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Name: Acast
Metagames Played: BW, ORAS
Timezone: GMT -5
Potential Activity Issues: might be too busy playing FGO
Warning to the managers: I haven't played mons seriously in over a year. You'd literally be throwing away your bucks by bidding on this washed up RO, but I won't stop you if that's what you want to do. Don't expect me to do much for your team

Edit: I forgot to mention I can make somewhat decent banners/logos, and I do it for free. That's probably the only benefit in bidding for me
Metagames Played: SM/ORAS (BW if I can get teams)
Timezone: GMT-5
Potential Activity Issues: Will be gone over Memorial Day Weekend, June 10-17 and June 22-July 3. I’m mainly interested in acting as a general sub. :fukyu: multigens
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