Tournament Monotype Premier League 5 - Week 3

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Littleroot Lotads (3) vs Meteor Falls Miniors (5)

USUM: double switches vs Zesty43
USUM: Shiba vs H.M.N.I.P
USUM: Charmflash vs Xiri
USUM: col49 vs vs MJ
ORAS: Ridley vs Attribute
ORAS: rozes vs Paleo
BW: Zukushiku vs Freeroamer
BO3: Insult vs ima


Two Island Tapus(3) vs Hearthome Honchkrows (5)

USUM: trash vs TheArchitect_
USUM: Days for Dabs vs Clearly
USUM: Pak vs Star
USUM: Catalystic vs Bitana
ORAS: Cell vs Jase The World
ORAS: Sae vs Sabella
BW: dcae vs Oberyn
BO3: FLCL vs 1 True Lycan


Cinnabar Charizards (3) vs Goldenrod Gengars (5)

USUM: TPP vs dahli
USUM: Vodoom vs Waszap
USUM: TJ vs EviGaro
USUM: Harpp vs Feitan the steam
ORAS: UltraBallz vs Finchinator
ORAS: Izaya vs ArkenCiel
BW: North vs KuraiTenshi26
BO3:maroon vs Chaitanya


Sunyshore Surskits (5) vs Cherrygrove Cherubis (3)

USUM: Eien vs Wincon
USUM: TSR vs Bluxio
USUM: Havens vs Coconut
USUM: Decem vs gum
ORAS: Eternally vs Vid
ORAS: Corporal Levi vs Arifeen
BW: trace vs Jyph
BO3: Raichy vs zugubu royale

Deadline to complete matches is Sunday July 14th at 11:59 pm EST
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elfs predictions were dogshit and 2 people managed to john me in bo3 so here we are.

Littleroot Lotads () vs Meteor Falls Miniors ()
USUM: double switches vs Zesty43 - Zesty has the sauce but probably has never played mono.. switches is coming off a win
USUM: Shiba vs H.M.N.I.P - LOOOOL even pedro knows he's toast. easy as fuck for Shiba after smashing teddy
USUM: Charmflash vs Xiri - Pretty even, Charmflash is better but Xiri has more mono knowledge and uses more solid teams but it's so hard to predict in favor of a super sensitive minior, especially in sm so
USUM: col49 vs MJ - Cols really good lol and he's been decently active apparently
ORAS: Ridley vs Attribute - Attribute feeling himself for sure at 2-0 while ridley was scared of jase lmfao easy ass pick, 3-0 baby here he comes
ORAS: rozes vs Paleo - Due for a win but he's crust so this is like 49/51
BW: Zukushiku vs Freeroamer - highlight, edging freeroamer cause zuku looks like he's shaking off a bit of rust still
BO3: Insult vs ima - apparently ima doesnt prep and is 0-2 so lol. insult in bw and sm, ima in oras

hahahah more miniors sm hate!

Two Island Tapus() vs Hearthome Honchkrows ()
USUM: trash vs TheArchitect - 'Kaiser only hypes bad players' - famous words from our TL, trash was awful vs vodoom but probably has gotten some rust off
USUM: Days for Dabs vs Clearly - lmfao Clearly > brisked > dfd
USUM: Pak vs Star - yo a potentially good game in sm, shocker. 49/51
USUM: Catalystic vs Bitana - Bit will complain when a 44% roll for him goes against him but he's probably better than Cata. Cata, however, has more lines in his team cord so that should count for something
ORAS: Cell vs Jase The World - Jase is like 7-1 in oras which he has said multiple times recently but haters won't listen. He has been decent tho, cells heat, close game.
ORAS: Sae vs Sabella - sabella seems motivated and sae throws too many games away
BW: dcae vs Oberyn - I'm high on oberyn but dcae probably should've won last week and oberyn's played like shit recently
BO3: FLCL vs 1 True Lycan - Lycan can lose in bw and still win here :D :D

Where is young Metariolu :blobpensive: better lineup from honchkrows though imo

Sunyshore Surskits () vs Cherrygrove Cherubis ()
USUM: Eien vs Wincon - OMFG what a lowlight the way these 2 have been playing. Wincon has been poor and has been given? wins. Eien can probably capitalize on it but I don't think he will here. Hard to see 0-3 eien though and he gets some donations so I can easily see wincon throwing this one. 50/50
USUM: Feliburn vs Brisked - Feliburns better but brisked will prep for 4 hours a day so watch out
USUM: Havens vs Coconut - havens should win..
USUM: Decem vs gum - The other was tutored by iexca so...this will look bad if I lose
ORAS: Eternally vs Vid - more experienced, although eternallys picked up coinflip tier quick
ORAS: Corporal Levi vs Arifeen - better player, more experienced zz
BW: trace vs Jyph - same as above with more luck ;w;
BO3: Raichy vs zugubu royale - Raichys pretty good but zugu gonna bring some nonsense and win

This set is boring as fuck LOL damn hoping for some drama in wincon vs eien or zugu and his team :cwl:

Go Gengars
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Here to do the Gengars predicts as Chait rightfully missed them out due to them being his own team.

USUM: TPP vs dahli - dahli is currently the only person in the entirety of MPL 5 who can say he took on a Minior in USUM Monotype and came away with a win, which for anyone is a huge confidence boost. Expect him to win again here.
USUM: Vodoom vs Waszap - From what I’ve seen so far I think Vodoom is the better player, he got an edge on Eien in prep last week which is no mean feat and if he does that again he should take a W.
USUM: TJ vs EviGaro - siding with Evi here purely on the basis that I think she’s a better player due to playing at a higher level in other tiers. idk how involved with prep she’ll be though so this might come down to what her team give her to pilot.
USUM: Harpp vs Feitan the Steam - Feitan has looked solid and has the advantage of being a player that Eien doesn’t rate, as they all seem to be doing well this tour, think that’ll continue.
ORAS: UltraBallz vs Finchinator - This will come down to what their teams give them to pilot much like the EviGaro matchup above, I’ve bolded Finch due to him being a bit more accomplished as a player and also I think of the two he’s more likely to show an interest in this tour.
ORAS: Izaya vs ArkenCiel - Arken seems to have not quite got up to speed yet while Izaya showed some decent play in his win vs Sae.
BW: North vs KuraiTenshi26 - My favourite matchup of the week, probably unsurprisingly. Two players I really like, was sad not to get to play Kurai last week and try to get some kinda revenge for wcop. I’m slightly edging North here though because I prefer his teambuilding overall, they’re both creative but I think North’s teams are just that little bit better and I’d have them dead even on playing skill. Hope to catch this one.
BO3: maroon vs Chaitanya - For me Chait is the better player, and across 3 gens he should be able to take two and bring this home. I’m also kinda hoping this happens cos idt I can deal with another week of him losing into roasting his opps plays.


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Predictions for week 3, I once again finished 17-15 last week

First off, we have two teams who won last week: the Lotads and the Super Sensitive Miniors. This is a rematch from MPL4 finals, and both teams are the only two in the tournament who have been in 3 consecutive MPLs. Interestingly, the Miniors have managed to get the exact same scores in week 1 and week 2 as they did in the corresponding weeks in MPL4. To continue that trend, they would need to 7-1 this week. They surprised last week by nearly sweeping the gengars in USM and having the best USM record in the tour so far due to some solid counter teaming.

Littleroot Lotads (6) vs Meteor Falls Miniors (2)

USUM: double switches vs Zesty43 - Haven't really seen Zesty play mono, but he's a good player so I'm sure will do fine. Switches finally got out of his slump with a win last week, but needs to get out of his comfort zone if he doesn't want to be easily out prepped.
USUM: Shiba vs H.M.N.I.P - hardly see Pedro win in DPP, can't see it happening in mono :psyduck: If this was for meme building tho, definitely bolded.
USUM: Charmflash vs Xiri - Xiri's pretty good, but Charmflash is better overall. Xiri's game with Havens was really messy while Charmflash seems to have played his outs well from what I remember.
USUM: col49 vs vs MJ - col49's a better player overall, and honestly I just had to give the miniors 0-4.
ORAS: Ridley vs Attribute - Attribute's been solid so far and really motivated, meanwhile Ridley dodged last week!
ORAS: rozes vs Paleo - Paleo just seems to be struggling lately which I think rozes will be able to capitalize on.
BW: Zukushiku vs Freeroamer - Probably the most hyped BW matchup in the tour. Freeroamer has been doing better lately but I think Zuku will be able to bounce back. He's also just one of my favorite players, so hope he does well n.n
BO3: Insult vs ima - ima has more experience with the metas so he gets the edge. However, Insult was able to pick up BW easily last week, he definitely can take this.

Overall, some cool games in this series like Ridley vs Attribute and Zuku vs Freeroamer. Pietro being freed will also be entertaining.

Most interesting game: Zukushiku vs Freeroamer

Two of the best in the meta, should be a fun game.


Two Island Tapus(4) vs Hearthome Honchkrows (4)

USUM: trash vs TheArchitect_ - trash's week 1 was bad but his past successes give him the edge. Haven't seen much of TheArchitect besides his Mono WC tryouts which weren't too impressive but Kaiser hypes him up so he might surprise. Hope he does well tho, need more Caanadians doing well n.n
USUM: Days for Dabs vs Clearly - DFD got a horrible mu last week so hard to judge him on that. Clearly has been performing comfortably despite his long absence, and at his peak he's one of the best mono players of all time imo.
USUM: Pak vs Star - Star's been having a rough tour and it's hard to imagine him being 0-3 ever, but Pak has been pretty solid and has more experience.
USUM: Catalystic vs Bitana - Bit's just the better mono player, but shouldn't count Cata out since he preps very seriously
ORAS: Cell vs Jase The World - Jase has been playing well so far, but gonna give this one to Cell.
ORAS: Sae vs Sabella - This will be fun one, edging Sabella because he's more reputable.
BW: dcae vs Oberyn - dcae has been doing very well. Curious to see how Oberyn will do in BW after some issues in USM.
BO3: FLCL vs 1 True Lycan - Finally Lycan is in Bo3 where I think he should have been, can't imagine him being 0-3 (don't disappoint me again)

overall, a pretty decent series with some fun games.

Most interesting match: Sae vs Sabella

Two players that were quite strong in ORAS, hoping they bring some cool teams and not just Mega-Medi spam.


These two teams had beef before the draft even started so looking forward to what will ensue from that.

Cinnabar Charizards (1) vs Goldenrod Gengars (7)

USUM: TPP vs dahli - one of the best on the mono sheet PERIODT
USUM: Vodoom vs Waszap - Vodoom smacked Zap around plenty before, but with Chait's help he should have the edge. Vodoom is also super bipolar and will either be super prepped or bring smt stupid and complain after
USUM: TJ vs EviGaro - Managed both before, picking Evi since I think she's better overall
USUM: Harpp vs Feitan the steam - Same thing as every week, super high on Feitan. Harpp has been a bit shaky lately imo
ORAS: UltraBallz vs Finchinator - Overall better player & has been doing well so far in the tour. Looking forward to seeing UltraBallz play tho
ORAS: Izaya vs ArkenCiel - Izaya gets too stressed when I pick him n.n Also, would like to see Arken actually win one since he's being an actual team player in this tour
BW: North vs KuraiTenshi26 - North is super solid in BW and had to give the Charizards 1 at least
BO3:maroon vs Chaitanya - Finally time for maroon to prove to the Gengars managers that he's worth 15k instead of 20k.

Overall, not actually as one-sided as my predictions. Especially after Gengars slip up last week.

Most interesting game: Vodoom vs Waszap

Honestly the odds of this being an actually quality game are low, they are bound to bring some awful teams that are the result of situation prep. The most exciting part is the shit talk the will precede and follow the game, possibly during too if we are lucky.

Sunyshore Surskits (5) vs Cherrygrove Cherubis (3)

USUM: Eien vs Wincon - 0-2 vs should be 0-2. This should be a really fun one unless they bring ugly teams or have a wack MU. 0-3 Eien is kinda unbelievable so will give him the edge.
USUM: Feliburn vs Brisked - Brisked will spend the week prepping, get the right matchup but still lose vs bad match up expert Feli
USUM: Havens vs Coconut - Haven't seen Coconut play mono before
USUM: Decem vs gum - same as with Coconut, plus tutored by Exca is not a good sign
ORAS: Eternally vs Vid - Eternally has been performing super well so far, no more picking against the goat
ORAS: Corporal Levi vs Arifeen - more experience
BW: trace vs Jyph - Jyph knows BW very well, and he has the power to dodge two dracos in a row
BO3: Raichy vs zugubu royale - Same as last week, his berry madness will end up delivering in the perfect situation

Overall, some fun games and some that will prob be quickly forgotten.

Most interesting game: Eien vs Wincon

Two of the most expensive buys, both will need to make their price worth it. Highly rated USM players that tend to bring some cool techs.
Week 3 ORAS predictions with Attribute

We did predictions for the other's team to avoid any bias and collaborated on the remaining match-ups.
Ridley vs Attribute - 55/45 | Leaning very slightly towards Ridley because he isn't as lazy with prep while Attribute's been highkey hating ORAS lately. Really looking forward to seeing this game live.
rozes vs Paleo - 55/45 | Close match-up here that could go either way. In my eyes this really comes down to whether or not Paleo decides to put more time into his prep this week.
Cell vs Jase The World - 45/55 | Cell is about near shaking off all the rust he has obtained due to his hiatus. Meanwhile, Jase has played slightly better than Cell in their 2 games in comparison, so I'll give Jase a small edge here.
Sae vs Sabella - 45/55 | Both show interesting team selections so it should be an exciting game to watch. Sabella is looking like he is in the same shape as he was in last MPL which is good enough to beat Sae so I'll favor him here. Super close match though.
Izaya vs ArkenCiel - 40/60 | Izaya hasn't shown all that much interest in the tour so far. He seems to be spending more time playing Shell Shock and Skribbl instead of prepping for his tour games. Arken should be able to get a win here without too much trouble.
UltraBallz vs Finchinator - 30/70 | Finchinator is generally a better player, has more monotype experience, and has better support behind him. Significant edge for Finch on this one.
Corporal Levi vs Arifeen - 40/60 | So far neither of them have performed all that well. If Vid manages to pull through with solid preparation, Arifeen should take this one convincingly.
Eternally vs Vid - 55/45 | Eternally has adapted pretty well to ORAS Mono despite it being his first time playing it. Slight edge to him versus a somewhat out of form Vid due to how impressive Eternally has been thus far and having better support.
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100% unbiased and honest predictions.

USUM: TPP vs dahli - more mono experience+ chait trained him.
USUM: Vodoom vs Waszap - slapped this dude 4 times in 4 different tours I can't lose to him.
USUM: TJ vs EviGaro - idk
USUM: Harpp vs Feitan the steam - KING HARPP NEVER SHAKY
ORAS: UltraBallz vs Finchinator - idk
ORAS: Izaya vs ArkenCiel - I legit hope they both lose or get banned.
BW: North vs KuraiTenshi26 - BW king vs waszap's uni roommate, legit waszap ghosting him irl which gives North a HUGE advantage.
BO3: Moron vs Chaitanya - I think Moron had a chance to somehow rob chutiya with MU if he took his time to prep but oh wait this dumbass decided to play day 1.
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ORAS predictions

ORAS: Ridley vs Attribute: HL ORAS match. Both players are great oras players and attribute w1 and w2 looked great. Ridley played soild in his w1 game. Honestly cant pick for this one. Whoever preps better imo will win this.

ORAS: rozes vs Paleo: Both are great players and had experience in mono but Im giving the slight edge to paleo mostly because how long they been playing but Rozes can for sure win. this will be another nice game. Comes down to prep

ORAS: UltraBallz vs Finchinator: Never seen UB play mono. I know they are a good player but they're also facing finch who is a better player and has experience in mono.

ORAS: Izaya vs Arken: Arken is having a tough start to the season but I wouldnt count them out. Arken can bounce back but have to give the edge to Izaya still because of records.

ORAS: Eternally vs Vid: Going with vid because of experience.

ORAS: Corporal Levi vs Arifeen: Both players having a slow start but from experience feen should win but I can see another upset if levi gets good team support this week and feen just recycles a team.
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