Signups Monotype Premier League VIII - Player Sign-ups [Team Custom Avatar Prize]

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Nice guys always finish last...
Name: Seo
Metagames Played: all
Timezone: it’s 4:36pm for me rn
Potential Activity Issues: i work 8-5 then 6-11 on weekdays, and on the weekends I go out with my wife and kids, and take care of all my fatherly commitments. I haven’t played a game of mons since the birth of Tyshon (my first born) so buy me at ur own risk
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Name: mugiwaraLux
Metagames Played: all
Timezone: pst
Potential Activity Issues: I work full time but check forums during tournaments and discord very frequently so hopefully not too big an issue
Name: Mai12245
Metagames Played: BW, SM
Timezone: PST
Potential Activity Issues: during school hours from 1:10 pm to 2:50 pm Monday/wednsday only untill May 21st. (Or i am on my laptop with bad reception)
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