Monotype Monotype Seasonal II Playoffs - Finals [Won by 1 True Lycan]


Art by Zarif
Welcome to the Monotype Seasonal Playoffs! The top 16 players in the Monotype Seasonal Leaderboard* have qualified for a 16 man tournament to determine the 2017 Monotype Champion. Remember, winning in this tournament will NOT earn points toward the 2018 Monotype Ribbon.
*Moorland chose not to participate, while Carnies Vengeance is banned

Here are the confirmed players who have a spot in the playoffs with their seed rankings. The players with equal points had randomized seed numbers because there were a ton of ties. Congratulations to all that qualified! Proof

1. Leru
2. Waszap
3. Chaitanya1.9
4. Bitana
5. Sabella
6. Paleo
7. Harpp
8. Zukushiku
9. Decemm
10. terrors
11. 1 True Lycan
12. Wanka
13. Arifeen
13. Akashi
13. iLlama
13. KevinELF
13. Wincon

The spot for 13th-16th seeds are tied between five players, and this round will determine who gets to qualify for those spot. The top four players in this round robin competition will advance to round 1, while the player in last will be eliminated. The matches will be best of 1.
vs Kevinelf (L)
vs Arifeen (W)
vs Wincon (L)
vs iLlama (L)

vs Akashi (W)
vs Arifeen (L)
vs Wincon (L)
vs iLlama (W)

vs Akashi (L)
vs Kevinelf (W)
vs Wincon (L)
vs iLlama (L)

vs Akashi (W)
vs Kevinelf (W)
vs Arifeen (W)
vs iLlama (W)

vs Akashi (W)
vs Arifeen (W)
vs Kevinelf (L)
vs Wincon (L)
Leru vs. (Akashi vs Arifeen)
Waszap vs. KevinELF
Chaitanya1.9 vs. iLlama
Bitana vs. Wincon
Sabella vs. Wanka
Paleo vs. 1 True Lycan
Harpp vs terrors
Zukushiku vs Decemm
Akashi vs Decemm
Wincon vs Wanka
iLlama vs 1 True Lycan
vs terrors
Akashi vs Wincon
Waszap vs 1 True Lycan


Wincon vs 1 True Lycan
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Leru vs. Akashi - ssnls goat
Waszap vs. KevinELF - +KevinELF: I literally created zap
Chaitanya1.9 vs. iLlama - cant predict against llama :/
Bitana vs. Wincon - wants his revenge after the 4-0 in MLT
Sabella vs. Wanka - imagine saying lemonade and lemon juice are the same thing, fuck wanka
Paleo vs. 1 True Lycan - lit match
Harpp vs terrors - prob gonna hax as always
Zukushiku vs Decemm - decem is still tiny

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