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For those who don't know, the Monotype Premier League is an annual team tournament very similar to the Smogon Premier League but exclusively for monotype metagames. In MPL 1 and 2, team managers were chosen from the room staff of the Monotype chat room on Pokemon Showdown, but this year we've decided to allow anyone to apply to be a manager.

We're tentatively planning to hold the player auction in early May, and if we assume there will be 8 teams (not set in stone yet), the tournament will have 7 weeks of round robin and 3 weeks of playoffs. That places the end of the tournament sometime in late July. All teams must have at least one manager available from early May through late July. If you know you won't have access to internet at any point during that time, make sure your assistant manager (assman) will be available to pick up the slack. If both you and your assman plan on going on an extended vacation at the same time, just don't sign up.

If you want to manage a team in MPL3, make a post below including the name of your assman to apply. Managers will be decided by the tournament host(s), who will be Acast and Eien for the time being. Former managers will be given priority, although we may decide to deny a former manager on account of activity if necessary. Team names will be decided at a later date, but feel free to include your desired team name if you want. We'll leave signups open for ~2 weeks.

Please only post in this thread if you intend to sign up as a manager or confirm as an assman. All other posts will be deleted.

EDIT: Eien and Dirpz will be hosting Monotype Premier League III.
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Team Name: AMBER AEROS (alongside Lax )
Brief List of Accomplishments: Went to finals in almost every PL (UUPL, RUPL, PUPL, CAPTT, MPL, BLT) last season, won PSPL, won LTPL as a manager
Why Would You Make a Good Manager?: I'm very active and I know the Monotype community well
Lax wants his accomplishments too: Managed MPL last season, OMGS Finalist, Got carried to victory in RUPL, snaked by yours truly in LTPL.
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Team Name: Blackthorn Bucks, Zarif being my partner in crime.

Brief List of Accomplishments: We both have reached playoffs of both MPLs and Zarif won the first MPL. Also, we were in the same team last season and our team won every single team award.

Why Would You Make a Good Manager?: We're both very active and involved in the community. I also have a little bit of experience in MPL managing after picking up BetaHousing's boots last year when he became inactive and helping Omega with the lineups.


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Team Name: Horrific Hoopas (with 1 true lycan as manager and myself as assman)

List of Accomplishments: managed in both mpl1 and mpl2 so far. Have played in various monotype tournament events both myself and lycan. We both have experience in teams tours i played in ltpl and spl and lycan in wcop so we are familiar with team environements.

Why would we be good managers.
We know what it takes to win but also want to have fun
Team Name: Saffron Starmies (Co-managed by Clearly)
Accomplishments: i won some cap mono tour and i'm pretty sure clearly has done well in 2(?) seasonals as well as being in the first 2 mpls.
Why I'd be a good manager: Active, we both know the community decently well, clearly has mpl experience
Team name: Azure Anarchists Co manged by the one and only Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott's Accomplishments
- 3 awards in MPL II including MVP
- 93 Tinder matches in a span of (1/23/17-3/5/17)
- 100 field goal % in intramural basketball league (Also took 1 shot)
- can do 75 push ups in a row
- 5'11

I on the other hand own a esteemed private room on azure full of untapped montype potential just waiting to get there chance to shine.

Why we would make good mangers:
I'm guaranteeing our team wins it all
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Team name: monogods with my man Lord Outrage

Accomplishments: we both play ubers, I've done mono tours and done decent in some others, but my man here is in spl and has done well in ubers seasonal and in playoffs

Why we would make good managers:
We don't know much of the community but we'd make great managers because we know what it takes to be a team and win and show good sportsmanship. Pick us and we'll win MPL
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Team Name: Big Bad Bug Bullies
Accomplishments: I spelled that word right|, But seriously, I used to be on the top of the ladder for most Other Metas including BH, AG, Stabmons, 350 Cup, and some others. You can call me a Ladder Veteran, because that was back in '14, so look at me as an experienced competitive player who wants to guide my team to victory!


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I'm no longer going to be hosting MPL3, so Dirpz is taking my place as cohost along with Eien. And just so I can combine two posts into one, here's my application to manage a team.

Manager: myself
Assman/co-manager: Bondie
Team name: Bloom Doom Glooms
Reasons to pick us: We're both mono ROs; we both managed teams that made it to the playoffs in MPL2; I'm a council member; and we already have a team banner.
Team name: The Vegan Vulpixes (of chakraism) w/ mad0ka
Madokas been vegetarian almost her whole life and a few years ago attained the power status of vegan. She's also played in spl i think. I fasted for a week once.
Why we would be good managers: we're both known for quitting pokemon showdown and coming back multiple times but we guarantee that we're only drafting vegans.


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Team name: Mauville Memers
Assman: Dirpz

Accomplishments (Excuse the length but I'm quite the accomplished individual):

  • When I was younger my mom told me I was special.
  • Once laughed so hard the ice cream I was eating came out of my nose.
  • Played volleyball in high school and did not wear longer shorts that became available as part of the jersey later to make my teammates uncomfortable.
  • My African American coworkers gave me the black name "Jamaal" which gives me a substantial amount of "street cred."
  • Am 6'6" so I am taller than all the other manlets/femlets (don't attack me SJWs and tumblrinas no I didn't assume the gender of anybody applying here) applying for manager positions.

Showdown/Smogon-related things
  • Former Monotype RO from around Thanksgiving 2014-August/September 2015. I know a lot of people...
  • Was recruited by the esteemed Alliance leader Haxnova/Dethroner under different alts in XY and ORAS.
  • Former global staff turned Lobby shitposter after retiring from my brief 2-3 months of staffing PS!.
  • Former THA RO; when I learned a lot of the truth about Briyella and became suspicious I reported him to haunter. In short, I reported a pedo to a pedo. Small world!
My assman, Dirpz, is very important and an esteemed individual so let me list his accomplishments:
  • King of shit talk.
  • Went outside once.
  • Assisted in the noscoping of Briyella.
  • Digimon master.
  • Managed in MPL 1 and 2.
  • Team was very competitive the first MPL even though we wound up missing playoffs due to being edged out 4-3 a few too many weeks.
  • Team made the playoffs in the second MPL and was considered the best by many initially after the draft and even through the regular season; unfortunately, we came up just short in the semifinals.
Why would you make a good manager?

While obviously the competitive side of these kinds of events is the most important, I always make sure to stress the simple, yet often overlooked aspect of MPL: fun. You're in the biggest team event this metagame has to offer and I make sure my players are enjoying the event. I think last year is a great example of this; the Memers won or tied every team award category there was and we were highly competitive. A team managed by me will have loads of fun (and from some chats around last year I think other people enjoyed being around our team most of the time), give it their all to win and contribute positively both socially and competitively to MPL.

Memers' logo:

Memer's theme song:

Dirpz and I irl:



Manager: Misaka Mikoto
Assman: Balto veteran Mono player

Accomplishments: Hola! I'm Misaka Mikoto and I'm like, here to tell you all about my accomplishments as to why I shall make a great manager!
  • Was the manager of BLT tour and help lead my team to the finals. I have some experience as a manager but couple I shall never have on my team ever again!! ಠ_ಠ
  • Part of the Monotype QC team and helping get those analysis out on our Smogon Pokedex for Monotype people to get more resources.
  • Co-Leader of Monothreat and one of the best Monothreat players winning a bunch of tours but I still can't beat Ticken since he still put his foot in my face and beats me cause of some crazy out of the butt hole turns! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  • Beat wanka in the last MPL with all my power and fired the Railgun to finish him off, but he's still awesome! (o‿o✿)
  • Earned the title of being called savage lately but I'm nice on the outside! ~‾͟͟͞(((ꎤ >ㅿ<)̂—̳͟͞͞o
  • Dedicated room moderator that is still trying to help push Monotype forward!
Accomplishments: For Balto
  • Best Monotype YouTuber ever. ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾
  • Awesome laddering player and a well known Fairy user other than Confluxx
  • Drafted twice for Diancies and Altarians and participated in MPL.
  • The dark blue room voice guy that I can barely ever see in the chat roster!
  • Plays all types of formats which makes him very diverse!
Why would you make a good manager?
I always want to continue getting myself involved in the community. I have pre-managing experience thanks to BLT and it was fun managing a team so I'd like to do the same for MPL. I know many people within the community and so does Balto so he can help me pick too!

PS: Anime is good

Adios amigos!
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team name:monotype trash
assman:marine sjadoo
accomplishments:i own a god league tht went 0-7 in ulc I'm 1-0 in mono open and I use generic shit and my man sjadoo has never done a anything mono related but is a god with girls and he is daddy.
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Team name: Marxist Marowaks
Managers: Anty and Haund

Tovarish Anty has captained teams in garbage boring tours such as wcop, pupl, and pspl, while I manage to get semifinals in pspl thanks to my team's exclusive italian skill, which some scrubs call "luck". Remember: luck is part of our skill.
However, our greatest accomplishment is the mono boomburst team that Tovarish Anty built and with which I topped the ladder, drinking the sweet tears of capitalist kids.

We are also Esteemed Users™ of Pokemon Showdown, both of us holding global ranks, crazy! I myself also am a moderator of the Monotype room, technically, haha..

We like monotype (◕‿◕✿), remember the 15 monotype pu teams I built during late oras? I doubt you've used spicier teams than those ;)

We also have a cool logo but this post is getting long and we'll use it for special occasions this

Special thanks to HJAD Megazard and Akir for supporting our dream

National anthem
Moskau Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand,
Russland ist ein schönes Land
Ho ho ho ho ho...​
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