Tournament Monotype Power Rankings and Seasonal Tournaments

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Congrats Monotype community! :)
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What are Power Rankings?
Monotype isn't a part of any official tournament here on Smogon. However, we would still like to establish who is the best of the best throughout the year, and crown a yearly champion. As a complement to the three other major Monotype events*, the Monotype Seasonals serve as the major individual tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are held to give players incentive to hone their skills over time and reward players that consistently battle well.

The Seasonals are held in the Circuit Tournaments forum right here on Smogon, so keep an eye out if you're interested in participating! Who knows? You might just become the Monotype Champion!
*Monotype Premier League, Monotype Ladder Tour, and the Monotype Open in OMGS

Current Power Rankings
The power rankings are updated weekly as the seasonal tournaments progress.

Scoring System
Players are awarded 2 points for each winner's bracket win, 1 point for each loser's bracket win, and 1 point for winning in the first round of the tour.

A player must play their battles (not win via activity/coin flip) to be awarded their points. If they win in a round after the activity decision, the points from the round where they received the activity win will be added to their score.

If you find an error in the scoring, please let scpinion know.
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