Monotype ladder/tier for Pokemon Showdown!

Should we add the monotype ladder to Pokemon Showdown?

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As few users who frequent the Pokemon Showdown! Smogon main server may know, one of the most widely hosted form of tournaments are the mono-type (one type shared among a team of Pokemon) tournaments. Every time I go on Pokemon Showdown, I see at least 5 people a day hosting a monotype tourney, so I thought "With all these people interested in monotyping, how about I pitch an idea for a monotype ladder?". So I made this. Discuss below. I've put up a poll that will close in 10 days so you can decide. This will not only benefit those who like to host monotype tiers (there's a bunch), but also the guys who roleplay as "Gym Leaders", so they could possibly find out who's the better gym leader.

1) Obviously the most important rule, one type must be shared with all team members. So for example, if you have Jellicent, Gengar and Golurk, they're part of a mono-Ghost team.

That's basically it :P Monotyping is pretty easy to do, just make a team sharing one individual type, and boom, you're ready.

~ Lugia
I mainly play monotype and have many teams which i know would work well in a monotype tier after spending a large amount of time tweaking them to make them competitive in OU, the tier is a great idea.

Na bad idea. Laddering with a monotype team would rely heavily on luck as when playing in monotype battles the type your playing against basically determines the victor. Yes it is possible for fire to beat water and steel to beat fire, however the underdogs are placed at an extreme disadvantage as all their pokes, more or less bar gastrodon and a few others, will have a crippling weakness to. Any anyways why have the programmers spend unnecessary time making a monotype tier when you can just take your monotype team and play it in OU. Is there really satisfaction going against all one type as opposed to a random team? I really see no reason this should happen. I also never really understood what is so intriguing about monotype battles anyways, but whatever that's just my two cents
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