Tournament Monotype OM Team Tournament [Won by Waifu Appreciation Support Group]

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In the week's matchup post, as well as its own post, I had stated that the new megas would not be legal this round. Since this is only week 1 of the tour, and your team has already won the week, I'll give you a chance to redo your battle, else the match will count as a forfeit.

For everyone else, please make sure both you and your opponent are using legal teams based on the Monotype OM rules, as well as the ruling regarding the new megas for this week. I won't be handing out free passes again.
Activity Wins
Thimo vs. Jo' Z
Eien vs. Abunnyin3d

King Billu vs. Wanka
mbVoid vs. Seager

Please get the extension games done by Wednesday, July 12th at 11:59PM EST. Week 2 matchups will be posted shortly, Marshadow was quickbanned in Monotype and is therefore banned in AAA Monotype hence forth, but is still allowed in Ubers Monotype. The megas that came out this previous week are available to be used for week 2 (but not week 1 extensions).


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Marshadow was banned from Monotype and is therefore not legal in AAA Monotype; it is legal in Ubers Monotype.
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Week 2
Please make sure when building your teams you follow the banlists for the Monotype version of each OM. All information on Monotype OMs can be found here. Using a team with banned Pokemon will result in a forfeit for your match. Also, as a reminder, when building your LC teams, please make sure your pokemon are Level 5.

Group A

Duck' vs. Mono staff + woa is corrupt
Ubers: Thimo vs Clearly
AAA: Fardin vs Eien
LC: Dream Eater Gengar vs Zarif

:thinking: vs. fReE aGeNCy
Ubers: Jo' Z vs wuhoodude
AAA: DBW vs Abunnyin3d
LC: xTech vs WYAH?
(1-0) Duck'
(0-1) :thinking:
(1-0) Mono staff + woa is corrupt
(0-1) fReE aGeNCy

Group B

7 smog alts n Co. vs. Eternal Azure Dragons of the East
Ubers: Attribute vs The Excadrill
AAA: terrors vs iLlama
LC: Seo. vs zugubu royale

Waifu Appreciation Support Group vs. Cteamers International
Ubers: Mr. Miner vs Catalystic
AAA: Nightwingg95 vs HNBL
LC: Jase Duken vs The-Vale

(0-1) 7 smog alts n Co. (1-0)
Waifu Appreciation Support Group (1-0)
Eternal Azure Dragons of the East (0-1)
Cteamers International

Group C

Gen 6 Was Better vs. Lewd Lucarios
Ubers: Ur Boi UT vs Freeroamer
AAA: 01NTG vs Entei
LC: Stormvy vs Azelea

The Bleach Boys vs. Chaitsmells1.9
Ubers: Arlaxeon vs Chaitanya1.9
AAA: Calucha vs Alex13Gliscor
LC: Crashy vs Nailec

(0-1) Gen 6 Was Better
(1-0) The Bleach Boys (1-0)
Lewd Lucarios (0-1)

Group D

Assurence crew vs. Super Weenie Hut Jrs
Ubers: Bushtush vs mbVoid
AAA: Hys vs Bluxio
LC: iRKD vs King Billu

Quantum Zapelf vs. Privileged white kids + seager
Ubers: Quantum Tesseract vs Seager
AAA: Waszap vs Ridley.
LC: KevinELF vs Wanka

(1-0) Assurence crew
(0-1) Quantum Zapelf
(0-0) Super Weenie Hut Jrs
(0-0) Privileged white kids + seager

Deadline: Sunday July 16th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)
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