Team Monotype Premier League IX - Finals (Won by Hearthome Honchkrows)

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what a ride ! that was my first MPL and we managed to win, 0-1 MPL champion baby but record aside that was an amazing experience, i might not have managed to do well as a player but i definitely helped with team building and whatnot so im happy.

support shotouts:

Trichotomy you are mostly the reason why my dumbass got drafted to begin with, im very thankful you believed in me and gave me this chance
Attribute thank you for humoring trich in his crazy pick
Splash and Vodoom i didnt forget about yall hyping me up during the silver grace drama on mono cord, i appreciate the support <3
Gray i dont think we ever interacted with each other but its thanks to you that a slot was freed in the team, keep up the great work !
Jojo8868 the first impression you gave me when i joined was that you prefered a ghost (gray) over me, thanks for motivating me i guess
Cell i wont let you load dragon, stop trying !


AtraX Madara you think im a dumb monkey but you're a good friend (sometimes)
just like hunny you are an amazing friend, always a pleasure to interact with you ! even tho we were in opposing teams you always supported me, even when i went undrafted you firmly believed i should have been picked so i greatly appreciate your support brother
style.css ive known you for so many years now, you have always been around for me (even during my villain era) i appreciate you brother
TheTacoMan ive known you for so many years now, you always believed i was a good player, sadly im not but i appreciate all the support brother
The Trapinch friends i appreciate you all for being around a bozo like me, i hope we can continue being friends and have fun together <3

team memes

trich, jojo and attri:


isza the whole event:


0-1 me:



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Congrats Krows :o

This was my first MPL ever, and thank you so much plunder and AtraX Madara for drafting catto, even though all I did was spam cat gifs everywhere....actually I owe an apology to Madara because we always hiss at each other when building teams, but it was overall fun... just something I'm not used to ;w;

Also, shoutouts to the fellow catgons :O

QWILY Booty maki Dj Breloominati♬ TheWyvernKing Your insights and experience helped a lot in the old gens, I can only watch and simp from a distance while you guys cook, it was really interesting to see how teams get built-> tweaked -> modified until its used for the actual thing.
style.css Sylvi thankie for helping on tweaking EVs, so that we don't randomly set EVs by just playing around with the sliding bar.
Shaneghoul thankie for trusting our builds, and for taking the time to learn monotype :3
Leafium Z Leaafooo ;w;. Your nicknames aren't bad, and thankie for always being available for tests, always wanting to finetune and ensure your team is perfect. Thank you for also lightening the mood in the cord a lot, Idk how you do it
just like hunny Thank you for your support when testing is needed, or when a second opinion or confirmation is desired.
ikiarihS Stinky >:(. Jokes aside you really bounced back and even beat Trich :o
Op guy 10/10 5 stars will want to team with again what else do you want from poor cat ;w;

maki woof

Thats all, cya next year maybe?

Also wrote this since plunder said he will do shout outs if someone did for us :(
It would be criminal to end this MPL without properly mentioning how much FUN I had with these guys in these last weeks. Although yes, SOME of the team kept calling me old all the time. And yes, SOME of the team kept saying I donated wincons... and also yes, almost NONE of my team was rooting for me vs Crashy in that one week. BUT. This was easily the most fun I have ever had in a tour ever, and it's crazy to think that we did it while (humbly) destroying all opposition in an almost perfect group stage record. To me, Wakes felt like the prime team tour experience and it only happened bc of these guys below:

QWILY Booty Shaneghoul Sylvi - I didn't have any prior experience but it was so nice knowing you guys! Between Qwily just being a goat during group stage, Booty stepping up to clutch when needed, Shane always trusting the builders and Sylvi making HISTORY WITH THEIR SON PIKACHU, I'm glad to have met you and I hope to team up again when needed!

just like hunny - Similar to the people above but we actually took a step closer and we talked about and bonded about music and shit! <3 Super super fun and chill guy, extremely glad to have met you and becoming ur friend!

maki - to think at the start of the season u were only talking to qwily in the discord and I was like "this guys weird" and u ended at it BULLYING ME WITH THE OTHERS AS WELL ;w; but ye, the record speaks for itself, best SS slot of the tour. Now, I need you to download pokemon sleep again bc i'm running out of candies :D

Neko - Cat did what cat did best, masterminded some of the teams, tweaked EV's and cat gifs in the cord are never too much. But cat also can be more confident because you are a good player! It was only one wrong turn that cost you the game, imo it was pretty good for a mpl debut (MILES better than mine at least LOL). Hope we team up again, Neko!

TheWyvernKing Dj Breloominati♬ - Ah yes, the mastermind himself behind all the ORAS fish? Prep? I don't know how you guys wanna call it LOL, and the executioner himself. Similar to Maki, best oras slot in the tour, absolutely nothing can be said about you guys with the results you two delivered here. <3

ikiarihS - cannot believe ur ass ended with a better record than me.

Mada - ngl, it was funny to see how u became more open with us as the weeks passed by to the point to discuss the... topics we discussed in the finals week LOL but yea, what a great guy u are, putting A LOT of work in almost all slots and always making sure teams are ready and people are comfortable with it. Thanks for drafting me and gathering this bunch of idiots :D

plunder style.css - you know, if it was for the sake for delivering possibly the best team experience I had in the Wakes, I can definitely say now, in public, that I forgive you guys for not drafting me in finis last year LOL. I could go on and talk about how monotype only makes sense to me when you two are around and etc but y'all already know this to death and I don't want to make this too cheesy. tbh, I just want to point out how both of you just embodies the essence of what a player should have. I could be talking about playing and building, in which you are great as well, but I'm referring to the fact that in all these years, I haven't seen you guys be disrespectful to another player even ONCE, for example (aside from me and shiraiki but alas). I believe Crashy said this in the finis post last year and I reinforce it, smogon need more plunders and styles and imo, it's these attitudes that puts you two a step above and makes me extremely happy and proud of our fun little trio ^_^

Guess that's it from me, everybody stay safe and drink water!
I've been forced to do shoutouts to the point where I'm getting pinged on discord while trying to sleep so figured I'd post this as quickly as I can. Also warning people in advance that this might be a bit longer than the other shoutouts done in this thread but had to make them long so ikiarihS wouldn't annoy me for a year.

Before MPL started there was a point where I contemplated not signing up to manage this year. IMO there were some very strong manager pairings this year and as a manager who thinks that self buying himself for 25k would be a waste, didn't really know how many people would wanna play on my team and was expecting people to upbid a lot of my picks since I'd have extra cash (which as we saw turned out to be true) all the stars kind of pointed to just going to the draft pool. I ended up managing because it felt like a really fun challenge winning it all this year and I wanted to team up with a few of my friends which I knew would be impossible if I didn't manage, so I guess the "power of friendship team" title really did make sense. Not gonna go on about the whole season but I think I'm really happy with how much we surprised other teams with our overall skill level, being 5th in the PR (great read btw) and some very questionable rankings for some of my players I felt like there wasn't much expectation for our team so I think it would be safe to say we easily exceeded that by having the best regular season ever of any team (we basically were the 72-9 warriors). While it definitely does sting that we were so close to winning it all, I can't really say I have much regrets because we put as much effort as we could and so I'd just like to thank the team for trying their hardest.

Shaneghoul We weren't really familiar with each other before this tour but I'm really glad I was able to get you. Not only were you a great chat presence but I was very impressed by how well you can play the game. Your main losses were more so matchup so I hope you aren't too disappointed with that. I also think pressure might have gotten the best of you in finals, which happens to the best of us but hopefully you're not too bummed out over it. Hopefully you had a good experience in mono and I really hope you continue to play this tier because I'm sure you'll have some even stronger showings in the future.

TheWyvernKing I don't think the people who haven't teamed up with you understand how much effort you put in. To me you're one of the most hardworking people in this community and I wish people really knew more about that. For the past 2 years you've helped prep the one slot people hate touching and have produced crazy results as well as just getting us insane mu's week in and week out, think everyone knows this but this years ORAS record is as much yours as it is spitfires. I know your own record this year isn't as good as it could have been but I think your in game is still crazy strong (as seen by the semi's win) and we just rushed some winpaths in certain games instead of getting outplayed which I'm sure won't happen again. I also know you said you weren't sure about next mpl in the middle of the season but I truly hope you play next year because I enjoy watching your games + enjoy watching you try to innovate in oras, good luck for everything in the future and I'm glad we were able to team up and become friends.

maki 8-0 goat (and I'm sure it would have been 9-0 if you had played w7 too) I think everyone in the team was the most confident in this slot every week which kind of shows how dominant of a player you are. I probably wasn't as active as I should have been in this slot in certain weeks but that was moreso because I trusted your prep and didn't want to mess that up, which looking back worked out for the best. I know you were busy for the finals so thank you again for trying your hardest to play and apologies we couldn't get you the CA since I know you really wanted it.

QWILY I wasn't sure how involved you'd be before this tour started especially since I know how busy you were with ou wcop but it was really amazing to see how much you helped us out. Giving thoughts and great suggestions on types / team choices every week and making sure we won w7 when we could have had more of a rest week was really appreciated. I've seen you play since mwcop a couple of years back and you've hardly made errors in your game and idt it was any different this time around especially with how clutch your wins were in early week when sv just wasn't performing as well as it should have. Think in playoffs you played as well as you could have and we just didn't give you the most ideal of matchups, so thats on us but hopefully we can get you some better ones if we ever team up in the future.

Dj Breloominati♬ steal of the draft? ngl we really wanted you but mid draft I didn't know if we'd be able to get you because we expected you to be 10k+ but things worked out and we were really happy we were able to get you. We've spoken to each other a bit before because of ou wcop and having played you I knew you were good but I think I can say on behalf of everyone you really blew expectations. Not only did you play great but your prepping helped us in multiple other slots and especially sm w2. The calls we had were great and while they weren't the most productive (venomoth on poison, ghost in sm, etc LOL) I think we both had a lot of fun just discussing ideas and trying to make some newer stuff work. You definitely put in overtime when it came to making sure people didn't get distracted and get too comfortable in regular season (especially after the 8-0) so thank you very much for that. Hopefully we team up again at some point and good luck to you for all the tours that you're currently in.

Booty you were someone who I've been watching for a couple of years now and was always impressed by how you'd consistently put up good records but also how you'd perform well under the pressure of playoffs. Pre draft you were one of the few people I wanted under any circumstance and I couldn't have been happier when I was able to get you. I think I've said this multiple times in my discord but idt the record you had accurately describes how your season went and had a few things early on gone in your favour it would be much higher. Thank you for constantly encouraging the team and also just being open to different opinions when it came to sets / ideas. You had a great win in the finals and I'm sure you'll continue to produce strong results in the future.

just like hunny I think you also know this but I wanted to get you last year in mpl but just ran out of credits so I was really happy I was able to finally get you this year. You are genuinely one of the nicest people on this site and I really enjoyed how you encouraged everyone throughout this season. I know you felt bad with how your overall record was this tour but it was your first mpl so I'm sure there were nerves and caused certain parts of games were rushed but hopefully you were able to learn a bit more when it came to building and sequences in game. Good luck to you for your next team tour, I'm sure you'll kill it :D

Sylvi while I wasn't able to play you as much as I wanted (really sorry about this) I do want to thank you for always motivating the team as well as being willing to sub in whenever needed (also had a great debut win). You also gave us some cool things to think about when it came to building in ORAS as well as helping fix the finals team, which I really appreciated. Hopefully you'd be willing to give monotype a chance next year too because I'm sure you would do great if you played a full season.

Neko Catto. Pre draft you were telling me you weren't sure if you would get drafted and to me that felt absolutely wild. IMO you had done enough pre dlc to prove how good of a builder you are so I was really thankful that I was able to get you for such a steal. I can't thank you enough for all your suggestions and help during the whole tour but especially the first 2 weeks where I was still getting up to speed with the meta. Your attention to detail when it comes to analysing teams is kind of crazy and I hope you start playing more in these tours and not just restricting yourself to building. You have a great ceiling when it comes to playing and I think you just need to be more confident in yourself.As a side note you do a lot for the mono room + helping with resources so I kind of wanted to show appreciation for that and I hope people know how much you do.

style.css I know how busy you were this year which is why you didn't really feel that you'd be able to manage, which obviously made me sad since I enjoy managing with you but I also understood what you meant since managing can be very time consuming and draining. I was happy I was able to get you because it would be really weird not teaming up after how many tours we've been in together and even though you weren't as active this year you did help ensure every team was ready and also help out in tests so thank you so much for that (as well as the logo). Just more than this tour I kinda wanted to thank you for everything you've helped me with (thanks to you I didn't need to ev a single team last gen) and you also have always trusted my weird type picks / sets and helped me out when it came to building around them and I think we ended up with some really fire stuff. I hope next tour you're a bit more free because I really want you to have a stand out tour as a player since I've always rated you really highly and I have no doubt u'll do great if you just get the opportunity. Outside of just mons thank you for just being a good friend, it's great we have a lot of similar interests and can talk about it as well as make jokes and I hope you know how thankful I am for being friends with you.

Leafium Z When I saw you were #28 on the PR I think I was genuinely annoyed for a day or so because it felt crazy to me. I felt like even though you didn't have any standout tours you've played this tier long enough and have had decent results (and have won more than enough tours) to where it just felt criminal. At the same time I think it was a blessing in disguise because it definitely gave me even more motivation to ensure you don't get mu'd. I've always said that on your day I do think you can beat anyone and while some may still disagree because of "drunk leaf moments" like whirlwinding a gholdengo I do think you were able to prove a lot of the doubters wrong. You had a crazy good record and I'm sure that this won't be changing anytime soon. A lot of this is gonna be similar to style but thank you for always being a great friend. We probably have the dumbest calls and convos at times but thats what makes it even more fun. I think if you and style didn't continue playing I don't think I would have done so either so it's thanks to you guys I'm still here. Hope you can actually start watching suits before next mpl because if you don't I will ensure we never team up again :blobthumbsup:

ikiarihS I really wanted to just write one word to piss you off since you really wanted a shoutout but I felt it was gonna be too mean. I think we met each other like 3 years ago? and I just remember you destroying me in games back then, 3 years later and nothing has actually changed LOL. I don't think it's a secret how much I've hyped you since last blt and I think people can start to see why (even though you had a great debut). I think this season was very different for you in the sense that there was definitely much more pressure for you to perform since you went from 3k to 26k to the point where you actually attempted to build in the early weeks (LOOOOOOL). I think you handled it greatly though and bouncing back after an 0-2 is always easier said than done and motivation is definitely lost but yea you ended up winning 7 weeks consecutively after that. You've proven that you're one of the best mono players rn and I don't think anyone is more excited to see how well you continue to do more than me. Similar to leaf and style but thank you for always being a great friend to me, I think we're both very similar in how we can roast each other very freely and it makes our convo's always fun as well as how addicted we are to pfp bets (can't wait for you to change it to the new one). Before next mpl our goal should be getting a fall guys win but ngl that seems really unlikely rn since I need to carry you...

Mada We've talked quite a bit over the past couple of years so I knew how well the teams you've managed have done and managing with you first hand I can see why. The amount of effort you do when it comes to planning drafts,scouting, theorising sets and helping with test games is very admirable. You also made the chat entertaining (and carried the memes channel) so I can't really thank you enough for managing with me and trusting certain people that I wanted to draft. I know how competitive you are so not winning sucks but I think with how talented you are at managing and if you continue to manage, I'm sure you'll win this tour too at some point.

Harpp Mateeus crashy I wanted to thank you all for helping me from when I've started playing mono. Whether it was actually helping me with playing, drafting me for my first mono tour or even just helping me out when it was my first time managing, all of you have been great to me at every point over the years and I hope you guys know how much I appreciate all of you.

I think overall MPL this year was a lot of fun, 6 slots last year felt really dead in comparison to this so I'm hoping we never go back to that. I know a few people felt demotivated post draft for being undrafted and it's definitely not the best feeling but please please please continue to play and continue having strong results, as long as you keep working and improving you definitely will be noticed and given a chance to play.

This might seem like me rambling but something else I wanna talk about just to end with is this whole concept of "fishing". While a lot of these comments throughout the season were in good fun there were definitely some comments made by people to my team / players that were crazy disrespectful and hypocritical. I think we have this weird double standard (which others have noticed and mentioned) where certain players can load up less used types and it would be good prep but when others do it its called fishing which to me makes no sense? It's incredibly frustrating seeing people work hard and prep to make it easier for the person playing only to have comments made about fishing, anyone that's prepped for this tier knows that getting really good mu's week in and week out is impossible without putting in effort. While I doubt my one paragraph is actually gonna make much of a change I do hope it can reduce how we use "fishing".

Thank you to everyone who was in our cord for making this a great season, this was easily my favourite discord from a team tour and while I doubt I'll be managing next year an environment like this does make it harder to not do it one more time. Congrats again to the Krows for a very well deserved win and I look forward to seeing what happens in MPL next year!


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I wasn't gonna do shoutouts but we had such an incredible team and my experience was great, everyone deserves their flowers and I want to make sure they get them

Attribute Trichotomy I'm always very thankful when managers decide to take a chance on me and this time is no exception. you guys were amazing managers and anyone who ever has the chance to play for one of your teams is seriously lucky. I don't feel bad at all about only playing a few games because my experience was a lot of fun, I'd go 1-1 every time if it means having as much fun as I did

Vodoom I was extremely impressed with your consistency and knew we could always rely on you to get us a W, really funny guy as well who contributed to a lot of my laughs

Cell extremely dedicated to the craft, definitely a huge reason why we won the tournament. Your scouts and teambuilding expertise were extremely valuable and we would not have made it nearly as far as we did if it werent for you

Jojo8868 one of the funniest dudes ive had the pleasure of meeting on this site and the team definitely wouldnt have had the same vibe without you, im very happy to be able to consider you a new friend

fade definitely kept things interesting to say the least LOL, youre a champion for being able to seal the deal for us. very happy to have had you as a teammate regardless of your feelings for the tier

Scarfire class act that will have success in any tier you set your mind to, really glad I had the opportunity to be your teammate. clutched up super hard in the finals, there was never a doubt in my mind you would lose that game

Leo we didn't get to interact much but once again clutched up in the finals, also thanks for being at the concert that one week I needed that redemption

diegoblu our midseason pickup but still just as committed to the cause as anyone else, I really admire your will to win and hope to see you stick around and keep training

avarice didnt get to interact much at all but when we did it was always a pleasure, youre a super cool dude

also shoutout to Isza because when he said it was time to win we won

anyway yeah I had a lot of fun this tournament and am looking forward to keep playing tournaments and being involved in the community, thanks everyone and see you soon
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