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Welcome to the Monotype Winter Premier. This is a team tournament with a mixture of OM formats (Monotype AAA, STABmons, LC and Ubers along with Monothreat) and 3 USUM Monotype slots. Any discussion is welcome here; I don't mind if you meme a bit as that's part of the fun of events like this, but let's not have any personal attacks.

Don't forget to join the Monotype Discord, there will be a channel to talk about the Winter Premier there.

The metagames are as follows:

Monotype AAA
Monotype LC
Monotype STABmons
Monotype Ubers
USUM Monotype
USUM Monotype
USUM Monotype

The managers are:

Lax - Paniola Phiones
Moosical (#Torkool) - Tormented Torkoals
Misaka Mikoto - Railgun Raikous
Zarif - Lavender Lycanrocs
Wanka - Canalave City Chorizos
Vid - Victorious Victinis
TheThorn - Alcoholic Alakazams
Ridley. - Dethroning Decidueyes

All battles have to be played on Pokémon Showdown or Smogtours ( I am not making an exception for Azure or any other side server.

Regular Season

The regular season will consist of 7 round robin weeks where each team will play the other 7 teams one time. There are 8 matches each round, so ties are a possibility.


The 4 teams with the best records will move on to the playoffs where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 will play the #3. The two victors will move on to the finals, with the victor of that week ultimately crowned the Monotype Winter Premier Champions.

Two tied teams will have their tie broken based on who won their head-to-head matchup. In the case that they tied in the week they played, the team with the most total games won during the regular season of the Winter Premier will win the tiebreaker. If three teams are tied, if one team has beaten the other two, then they will win the tiebreak. If each team has beat one team and lost to the other (i.e. all teams are 1-1 in this 3 team group) then the team with the most games won during the regular season of the Winter Premier will win the tiebreaker.


If you wish to substitute a player for an inactive one in your lineup, you must PM me to let me know what player you are subbing out and in. In addition to this, please make a post highlighting me and the manager of the opposing team on the thread for said week that you are substituting in. If I feel that you are trying to gain an unfair advantage with your substitute, I hold the right to veto it.

Pre-Week Battling

You have substitutes for a reason. You cannot ask another manager to ask him to forfeit the advantage of having flexibility with his lineup by scheduling a game in advance because one of your players will be gone.


If you wish to trade a player, you and the manager you are trading with must both PM me confirming the player you are trading and the player you are receiving. All trades made in the Winter Premier are on a 1 for 1 basis. No 2 for 1, 3 for 1 trades, etc. Trades are final the end of the week they are conducted in. Players involved in trades must be subbed out the week they are involved in trades. For example, if it’s Week 3 and Bushtush is scheduled to play Shadestep, but Bushtush's team wishes to trade Bushtush away for someone new, Bushtush must be substituted out for another player. Bushtush is valid for slotting into the roster of his new team at the beginning of Week 4.

No trades after Week 3. Once I approve a trade, it’s done. A manager may, however, ask for a trade to be vetoed within 24 hours of the trade happening. I will review the trade as host and re-finalize or veto it.

Activity Decisions

There will be times when a game is not completed. In these instances, I will undertake my duty as a host to make a thorough investigation. If both sides made no effort or have tried to make every effort but could still not make the match happen, the match will simply result in a no contest. If one side made considerably more of an effort to get the match scheduled and done, that player will be awarded a win. Here are some things you can do to ensure that you do not lose your match via activity: immediately leave your opponent a VM on their profile after you receive the highlight, do not miss you and your opponent’s schedule time, provide your opponent with concrete times when you can be reached and reply to your opponent’s VM if they contacted you before you were able to contact them. If you think you can’t do any of these things, it is likely in your best interest to not sign up.

Rule Breaking

Breaking any rule will result in an automatic loss.

Reverse Rulings

No turning back time. I am going to use the facts at hand to make a decision, whether you like it or not. If you are unhappy with the decision, appeal immediately. I am not going to undo a decision I made 3 weeks ago.

Spreadsheet (Records/Standings):
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gratz, clearly u were the better player in that replay and back then i was very mediocre at best u got me.
thou i might have been easily the worst player on my team while in MPL 2 even after losing to u twice,
the least i could have done was get my team into the playoffs stages since the only thing that was going for me was my vast knowledge of oms other than that
i was pretty bad so yh
imagnie already being not good then making that aids sign up post... sigh some people never learn good luck jeran
well i could be pretty bad as u say but all i could is that i have improved having been exposed to actual tiers other than just playing oms


UU Tour Champion
As most managers have already stated, Ill be the person who people can pm to ask for tryouts. After tryouts are done, i'll assess your skill and send it to managers. However, something came up so I cant do it anymore. Managers have decided to let Eien take over as the person accepting challenges. Stop sending me challenges and challenge or PM Eien now for tryouts. His prefered method of contact is starting a smog convo with him. Have a good day everyone and good luck with the tryouts!


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Lowkey, I actually really like some of those logos, especially the torkoal one LOL

(The victini one looks legit though)
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