Tournament Monotype Ladder Tournament III - Playoffs Round 3

Approved by Eien

After Four hard fought cycles over the last month, the ladder portion of the competition is over. Now it is time for Monotype to show off it's best ladder players in a double elimination bracket.

The pairings will be RANDOMISED and not at all based on what position you ended on the ladder in your cycle. The competition will also be DOUBLE ELIMINATION and each match up is a BEST OF THREE.

Bitana vs Lostallhopedreams
Lotus Wincon vs zugubu royale

pork chop man vs juleocesar
Chaitanya1.9 vs Nailec
ArkenCiel vs Ghost Cream
Trichotomy vs Bluxio

Try to post when you are playing in the thread so that people can spectate the playoffs.

Deadline: Sunday 29th @ 12pm EST (NOON)
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Bitana vs Lostallhopedreams - 2nd guy has a very long name, no bueno
Lotus winonc vs zugubu royale - isnt this the guy with the heat berry teams

pork chop man vs juleocesar - chop man vs the gardener, chop chop nigga
Chatiatto1.8 vs Nailec - double shot double foam plz
ArkenCiel vs Ghost Cream - ghost cream sounds like something for athlete's foot
Trichotomy vs Bluxio - bluxio is the new wave
Bitana vs Lostallhopedreams - ye Phoenix Bit lets get it
Lotus wincon vs zugubu royale - "I didn't think he would actually bring the Bluk Berry" -wincon after the match

pork chop man vs juleocesar - that masq flying team looking kinda sinister vs juleos grass
Nailec's Dad vs Nailec - Highlight Match
ArkenCiel vs Ghost Cream - Don't disappoint me please
Trichotomy vs Bluxio - bluxwho?
Bitana vs Lostallhopedreams - Change your name and delete your signature and I might predict you to win.
Lotus wincon vs zugubu royale - People have predicted wincon to lose every round. Maybe if I predict him to win he’ll actually lose.

pork chop man vs juleocesar - I could make a pun about his name being cesar and pcms name having to do with knives but I’d rather not.
Chaitanya 1.9 vs Nailec - ??? Aren't these the same people lol
ArkenCiel vs Ghost Cream - after a dominant showing against bye (banned user) last week, I can’t see him losing.
Bitana vs Lostallhopedreams - Bit is impossible to scout
Lotus Wincon vs zugubu royale - Wincon might upload his scouting video on zugu before their match, but if he doesn't he wins.
pork chop man vs juleocesar - Choked against both of them, don't know which one I choked against more tho.
Chaitanya1.9 vs Nailec - Expecting both to bring that registeel semi stall steel game 3.
ArkenCiel vs Ghost Cream - No way you get a bye week then win the next week.
Trichotomy vs Bluxio - Don't sleep on bluxGOAT
Knew i was gonna lose, but I made it as far as i wanted to for my first tour in the winners bracket! Now to make it through the losers bracket! My dark justice is not done yet!

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