Monotype Monotype Summer Seasonal II - Finals [Won by Waszap]


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As much as it pains me to say it, predicting Waszap to win. I just cant see him losing two Bo3's in a row.

But definitely could see Terrors winning, hes been pulling through and performing despite the criticism he gets.

Definitely surprised (but happy) to see them in finals, gl to both, looking forward to some fun games!
Sorry I know this took like a long af time, our schedules were literally opposites.
Won GGs , thanks terrors for being patient with scheduling
KevinELF main man passing me teams , although i never used em cuz theyre trash, but he did help me test
ArkenCiel for passing me meme teams
6ti been a while but u had faith since like r4
Jase Duken hype man <3
Eien this aint an RMT but tbh would never be here w.o u
Sabella for actually always believing in me

I aint badged and this aint an RMT, but ik some mans be thirsty for s/o's so ill do it rq
Arbiter mans like Crashy, Podge, Chait, Jahk, Devin , mascott and so on for being friends
TBT Friends Vod Llama Zugu Exca Anob Bit Seo
And supporters and mentors like lycan, wanka, leru, romanticist, kuraitenshi, dondy, Seo

Most Special shoutout goes to the following:
Akashi , coming for dat scared activity win hunting ass boi
Bushtush , literal aids of monotype and im glad ur finally banned from mono room but u give me motivation <3

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