Team Monotype Premier League VII - Week 7

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Won vs Chaitanya in 2, ggs

It was nice to manage after shadow managing with sabella for so long. It sucks that we're out, I feel like if just a couple things went our way some weeks we would have a decent shot... but thats on us as a team.

In my honest opinion I think i was a decent manager. I tried to get everyone to talk to one another, was very supportive/motivational to the team, and tried to provide everyone with solid builds every week. I don't get into my personal lofe much besides those I'm super close with, but around week 3 things changed for me in a really good way(work related) and a really bad way!(family related) I'd leave the house super early and get home super late and sometimes the first thing I wanna do is chill, read, or hang out with friends with everything going on. This made me a bit lazy in prep which I think hurt us a bit but it was really tough trying to build 6-7 teams and make sure they were decent.

To my 2 teammates and good friends that say I didn't support much, I don't blame you but I can assure you that wasn't the case. Sometimes I'd be out and be like "xyz can use this against xyz" ect. Even if my prep wasn't written in the channels sometimes and just teams were posted, thought really went into those.(Didn't seem like it since we got alot of bad match ups) I was really trying my best with what I was given and saying I didn't do anything does make me feel some type of way ngl.

Another thing is I didn't play as much because I wasn't giving it my best. Bo3 is so taxing to prep for and I wanted to focus on my team slots over mine, since I felt I could pick something and win. Outside of JT teams I felt I drafted some of the best pokemon players in the pool and I'd pick you all again!

I don't do team shout outs but I wanted to apologize to Rinda because you seriously deserved alot better. Out of the people i closely worked with
in these tours (jase, clearly, gondra) I was always really hype to watch your games and build with you. Keep on playing dude, you cam go places

H.M.N.I.P Alkione Cell thanks for joining our server and helping spice things up. You guys are funny lol

Lunala thank for for listening to me vent about this tier sometimes because of my god it can be ANNOYING

Jolly Togekiss ^-^ Mateeus While I do agree you guys can improve as players, theres no reason for you guys to get shit on so much. Everyone has a niche (jt yours is building mat yours is managing) and you both are doing a GREAT job at what you're good at and don't let anyone take that away from you guys. Win the tour I believe in you both, and if you need anythung you know who to ask

Wrote this all on the fly so might have errors but, thanks for having me.

Go braves!
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won vs frol1 ggs

Grats to the treeckos for making playoffs. Despite their unorthodox team structure they always put up decent performances and this year they made top4. This type of surprise is what competition is about. For the neutral at least.

Thanks to the Darkrais for the retain, sorry I couldn't bring more in prep and wins but hopefully one can learn from this and move on.


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I dont understand the hype around kythr in prediction posts, the guy never won a smogon tour or ssnls, k3ppr talks about me not making him impressed, the dude has 7-0 record here. Yes kythr it was a bg, you lucked out.
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