Tournament Monotype OM Team Tournament [Won by Waifu Appreciation Support Group]

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Activity Wins
Mr. Miner
vs Clearly
Jase Duken vs Zarif

Dead Games
Bushtush vs Freeroamer
iRKD vs Azelea
Dream Eater Gengar vs Seo.
Calucha vs Waszap

Semi-finals will be posted sometime tomorrow.
Posting for Moosical Do not message me with any concerns.

Playoffs Top 4

Please make sure when building your teams you follow the banlists for the Monotype version of each OM. All information on Monotype OMs can be found here. Using a team with banned Pokemon will result in a forfeit for your match. Also, as a reminder, when building your LC teams, please make sure your pokemon are Level 5.

The Bleach Boys vs. 7 smog alts n Co.
Ubers: Arlaxeon vs Attribute
AAA: Calucha vs terrors
LC: Crashy vs Seo.

Waifu Appreciation Support Group vs. Assurence crew
Ubers: Mr. Miner vs Bushtush
AAA: Nightwingg95 vs Hys
LC: Jase Duken vs iRKD

Deadline: tuesday August 15th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)
Not open for further replies.

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