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Name:KingPiloswine aka NonSlickUsername
Meta game played: SM and ORAS. Use to play BW but it's not populat so I havent in a bit.
GMT -4
Potential activity issues: Final exams but should be able to during that week still.
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Lowkey late but hey might as well give this a try :P
Name: RoaringChompKai18 (mismagiusiscool/Patrick)
Metagames Played: ORAS and USUM
Timezone: GMT-7
Potential Activity Issues: I most likely will have a summer job during the late morning to afternoon but shouldn't be too much of an issue
(also there is some trips to be had in mid-July, not exactly sure yet)
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Name: Gr4phic
Metagames: USUM,(ORAS?)
Timezone: Pst (-7 iirc)
Potential Activity Issues: Ima be kinda inacto in mid July for like a week
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