Tournament Monotype OM Team Tournament [Won by Waifu Appreciation Support Group]

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Week 2 Activity Wins
Thimo vs. Clearly
Jo'z vs. wuhoodude
01NTG vs. Entei
Stormvy vs. Azelea

Week 2 Extensions
DBW vs. Abunnyin3d
Jase Duken vs. The-Vale
Crashy vs. Nailec
Quantum Tesseract vs. Seager
Waszap vs Ridley.
KevinElf vs. Wanka

Please try to get the extension games done by Wednesday, July 19th at 11:59PM EST. Especially for Quantum Zapelf vs. Privileged white kids + seager as none of the three battles were done.
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Week 3

Please make sure when building your teams you follow the banlists for the Monotype version of each OM. All information on Monotype OMs can be found here. Using a team with banned Pokemon will result in a forfeit for your match. Also, as a reminder, when building your LC teams, please make sure your pokemon are Level 5.

Group A

Duck' vs. fReE aGeNCy
Ubers: Thimo vs wuhoodude
AAA: Fardin vs Abunnyin3d
LC: Dream Eater Gengar vs WYAH?

:thinking: vs. Mono staff + woa is corrupt
Ubers: Jo' Z vs Clearly
AAA: DBW vs Eien
LC: xTech vs Zarif

(2-0) Duck'
(0-2) :thinking:
(1-1) Mono staff + woa is corrupt
(1-1) fReE aGeNCy

Group B

7 smog alts n Co. vs. Cteamers International
Ubers: Izaya vs Catalystic
AAA: terrors vs HNBL
LC: Seo. vs The-Vale

Waifu Appreciation Support Group vs. Eternal Azure Dragons of the East
Ubers: Mr. Miner vs The Excadrill
AAA: Nightwingg95 vs iLlama
LC: Jase Duken vs zugubu royale

(1-1) 7 smog alts n Co.
(2-0) Waifu Appreciation Support Group
(1-1) Eternal Azure Dragons of the East
(0-2) Cteamers International

Group C

Gen 6 Was Better vs. Chaitsmells1.9
Ubers: Ur Boi UT vs Chaitanya1.9
AAA: 01NTG vs Alex13Gliscor
LC: Stormvy vs Nailec

The Bleach Boys vs. Lewd Lucarios
Ubers: Arlaxeon vs Freeroamer
AAA: Calucha vs Entei
LC: Crashy vs Azelea

(0-2) Gen 6 Was Better
(2-0) The Bleach Boys
(2-0) Lewd Lucarios
(0-2) Chaitsmells1.9

Group D

Assurence crew vs. Privileged white kids + seager
Ubers: iFlying vs Seager
AAA: Hys vs Ridley.
LC: iRKD vs Wanka

Quantum Zapelf vs. Super Weenie Hut Jrs
Ubers: Quantum Tesseract vs mbVoid
AAA: Waszap vs Bluxio
LC: KevinELF vs King Billu

(2-0) Assurence crew
(0-1) Quantum Zapelf
(1-1) Super Weenie Hut Jrs
(0-1) Privileged white kids + seager

Deadline: Sunday July 23th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)
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