Tournament Monotype Ladder Tournament III - Playoffs Round 1

Approved by Eien

After Four hard fought cycles over the last month, the ladder portion of the competition is over. Now it is time for Monotype to show off it's best ladder players in a double elimination bracket.

The pairings will be RANDOMISED and not at all based on what position you ended on the ladder in your cycle. The competition will also be DOUBLE ELIMINATION and each match up is a BEST OF THREE.

Before the playoff pairings thank you to pork chop man for saving cycle 4 and Eien for letting me host this tournament.

Round 1

Lotus Wincon vs Ghost Cream
Garry2Scary vs Bitana
juleocesar vs zugubu royale
King Billu vs pork chop man
Trichotomy vs Chaitanya1.9
ExtremeCold vs Nailec
Lostallhopedreams vs ArkenCiel
Bluxio vs TheImcaness

Try to post when you are playing in the thread so that people can spectate the playoffs.

Deadline: Tuesday 17th @ 12pm EST (NOON)
Cycle 4 Top 4

Rank #1: Bitana
Qualified Cycle # Name: MLTEU Lotus#1
ELO: 1810
GXE: 81.8

Rank #2: Ghost Cream
Qualified Cycle # Name: MLTEU Decem
ELO: 1800
GXE: 77.3

Rank #3: pork chop man
Qualified Cycle # Name: MLTEU Ima
ELO: 1774
GXE: 85.5

Rank #4: ArkenCiel
Qualified Cycle # Name: MLTEU WarmedUpNow
ELO: 1766
GXE: 81.3

Sorry it is late!
Shoutouts pork chop man


Good luck to all in playoffs


formerly Lotus Wincon
I actually know a lot of these players so i think ill leave my predictions below.

Lotus Wincon vs Ghost Cream; I mean ofc i think I'll win. Been doing well
in tournamenets recently, despite my early loss to Wanka R1 of Fall Seasonal. Bring it on, I'll give you this work

Garry2Scary vs Bitana; Probably the one player noone wants to play because of his unpredictability in his type usage. Performed well last seasonals as well, and overall a superior player to garry,so the edge goes to bit.

juleocesar vs zugubu royale; Nothing really sets these players apart that would give the edge to either player. Toss up imo

King Billu vs pork chop man; WOA never loses. Fr though Pcm imo is a superior player and with Eien in his back pocket supplying him teams Billu is gonna have to get the right matchups and play well to pull this game out his ass

Trichotomy vs Chaitanya1.9; Only one besides me who has broken 93 gxe on the ladder. Trich is by far a superior calibre player, just has to be smart with what he brings and not get matchup fished

ExtremeCold vs Nailec; More experienced in tours, just has to be smart and not take an L to some of extreme's really lame teams that somehow had success on the ladder

Lostallhopedreams vs ArkenCiel; Both solid players, but imo the edge goes to arken in this one. He's more versatile in his type usage, and more willing to make the clutch plays to win

Bluxio vs TheImcaness; lol I talk to both of these guys every day. They know each other's play styles and their type preferences. Imo Imca is a better player but their playstyles contrast, so maybe Bluxio can get this one if he plays as aggressive as I've witnessed he's capable of
Lotus Wincon vs Ghost Cream - Cockiest motherfucker I've ever seen, but he's better than Decem. But stop being such a shithead, seriously.
Garry2Scary vs Bitana - Bit's rock types are too hard body to be scared of any shitty little ghost types. And who spells "Gary" with two r's lol
juleocesar vs zugubu royale - Although juleo is the best grass player to ever touch monotype, the berry god shall prevail.
King Billu vs pork chop man - Billu's a bro, but pcm's the goat, winning this tour.
Trichotomy vs Chaitanya1.9 - Should be a pretty good game, but Trich is much more solid of a battler, giving it to him. He should be one of the few competitors that pcm won't be able to get 2 6-0s against.
ExtremeCold vs Nailec - With 2 smogon accounts, how could he lose? He also has Dethroner in his back corner to hype him up and suck his dick like no other.
Lostallhopedreams vs ArkenCiel - One of the original ladder heroes, cool guy too. Have no idea who Lostallhopedreams is but the name is hella edgy.
Bluxio vs TheImcaness - Saw this boy go like 40-2 or something on mag suspect ladder, should win.
Lotus Wincon vs Ghost Cream
- Wincon wins, no explanation really needed. If Cream wants a chance at winning, his best bet is to watch Wincon's YouTube channel to scout for his teams but ehh.

Garry2Scary vs Bitana
Bit has ascended from the little pebble of a Rock player he used to be in 2015. He's always been a good playmaker, it's just now he's apply that to more types and a little more unpredictable.

juleocesar vs zugubu royale
Zugunu "Berry Time" Royale probs brings the most heat in this matchup, hands down if zugu doesn't make you go "What the hell?" in at least one match, you, my friend, are dead inside. He takes the W.

King Billu vs pork chop man
- PCM the legend wins, nuff said.

Trichotomy vs Chaitanya1.9
- Both are my homies but I have to give this to trich because that dude is nutty with the mons. Chait, I know you're probs gonna make this a close match but trich may just snipe you in this.

ExtremeCold vs Nailec
- I give it to Nailec since I've seen him play more and he's got a good skill set to work with. But this might come down to who misplays the other.

Lostallhopedreams vs ArkenCiel
- Fresh off of a tour ban! This man is HUNGRY for a W in any Monotype tour right now. Dreams better bring their A game if they wanna defeated this caged animal who just got let loose.

Bluxio vs TheImcaness
- Bluxio should take the W but I wouldn't be surprised if Imca pulls through. Both have a good chance against the other.
Lotus Wincon vs Ghost Cream
I’m very familiar with Decem’s skill level and although Wincon is a respectable opponent, a lot of people are sleeping on Decem. I personally think he takes it, all personal bias aside. All I can say is that he definitely has more tricks up his sleeve and people to provide good teams.

Garry2Scary vs Bitana
While Bit has shown more versatility recently, Garry has too. I haven’t seen him play much outside of ladder games, but I recall him being good with more than one type and I think he takes this.

juleocesar vs zugubu royale
I think Zugu takes this just because I’ve seen him play on a higher level than the opponent. Juleo will have to show his versatility if he wants to win.

King Billu vs pork chop man
I’ve seen both players play plenty, and PCM is just on another level. It’ll be tough for the opponent to win purely bc of how good pcm is. Also has some of the best teambuilders in mono

Trichotomy vs Chaitanya1.9
This is my favorite match in r1 personally. Both opponents are really good and I can see this being close. I think chaitanya has the edge here though, at least from what I’ve seen as of recent.

ExtremeCold vs Nailec
Personally I haven’t known ExtremeCold at all, unlike Nailec which I’ve seen play plenty. This prediction is simply based on me knowing one player more than the other.

Lostallhopedreams vs ArkenCiel
I’m excited for this match as I know Magma can hold their own, but Arken might have the edge here.

Bluxio vs TheImcaness
Should be another close match. Both players are pretty good from what I’ve seen and I think this one could go either way.

pcm taking it all tho

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