Monotype Premier League [Congrats Ambitious Altarias!]

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Life > Monotype... unfortunately :)
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graphic created by Irraquated. make sure to tell him he's awesome!

Welcome to the Inaugural Monotype Premier League! Premier Leagues have become a staple of the Smogon competitive environment and the Monotype Room will now have it's very own. This will serve as the mega-thread for the MPL. Feel free to discuss the tournament, post predictions, comments, etc. here. Registration will be done using a Google Form.

Each team will play 7 matches, across 6 Monotype Metagames, for each week of the MPL.
ORAS (2x), BW, Monothreat, AAA, STABmons, Hidden Type

Managers, please have your lineups submitted to me, Nani or Chandy by Friday of each week. If you're submitting it to me and playing my team that week, please do so in a live pm. I will respond immediately with my team so I do not gain any match up advantages. Make sure you designate an ORAS1 and ORAS2 player.

Players, make sure you complete your battles on time! We would prefer to not have to make activity decisions. Please save your replays and pm them to your manager (win or lose). Also, once you have decided on a time with your opponent feel free to advertise it in this thread and the MonoPL room.​
Week 1: Friday, April 17th - Sunday, April 26th
Mangers must submit lineups by April 17th.

Week 2: Monday, April 27th - Sunday, May 3rd
Managers must submit lineups by April 24th.

Week 3: Monday, May 4th - Sunday, May 10th
Managers must submit lineups by May 1st.

Week 4: Monday, May 11th - Sunday, May 17th
Managers must submit lineups by May 8th.

Week 5: Monday, May 18th - Sunday, May 24th
Managers must submit lineups by May 15th.

Semi-Finals: Monday, May 25th - Sunday, May 31st
Managers must submit lineups by May 24th.

Finals: Monday, June 1st - Sunday, June 7th
Managers must submit lineups by May 31st.
ORAS: Monotype Ban List
BW: Smogon University BW OU Ban List
Monothreat: ORAS Monotype Ban List
Standard AAA Banlist along with ORAS Monotype Bans. This means Greninja/Shaymin-Sky are Globally Banned. Aegislash and Genesect are banned from Steel teams.
(2) Gale Wings is globally banned.
(3) Exceptions: Blaziken is allowed on Fighting teams (Keldeo & Terrakion are banned); Talonflame is unbanned, but is not able to use Gale Wings.
Standard STABmons Banlist along with ORAS Monotype Bans. This means Greninja/Darkrai are Globally Banned. Aegislash is Banned from Steel teams.
(2) Normal Monotype Teams are banned.
Hidden Type: ORAS Monotype Ban List
Round Robin:
  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Poison
  4. Ice
  5. Dark
  1. Psychic
  2. Ground



ORAS1: CrazyClown94 vs. Ashaury (no decision)
ORAS2: iLight vs. Arifeen
BW: AM Vid vs. Raseri
Ground Monothreat: aquas0und vs. Sae
STABmons: Ridley vs. Acast
AAA: Zarif vs. 1 True Lycan
Hidden Type: Anttya vs. Bondie

(Tuesday, May 26th - Sunday, May 31st)


ORAS 1: iLight vs. Azelea
ORAS 2: Ridley vs. Arken
BW: Vid vs. Booty
Monothreat: Kyo vs. Kammi
STABmons: CrazyClown94 vs. Mega-Pikachu
AAA: Floe (aquas0und) vs. YourKouhai
Hidden Type: Anttya vs. Freeroamer


ORAS1: Arifeen vs. Kaiser
ORAS2: Ashaury vs. Bossman
BW: Acact vs. Crestfall
Psychic Monothreat: Azian vs. Croven
AAA: 1 True Lycan vs. Firnen
STABmons: Black Schwan vs. All Falls Down
Hiddden Type: Bondie vs. Trade

1. Cute Clefables, 4-1 (20 wins)
2. Lewd Lucarios, 4-1 (18 wins)
3. Ambitious Altarias, 3-2 (19 wins)
4. Salacious Swamperts, 2-3 (16 wins)
5. Devious Diancies, 1-4 (13 wins)

6. Mauville Maulers, 1-4 (13 wins)

Week 5
(Monday, May 18th - Sunday, May 24th)


ORAS1: AM Vid vs. Clearly
ORAS2: Cell vs. RZL
BW: CrazyClown94 vs. Auburn (no decision)
Dark Monothreat: aquas0und vs. OmniaX
AAA: Zarif vs. Zewwok
STABmons: Kyo vs. Savanah
Hidden Type: Anttya vs. Animus


ORAS1: Azian vs. Booty
ORAS2: 1 True Lycan vs. ArVaDa-
BW: Raseri vs. Qube
Dark Monothreat: Sae vs. Kammi
AAA: Irraquated vs. Azelea (no decision)
STABmons: BlackSchwan vs. YourKouhai
Hidden Type: Bondie vs. Freeroamer


ORAS1: Balto vs. Kaiser
ORAS2: Zenith vs. Bossman
BW: Cnorth26 vs. Crestfall TraceOfLifeRC
Dark Monothreat: viperfang4 vs. BushTush
AAA: Laxuy vs. Firnen
STABmons: Snaquaza vs. All Falls Down
Hidden Type: Illusio vs. Trade (activity)​
Week 4
(Monday, May 11th - Sunday, May 17th)


ORAS1: iLight vs. Ashuary
ORAS2: Ridley vs. Arifeen
BW: Vid vs. Acast
Ice Monothreat: CrazyClown94 vs. Azian
AAA: Kyo vs. 1 True Lycan
STABmons: aquas0und vs. Raseri
Hidden Type: Cell vs. Sae


ORAS1: Suspense Barida vs. ArVaDa-
ORAS2: Balto vs. Kammi
BW: Cnorth26 vs. Rumor
Ice Monothreat: DEG vs. Arken
AAA: Laxuy vs. YourKouhai
STABmons: Snaquaza vs. Mega-Pikachu
Hidden Type: Illusio vs. Freeroamer


ORAS1: Clearly vs. Kaiser
BW: Chimplup vs. Crestfall
Ice Monothreat: OmniaX vs. BushTush
AAA: unfixable vs. Croven
STABmons: savanah vs. Bossman
Hidden Type: Animus vs. Firnen
Week 3
(Monday, May 4th - Sunday, May 10th)


ORAS1: AM E4 Zer0 vs. iLight
ORAS2: Balto vs. Cell
BW: Barida vs. AM Vid
Poison Monothreat: Cnorth26 vs. Kyo
AAA: Laxuy vs. Zarif
STABmons: Dream Eater Gengar vs. Ridley
Hidden Type: Illusio vs. CrazyClown94


ORAS1: Arifeen vs. Clearly
ORAS2: Ashaury vs. RZL
BW: Acast vs. Auburn
Poison Monothreat: Azian vs. OmniaX
AAA: 1 True Lycan vs. unfixable
STABmons: Sae vs. Zewwok
Hidden Type: Bondie vs. Animus


ORAS1: Pk-Kaiser vs. ArVaDa-
ORAS2: All Falls Down vs. Arken
BW: Cresfall vs. Booty
Poison Monothreat: Croven vs. Kammi
AAA: DylaTheRed vs. Azelea
STABmons: Trade vs. Mega-Pikachu
Hidden Type: Firnen vs. FreeRoamer
Week 2
(Monday, April 27th - Sunday, May 3rd)


ORAS1: iLight vs. Pk-kaiser
ORAS2: Mega Ridley vs. Bushtush
BW: Kyo vs. TraceOfLife RC
Water Monothreat: AM Vid vs. En4cer
AAA: aquas0und vs. Firnen
STABmons: Anttya vs. All Falls Down
Hidden Type: CrazyClown94 vs. Trade (no decision)​


ORAS1: Arifeen vs. Balto
ORAS2: Ashaury vs. Cnorth26
BW: Acast vs Barida
Water Monothreat: Azian vs Viperfang4
AAA: Galbia vs Laxuy
STABmons: QuoteCS vs Snaquaza (activity)
Hidden Type: Bondie vs Illusio


ORAS1: Booty vs. Chimplup
ORAS2: Azalea vs. Clearly
BW: Rumor vs. pezmango (activity)
Water Monothreat: Arken vs. Auburn
AAA: YourKouhai vs. savanah
STABmons: Mega-Pikachu vs. Zewwok
Hidden Type: FreeRoamer vs. Animus

Week 1
(Friday, April 17th - Sunday, April 26th)


ORAS1: Arifeen vs. Bossman
ORAS2: Ashaury vs. DylaTheRed
BW: Acast vs. Pk-kaiser
Fire Monothreat: Azian vs. Croven
AAA: 1 True Lycan vs. Firnen
STABmons: Raseri vs. All Falls Down
Hidden Type: Bondie vs. Trade


ORAS1:iLight vs. ArkenCiel
ORAS2: Mega Ridley vs. xBooty
BW: AM Vid vs. Rumor
Fire Monothreat: Zarif vs. Kammi
AAA: ScorpionZ vs. YourKouhai
STABmons: Anttya vs. Mega-P1kachu
Hidden Type: aquas0und vs. Freeroamer


ORAS1: iZenith vs. Clearly
ORAS 2:Balto vs. Pezmango
BW: Cnorth26 vs. Chimplup
Monothreat: AM Zer0 vs. Auburn (no decision)
AAA: Suspense vs. Zewwok (Activity Decision)
STABmons: DEG vs. unfixable
Hidden Type: Illusio vs. Animus

MPL Registration Form
List of Registered Players
Do not sign up for metagames that you are not willing to play in for multiple weeks of the MPL.
If you would like to edit the metagames you chose then please pm me. Do not submit a second form!

Do not sign up to play for a team if you do not intend to see the tournament through to the end. This includes maintaining a competitive attitude if your team is already eliminated from playoff contention. You never know whether or not winning your end-season matches will make you a more valued player next season, so even if your team isn’t necessarily in the playoff picture anymore, there’s always value in playing your best. Failure to complete matches in a timely manner consistently may result in being barred from future MPL seasons.

The Devious Diancies | Death on Wings

The Lewd Lucarios | Freeroamer

The Salacious Swamperts | scpinion

The Ambitious Altarias | Anttya

The Mauville Maulers | Omega-Xis14

The Cute Clefables | Dirpz

The managers are the CEO, President and Board of their team. Their decisions about team business are final. The managers maintain the team finances. Also, the managers should make sure their team completes all their matches each week. Finally, they decide who plays what metagames, however they can not force you to play a metagame you didn't sign up for. If you signed up for a metagame but don't like that your manager asks you to play it that week then you shouldn't have signed up for it.

Nani Man and Zinnia will serve as the hosts. The hosts serve as an unbiased party, which interprets/enforces the rules and help make sure the tournament is progressing in a timely manner. They will have the final say on matches that are decided by player inactivity.

Draft Results
The Managers will be drafting their teams in a live auction draft on Monday, April 13th at 4pm EST (GMT -5). The draft will be held in MonoPL's room on the main PS! server. Each manager has a budget of 100,000 "bucks" to spend on their team. However, Anttya has been fined 50,000 for threatening scpinion (It doesn't matter, she was going to lose anyways). Managers may purchase themselves for a fixed fee of 15,000. The starting bid for players is 4,000. The managers must draft at least 9 players onto their team (7 players + 2 subs).

League Stages
Following the Draft, the MPL will commence. The League Stages will consist of a Round Robin format between each team. Each stage will last for 1 week (Monday-Sunday). The Managers must submit their rosters a week in advance so they can be added to this thread and the Monotype Website. We are playing 7 metagames, so there will be a winner and loser in each matchup.
The 4 teams with the best record will be seeded into a "bracket style" playoff. The #1 seed will play the #4 seed, and the #2 seed will play the #3 seed. The victors of these matches will advance to the finals match. The winning team of this match will be declared the ultimate victors of the Monotype Premier League.
In the event of a tie for a playoff spot the winner of the head-to-head matchup will be given the spot. If there is a 3 way tie, which can not be resolved using head-to-head matchups, then the team(s) with the most total wins throughout the MPL will be given the spot. This emphasizes the importance of playing all your battles to the best of your ability. That one win you get for your team in an overall losing week may make the difference in whether your team makes the playoffs.

Other Rules
(adapted from the SPL Rules)
1. Substitutes – At any point in time during the week, a team may make a substitution for an inactive player. In order to do this a manager must PM a host saying which player is substituting out, and which player is substituting in. A player that has substituted out for a week cannot be substituted back in. In addition, in order to catch any attempts at garnering favorable matchups, all substitutions are subject to veto by the host if the substitution is suspected to be attempting to “game” the system.

2. Pre-Week Battling – Because there is a set schedule generated at the beginning of the season, it is possible to accurately guess what players you will be facing in any given week. However, because the next week’s rosters are not set in stone until the day before the next week, there is no telling what a manager will do with regards to who they slot in one spot… especially if they have more than one player in any given tier. Asking to battle early for future weeks is essentially asking the opposing manager to short themselves options and forces them to make their roster early, perhaps without all of the knowledge they might have gleaned over the course of the week. Due to this, battling early for future weeks is not allowed. Do not ask to battle early for a future week. You will be denied. No exceptions. This is what you have substitutes for.

3. Trades – Teams may trade players with each other at any point during the regular season. In order to complete a trade, both involved managers must submit a PM to the host detailing which player(s) on their team they are trading away, as well as which players they are receiving as compensation. Trades are finalized at the end of the week they are conducted in. In addition, due to potential conflicts of interest, any players involved in trades must be substituted out of the week they’re involved in a trade. For example, if it’s Week 3 and DeG is scheduled to play Schwan, but DeG's team wishes to trade DeG away for someone new, DeG must be substituted out for another player. DeG is valid for slotting into the roster of his new team at the beginning of Week 4.

4. Free Agents – Teams with leftover monies from the draft will be able to pick up undrafted free agents following the conclusion of the draft. Free Agents will cost 4000 bucks each and must have registered to play in the MPL prior to the draft. If someone was drafted onto a MPL team they cannot, under any circumstance, be picked up as a free agent. This means if you are drafted, but unhappy with your team, you cannot quit and be picked up by another team.

5. There will be no trades allowed following the conclusion of Week 3. Free Agent pickups will conclude following the conclusion of the League Stages.

6. Trades become finalized with host approval; managers may bring up a trade for veto within 24 hours of the trade being made and the hosts will review the trade and re-finalize or veto the trade.

7. Activity decisions – There are inevitably times where two players simply fail to complete a match; however, the nature of the tournament system sometimes makes it advantageous to purposely fail to play (such as when a team is up 3-2 in a week). Because of this, it is necessary to make activity decisions on matches. Hosts are required to make thorough investigations regarding each and every potential failed match during a week. If both parties are deemed to be equally apathetic or enthusiastic about getting the match done, but just have not had the opportunity to make it happen, the match will result in a no contest. However, if it is deemed that one party made significantly more effort than the other in attempting to get the match done, then a win will be awarded to that player. Things that will make it very likely that you will lose via activity include: failing to VM your opponent immediately upon the week’s start, scheduling a match and being documented as missing the match time, failing to provide any concrete times for which you can be reached, failing to respond to an opponent’s VM at all. Note that this is a tournament that requires a very high level of activity and diligence, if you don’t think you can get your matches done, quite simply don’t sign up.

8. Rule Breaking – There is no excuse for breaking any of the predetermined rules. If you are caught breaking a rule, you will lose your match. There is no lenience with regards to this. Break a rule, you lose. Period.

9. Reversing Rulings - No ruling will be retroactively overturned once the week following the week that the ruling has been made has ended. This includes: activity rulings / rulings based on rule breaking / anything else under the sun. We're not going back in time to reevaluate every single decision made throughout the tournament on Week 5 because you think you were gypped 1-2 wins along the way and now they're the difference between you and a playoff spot. Any appeals to a ruling must be made during the week that the ruling is made; beyond that, all rulings are final once the week ends.

Communicating with Your Opponent Each Week
We highly encourage you to follow the same guidelines that are used for SPL. Contact your opponent on their Smogon Wall (link for how I would contact Snaquaza). This means you must create, and check, a Smogon account if you would like to play in the MPL.
Whomever contacts first, the other must reply. In the event of an activity decision and you both post on each others walls, but no one replies then the person that posts first will get the win. If you don't post/reply and there is an activity decision that must be made it is unlikely it will go in your favor.

The MonoPL Room
The Monotype Premier League will have it's very own room for discussion of the tournament! General Monotype discussion should still happen in the Monotype room.
We will also be holding the draft in this room using the newly created MonoPL Bot. Following the draft, players that are selected will be given voice by their managers.
Room Auth
#: Hosts
@: Team Managers
%: Manager's assmen and users that helped get MonoPL off the ground
+: Drafted Players

Just because you have the ability to broadcast something doesn't mean you can abuse it! We will gladly take it away, just as quickly as we gave it.

Finally, the Other Metagames staff have asked us to emphasize this tour is not affiliated with the overall OM forum or room. The Monotype Room is hosting this event and we look forward to seeing all the top Monotype players from our room showcasing their skills!​
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Thanks for dank graphic Irra n_n And this sounds really fun, basically SPL for Monotype which is cool! Hope I get drafted (and by someone with a cool team name aka not NubMega-Xis14)

Good luck to all who are participating!

Forgot to mention that there better be dank memes involved \o/
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Oh man, this is gonna be fun! Let's just hope I get drafted, and let's hope that this runs smoothly. Good luck to everyone participating. :)


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I will just stop giving you OU teams smh

For those looking to put those in the shop window before draft, particularly for the OMs, we'll be doing our best to run as many of those tours possible in the week so hit up Monotype for the best chance to get yourself drafted =].

I accidentally filled out two forms pls ignore the one that has only ORAS and accept the one with ORAS, Monothreat and AAA


Life > Monotype... unfortunately :)
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I accidentally filled out two forms pls ignore the one that has only ORAS and accept the one with ORAS, Monothreat and AAA
Just for future reference guys, please only fill out one form. If you make an error, or want to add other metagames just shoot me a pm and I'll edit it!
Hint hint, if you want a better chance to be drafted, start focusing on tiers other than ORAS and be sure to join those tours for extra practice! (Or just ask around the room)
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