to control your emotion, it's just a human thing.

3 - So I already talked about my mindset but how did I feel going into playoff... To be honest, I don't really put much thoughts about it at the time. I just won a seasonal and I was happy with that. But it's not my first time in playoff and in 2021, I just won a LC tournament just before the playoffs, not as big as a seasonal but a win is a win. And I lost this circuit playoff in final so it would not have been a good indicator. And maybe I did think about it. At this time, it was hard to think about playoff and not thinking about losing this close in 2021. Annoying to think that you put that much time in a game and losing everything at the very end. So for me, it was just an other tournament, with 16 players, like an invitational. And I am a competitor so I will not think that I"m gonna lose, but like any invitational, I was happy to be here and I just wanna play against the best players in the format and see what I can do. Also, you need to know that we had the choice between playing in DLC 1 and DLC 2. And even if the decision is questionable, I was happy to play in DLC 2, it's original to play in a new meta and at the time, I thought he would be funnier! Well, I don't know if it was funnier or not but at least, Dragon was top tier and strong. Really strong. Maybe too strong... But anyway, before the round 1, it's a new meta so everyone could win the whole thing.

4 - So before giving my answer, I wanna say that I appreciate all the managers I had. Chait and Zap for believing in me when I had 0 Monotype game in tournament before my first MPL. I had a great time even if it was a bit hard to communicate for me because of the language barrier. Bondie and Mateeus or Crossheart and Mateeus in MWP, I always like playing in a fun format and I had a fun time with the team. Floss and Kev, it was maybe my worst result ever in a monotype teamtour but I had to accept it and I still try to help even if yeah, it was not an easy tournament, I was glad to be a part of this journey. JT and Mateeus (always him), I don't know how they thought it was a good idea to pick me after my 2020 and 2021 MPL but seems like it was a good call for them and the ambiance was great. So yeah, I respect all these guys for giving me my chance and for the time we passed together. But I will have to say that of course, my favorite MPL team was the team I managed with Cielau: Melemele Meloetta, what a great name by the way (insert Obama medal meme)
We had a great run with the team, everyone was so nice to each other and it was cool to manage with Cielau!

5 - Well, well, well... so first of all, Dieu Amphibien and Cielau are already doing great and they could both win a big tournament or even win the circuit. Dieu Amphibien already won a tournament and he always had a great run in circuit playoff, I think. It's probably more difficult for Cielau but he just needs to win a tournament over a high ranked player. That and work on his mental, if he can do both, he will be a menace in the future.
Frol1 is not close at all, it's a bit like Cielau, he is searching his big win and he can get it, for sure. But then, it gets harder to tell: Yedla and Bouki are both great experienced players and they can still do well, I know Bouki really wanna do well and I hope he will be able to show his capacity. He needs to trust himself. And then, at the opposite, you have pas_touchao and Elyoss, Two relatively young players comapred to the two before. These two did great thing but they have a lack of consistency and experience so it's a bit hard to tell what they can do in the coming year.
And the last one, cpt.kraken. He is here since 2023 and he is really active in the community, I don't know how far he wanna go but he did a great showing last year so it could be good to keep an eye on him in the future.
But yeah, I would say that for now, it's good to expect Dieu Amphibien, Cielau and Frol1 still being the french players at the top and see them having a better year than 2023 but they are not the only french that wanna win and it's always possible that someone that we didn't expect at the top will surprise us!

Thank you goat, and I hope I was clear in my answer!
How hard is playing tournaments when you are still in school?
It's okay, we are lucky that Pokemon is not that complex so we don't have to spend that much time on the theory. And by theory, I'm not really talking about teambuilding, it's more like you wanna master and understand all the situations you can face in game. Now, if you wanna play in tournaments, it's possible but you have to manage your planning. If you don't have that much time, it would be reasonable to only sign up for 1 or 2 tournaments max because it will take time to train, to build and to play the game. Scheduling can be really hard sometimes, especially when you don't have a lot of time. And he can be harder if your opponent has a different timezone. I know some players who don't wanna sign up for a tournament just because of that. And I can totally understand this point. But I think that if you really wanna play, even if you have school or you have a job, it can be a thing, you have to manage your planning for sure but if it's how you wanna have fun then go. But it's my last point, it's a game so it's good to keep in mind that it's for fun and we are not making a living of tournaments so you have to prioritize class over tournaments.
So I think it's not hard to play tournaments when you are still in school or even when you have a job as long as you manage your time and your priority.
Always cool to see this kind of project thank you Royal.
Cher touad,
- unlike your first, did you do this interview in English ?

- What's your first teamtour on smogon (excluding world cup) ? What was your first feeling? Was there a problem with language barrier ?

- Which French mono player is most likely to take a tourban ?

- Would you rather win stt (french teamtour) or mwp ?

- Which old gen mono do you prefer ?
Cher yedla,

- I did this interview in English! And it was the same for my first interview, however, before giving each answer, I asked Jaajgko if he can help me and correct my grammatical errors or to word what I couldn't translate. But for this one, we did it in one day and no one helped me!

- So if we are excluding world cup, my first teamtour was Smogon Exhibition II. It's been so long that I don't even remember how I felt, it was not my first teamtour and my managers, Levi and dcae, were really nice to me so I don't think I felt the pressure. Add that Wabane was on the team so I think I was happy to be with someone I knew. To be honest, I don't remember how hard it was to communicate at the time for me but I'm sure that language barrier was a problem at the time and it was not an exception for this tournament. Even if Wabane was here so it was probably not that horrible.

- It's really harD to say lIkE french mono player are jUst so perfect thAt no one would ever take a ban. Just iMagining this Possibility... naH no way It's a thing. No one from my Beloved french communIty would bE close to take a tourbaN.

- Bro, if I win STT, I would instant leave this game, I would be done, you would never see me again. It's probably why I will never win this tournament...

- I think I will always prefer gen7, just because I played so much games in this gen. The amount of joy that it gave me, it also gave me a lot of sadness (thank you Toxapex and Celesteela for that) but I will always love this gen. But if we forget gen7 is a thing, maybe I would say BW. I'm not a big BW player but the tier feels fun to play. Probably not the most balance meta we had but it doesn't remove the fun I have playing it. S/O to ORAS, I think it's not that bad but why would you play in ORAS when you can play in SM? The fact that there is no Toxapex and Celesteela could be a good reason, maybe I will think about it.
SS is too recent, the trauma is still here...

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Very late here, but hello Toadow, few questions here:

-- favorite F1 driver and team? (if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's Alpine and one of their baguette bros)
-- what Smash Bros game do you play (Melee, SSB4, Ult?)
-- what is your opinion when you load into a game 14 minutes after the scheduled time and your opponent loads hard stall?

Very nice to see this project happening again (running something like this in ND actually), ty Royal for hosting this!
For my favorite F1 driver, I would say Fernando Alonso because I started to have a big interest in 2005 for F1 and at the time, I would just support Renault because it was the only team I knew at the time and he won this year so it probably helped me. But Renault is not my favorite F1 team. Even if in 2006, I really liked McLaren because of the design, I think it was really cool but my favorite team is Ferrari for sure! And for so many reasons, one of them being that a lot of driver I like were on Ferrari (Alonso, Raikkonen). But I'm always happy when a french driver or a french team is doing good, it's not the case for Alpine this season but I wish that they will bounce back.
I'm a SSBU player, I started Smash with Brawl and at the time, I really didn't like the game, I had fun with the story mod but I didn't have fun playing the game, probably because I didn't understand what I was doing. The thing that brought me back is SSB4 on my 3ds. I still had fun and started to understand a bit more what I was doing so it gave me the motivation to play Ultimate. I was just playing with my friends at the start. But I started playing in competitive because when I was a manager in a french teamtour, one of my player was Eko, a top player in France right now and the best coach in the world. We were talking about his run and I tried to watch every set he played. And at this moment, I realised that I'm not good at all and that I wanna be better at this game so this is kinda how I started playing competitive SSBU.
Honestly, I don't really have any thought at the start of the game, it's annoying when your opponent is not here at the scheduled time but it's not like I was always here at the scheduled time too. It's not fun to face hard stall anyway so it's not like it will be different if I see hard stall at the scheduled time or 14 minutes after. I would say that if I'm tired, the opponent missed the scheduled time and I got unlucky during the game, I could be easily irritated. But yeah, the schedule is sadly a part of the game so I can't really be mad at anyone except me if I'm in this situation.

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