Monotype Matchup Madness Round 2

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The Monotype Matchup Madness

Everyone knows how annoying it is when you have a bad matchup in Monotype. That's why this Tournament adds a little twist to that formula.
Once the matchups have been posted I will randomize a type you will have to use - your opponent won't know what type it is though as I will PM it to you.
To spice things up even more if one of the players has a bad type matchup I will inform him/her. But not what type your opponent has.


evening - neomon
Diophantine - zugubu royale
Nachtion - SoulWind
Lady Salamence - JackTheBreloom
akaFila - Havens

Keep in mind that the bad type only refers to the type itself. If this tour ever gets reused we'll go with actual matchups.
Deadline is the 15th.
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Echoing the sentiment of the above post + Ridley's constructive criticism on the last thread w/ some constructive criticism:

Yeah, if you're doing this next time, I strongly recommend putting out an actual "type matchup" chart based on the current Monotype metagame. Even at least, next time when you PM someone if they have a type disadvantage, also include something along the lines of "Can the opponent's primary type moves do super-effective damage to me?" then you can respond w/ yes or no. This would definitely so much easier to bear with, especially considering the context of type matchups, especially ones where base moves don't do "effective damage." It would at least make the person with the type disadvantage easier to build around and not get blindsided by a type that they could actually win had it been in the context of a regular Monotype match. (For example, Fairy-type moves may not be effective vs. Fire, but in Monotype, Fairy vs. Fire is in favor of Fairy teams. Same goes for Ice vs. Water, Poison vs. Psychic, Psychic vs. Bug, Flying vs. Steel and so on.)

Not discrediting the tour at all, but a tournament of this caliber gives the type advantaged player too much advantage as the ones with the type disadvantage are forced to guess and attempt to cteam what the opponent is using, when it may be the polar opposite from a Monotype metagame standpoint.
Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!
And while I do know a bit about the meta I'm not confident with every exact matchup. That said, I wanted people who don't know monotype to get into it and have an easier access within this tour.

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