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Welcome to Monotype Other Metagames Premier League I! This tournament will be comprised of only Monotype OMs and this thread is for those who wish to sign up as a player for the tournament. As Pokemon Home has just released, this tournament will also serve the purpose of developing Monotype OMs for the shifting metagame.

The format for MOMPL I is the following:
  • Monothreat
  • STABmons
  • Terastal
  • National Dex
  • AAA
  • LC
Managers and teams for this year's Monotype OM Premier League are:

Only sign up for formats you are willing to play. If you do not want to play a metagame but sign up to play said metagame, you have no right to complain later if your manager wants to play you there. The formats you may sign up for are Monothreat, STAB, Tera, NatDex, AAA, LC, and ALL.

It is absolutely pivotal that you sign up using the below format, as we will use an external tool to parse signups and push into spreadsheets.

Please use any combination you're interested in from Monothreat, STAB, Tera, NatDex, AAA, LC, ALL as the tiers when signing up.
Player Name:
Tiers Played:
Foreseen Inactivity:
Player name: ken
Tiers Played: Monothreat, STAB, Tera, NatDex, AAA, LC
Timezone: GMT-7
Foreseen Inactivity: None

You have until Sunday July 2nd 9th 14th at 11:59 pm GMT-4 to sign up!

The draft date will be determined soon is Saturday July 15th at 12:30pm GMT-4.
It will happen in the Monotype Events room on the sim.

Do not post in this thread if you are not signing up.

Signup Sheet
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