Monotype Monthly Champshionship![FEBRUARY]

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  1. Hey everyone, welcome to the new official Monotype Monthly Championships!

    Art by Procune
    Starting from July 1st, new series of tournaments will take place in the Monotype room on Pokemon Showdown (found here) and the winner will be crowned the Monotype Monthly Champion of that specific month.


    As the name suggests, this series involves any player from anywhere to participate in daily official tournaments. Approximately 2-3 official tournaments will be run per day at different times (note that official and non-official tournaments will be specified by the host).
    Official tournaments must have a minimum of 16 participants (some cases there will be exceptions)

    In official tournaments, the winner and runner ups are awarded points which tally up for each month. After the month has passed, the person with the highest points is then crowned as the Monotype Champion of month and will be added to the Hall of Fame. All scores will then be reset for the next month.

    Some rules that are enforced only in official tournaments include the following:

    1. No scouting (this means not watching other peoples battles)
    2. No teamswitching

    If any player is caught doing any of the above, they will be disqualified and banned, so please abide by them at all times.


    In a standard 16 man or higher official tournament, the points are as follows:

    1st place - 3 points
    2nd place - 2 points
    3rd place (i.e both semi-finalists that lose) - 1 point each
    Person reporting a cheater - special love by me

    In a rare case where the official tournament must be run with fewer than 16 but more than 8.

    1st place - 2 points
    2nd place - 1 point
    Person reporting a cheater - special love by me

    After completion of each tournament, the host of the tournament will post here the date, time and results which will then be added to the monthly scores.

    So that's about it. Good luck everyone and get teambuilding!

    If you have any questions please PM me here or on PS and I will be glad to help.

  1. ArVaDa- - 70 points
  2. ArkenCiel - 29 points
  3. Arifeen - 28 points
  4. Booty - 24 points
  5. Thimo - 19 points
  6. Clearly - 11 points
  7. Hazey - 9 points
  8. Mega-P1kachu - 9 points
  9. Balto - 7 points
  10. PK-Kaiser - 6 points
  11. AL Minato - 5 points
  12. Ashaury - 5 points
  13. Auburn - 5 points
  14. Kammi - 5 points
  15. Suspense - 5 points
  16. AL Zachariah - 4 points
  17. BlackSchwan - 4 points
  18. From Pallet Town - 4 points
  19. Laxuy - 4 pointss
  20. YourKouhai - 4 points
  21. Alliance - Jane - 3 points
  22. Alliance - Oblivion - 3 points
  23. Alliance - Xiayou - 3 points
  24. Chimplup - 3 points
  25. ChuckleFish - 3 points
  26. Croton - 3 points
  27. Loli Master Race - 3 points
  28. Loudicolo - 3 points
  29. Omniax - 3 points
  30. Silver Anaconda - 3 points
  31. Truedrew - 3 points
  32. Alliance - Sakis - 2 points
  33. AM E4 Zer0 - 2 points
  34. AM Tesla - 2 points
  35. ArcPhil - 2 points
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Nani Man

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JANUARY Results: 1st: ArkenCiel; 2nd: Mega-P1kachu; 3rd: Arifeen

Past Months HoF
SEPTEMBER Results: 1st: Velonica; 2nd: Clearly; 3rd: Arifeen

AUGUST Results: 1st: Pezmango; 2nd: AM Zachariah714; 3rd: Clearly

JULY Results: 1st: Sae; 2nd: Arifeen; 3rd: Nani Man

Results: February
OT Results: 3:00 PM Feb 1 Est (-5)
Participants: 49
1st: Clearly
2nd: pieman723
3rd: Booty / DylaTheRed

OT Results: 10:30 PM Feb 1 (-5)
Participants: 40
1st: laxuy
2nd: Kammi
3rd: hingo / Loli Master Race

OT Results: Feb 2 2:00 PM CST (-6)
Participants: 45
1st: Kammi
2nd: Duane Baptiste
3rd: Savanah / swagrav

OT Results: Feb 2nd, 10:30 PM EST (-5)
Participants: 36
1st: Booty
2nd: ArkenCiel
3rd: Ivory King / abbrien

OT Results: Feb 3nd, 3:00 PM EST (-5)
Participants: 16+
1st: ChuckleFish
2nd: Pk-Kaiser
3rd: ArkenCiel / Loli Master Race

OT Results: Feb 3nd, 10:45 PM EST (-5)
Participants: 28
1st: ArVaDa-
2nd: Bamarah
3rd: BlackSchwan / Alliance Prodigy

OT Results: Feb 4nd, 9:00 AM EST (-5)
Participants: 19
1st: Hazey
2nd: Arcphil
3rd: YourKouhai / Snaquaza

OT Results: Feb 4nd, 3:00 PM EST (-5)
Participants: 40
1st: Croton
2nd: Franky494
3rd: Booty / OmniaX

OT Results: Feb 4nd, 10:30 PM EST (-5)
Participants: 24
1st: Booty
2nd: AM Tesla
3rd: Spectre Knight / Jaydubb

OT results: Feb 5 gmt+10

ArVaDa- #1
EpicNikolai #2
YourKouhai / Loli Master Race #3
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Ruff Ruff amirite?
The picture you drew brings a tear to my eye, nani. Want me to hang it on the fridge bby?

More serious: Just for some clarification, people will notify the chat when these tournaments will happen. I saw a couple of people asking yesterday if "this is the championship tourney?" You will be very clearly notified what is a tourney that will be evaluated, and what won't be. Monotype room hosts a fair sum of non official tournies through the course of the day. So even if you don't win Nani's points, or love, it will still be fun to enter them from time to time.


OK two questions:
  1. Can I make a better (which can't really be measured but still) logo for this.
  2. Why would you use ever use yellow on a white backgrounded forum.
I think I'm going to make a better banner for this, might take me awhile tho

Edit: You don't have to use it, but I'll make it nonetheless.

Nani Man

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yeah friends, if you want to submit a better banner for this thread i'd appreciate it! (even though i have the best drawing and am being nominated for smogon swag art master)

also, i assume everyone is enjoying the way this is being run. if not, be sure to comment/PM with suggestions or whatever else :)


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I still don't get what the one on the right is. Is it Charmander, Raichu, Infernape, or what?


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So is this the thread where we critic Nani's art skills then? Well I can say the Kingdra is decent at least. If I'm wrong then there's no more hope.


Ruff Ruff amirite?
I thought it was very beautiful. I am very proud of your accomplishmen, Nani. It's ok if people don't know what it is, It is beautiful.

yet I actually came to say... sae... Holy crap, how did you get so good?
Nani has the best drawings! The Kingdra is beautiful! The Charizard is beautiful! The Metagross is beautiful! The Gengar is beautiful! Nani, keep at it man. You're work is beautiful.

Nani Man

__what__ does nani mean
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i appreciate the love for my drawing friends (for swag purposes, you can find it here) but thanks to Procne he has supplied a new banner and it looks awesome. thanks a lot man and prepare for a new month in a few days!

Nani Man

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July is now OVER. Prepare for August everyone and good luck! Ladder will be reset shortly.

Grats again to Sae for winning the month.
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