Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Finals - [Won by the Tormented Torkoals]

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Monotype OMs Mega Thread
This week's Monothreat type is Psychic!

#1 Tormented Torkoals (6) vs. #3 Dethroning Decidueyes (1)

USUM: Leru vs. Eien
USUM: Arifeen vs. Bushtush
USUM: Feliburn vs. pork chop man
LC: DrReuniclus vs. Kingler12345
Ubers: MiyoKa vs. Catalystic
AAA: Megazard vs. Laxpras
STABmons: Quantum Tesseract vs. Betathunder
Monothreat: Moosical vs. mael

I'm not setting a hard deadline. If you need a little more than a week, that's fine, but do what you can to get this done in as timely a manner as possible. I know what unreasonable johning looks like (and no I don't mean Briyella).

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USUM: Leru vs Eien - Should be a close one but I feel like Leru's tactic of ignoring certain matchups will finally bite him in this one
USUM: Arifeen vs Bushtush - Bush is only good in attack dog mode, Arifeen is too sweet for Bush to play effectively
USUM: Feliburn vs pork chop man - Feli finna burn this pork chop
LC: DrReuniclus vs Kingler12345 - Bakri
Ubers: MiyoKa vs Catalystic - Luckily miyoka hid all his replays so catalystic won't be able to prep effectively
AAA: Megazard vs Laxpras - Laxpras will say gg on turn 2 then freeze for the win, nothing new to see here
STABmons: Quantum Tesseract vs Betathunder - He won't lose to a beta male
Monothreat: Moosical vs Mael - Torkool finna fold him up and mail him back home


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USUM: Leru vs. Eien
USUM: Arifeen vs. Bushtush
USUM: Feliburn vs. pork chop man
LC: DrReuniclus vs. Kingler12345
Ubers: MiyoKa vs. Catalystic
AAA: Megazard vs. Laxpras
STABmons: Quantum Tesseract vs. Betathunder
Monothreat: Moosical vs. mael

Let's be honest, these two teams results wise have been, at least personally, the two most impressive teams throughout the whole tournament.
Regular USUM is going to be a war the two most consistent lineups, and OT players on both sides have also been overall very impressive week in and week out. If I had to give it to anyone at this point, it would definitely be the Torkools, but it's anyone's game to win.

-Leru vs. Eien
-Quantum Tesseract vs. Betathunder
-Arifeen vs. Bushtush


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USUM: Leru vs Eien - As with my peers, I feel this will be one of the closest, if not the closest, match of the finals. It is really a toss-up and could go either way but I believe in Leru making the perfect 9-0 streak this season.
USUM: Arifeen vs Bushtush - Both Ari and Bush are very solid players and two I respect when it comes to their battling style. I put the edge on Arifeen only because I have seen him in torkool's chat and more of his battles compared to Bush. Sorry, Bush :c
USUM: Feliburn vs pork chop man - PCM actually plays Mono competitively while Feli plays it only during MWP and MPL from what I have seen. I just feel the experience difference will be the deciding factor. (Granted, Feli did beat out Sabella last week which is a solid w under his belt.)
LC: DrReuniclus vs Kingler12345 - Kingler, from what I know about LC, is an LC main and his confidence in battle shows off his inability to be shaken or tilted. I gave the edge to DrReuniclus, however, because he has torkool on his side and he is less likely to be cteamed because of their type diversity.
Ubers: MiyoKa vs Catalystic - Idk who Catalystic is tbch. They seem solid in Ubers but Miyoka is a competent battler and is most likely motivated to get a rematch from week 5 for the w.
AAA: Megazard vs Laxpras - I do not know too much about Mono AAA, or AAA in general, but Laxpras seemed a bit too trigger happy last week against trash using the Z on Manaphy and then controversially fished for the freeze. As long as Megazard does not have a terribad matchup, I think he has a lesser chance of throwing the game out.
STABmons: Quantum Tesseract vs Betathunder - Again, Idk too much about STABmons, but Beta proved me wrong week 1 so I feel it would be my mistake to go against him again.
Monothreat: Moosical vs Mael - I have to go with my friend torkool on this one. He beat me in MPL 3 and preps pretty solidly with my help again this week. Just do not bring a Meowstic mr.


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FUCK EIEN BAN MAGEARNA, editing in predict because im bored and want to roast ppl

USUM: Leru vs. Eien - if anyone is going to take a game off leru it's probably eien. A lot of leru's success comes from successful lures and techs that take advantage of opp's not thinking through every turn and i don't know a man that can think out a game of monotype better than eien. that being said, theres no way in fuck im predicting against my boyfriend so suck a dick eien
USUM: Arifeen vs. Bushtush - depends on which feen we get, the one that plays like a madman or the one that will make u scratch ur head. madman feen will win this game, but ill go with tush cus hes black
USUM: Feliburn vs. pork chop man - only reason pcm didnt get drafted for spl was because his name is literally pork chop man. Felibutt is someone who is good enough to snag a team and go play and win but i like chop here
LC: DrReuniclus vs. Kingler12345 - legitimately wishing the best to dr reun because i know he's been ill lately, but kingler##### is on my exhibition team and i know ill get roasted if i dont pick him to win
Ubers: MiyoKa vs. Catalystic - battle of the shitheads ig. Miyoka is probably one of the biggest dickbags on this site rn so hopefully the lesser of the two wins.
AAA: Megazard vs. Laxpras - big ego, but this dude is legit good and preps better than anyone from what ive seen so we'll see
STABmons: Quantum Tesseract vs. Betathunder - something gay is going to happen in this game and probably in qt's favor even tho the mu is pretty even. Beta is probably going to get upset and ultimately lose this game
Monothreat: Moosical vs. mael - who roots against torkool in 2018

Ridley wins his second big mono team tour dethroning myself and sabella from the throne and now sits atop it laughing at us all. Privileged white kids fucking win again, classic.
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Really great shit guys! GGs to the decidueyes, was a fun finals.
So happy we were able to make it this far and pull through in finals! From ranked 7 in the power rankings to never dropping a week the entire tour, we really did show them. Was a very fun tour through and through and I'm very happy to have had a great experience with my first time managing!

Arifeen - Was very happy to have drafted you, was hoping for a solid player and that's exactly what I got. You got haxxed a lil bit but you pulled through in the end. Great job with the cheer leading in the discord as well ;w;

Attribute - Thanks for continuing to try through the weeks even though I know you tilted a bit, I believe in you and still do ;w; just wish I helped out with your building more in the earlier weeks

DrReuniclus - So happy you were able to support us in mono LC through most of the tour. I know you wanted to play to have fun, so I hope you did just that. Really happy at your results with my building!

Feliburn - Thanks for stepping in the last few weeks! Was happy to have you cheer us on after getting added, probably should've been drafted in the first place instead of a midseason pickup :eyes:

Leru - Really the best mono player 2k18, there's nothing more to say. Amazing with building and predicting MU. Reminded me how to stray away from only using standard stuff and try out more fun shit while getting results ;w; Probably the most helpful teammate I've ever seen from any team tour (with my limited experiences), essentially an assistant manager imo. Definitely need to go for at least 25k in mpl hands down.

Megazard - Very happy to have had you on the team. I know you were a little bit down on participating in a mono tour, but all I can say is you were always very helpful and supportive in the discord and did a great job in the tour! People gotta learn to move on from the past bc you've definitely earned your spot here

MiyoKa - What can I say besides miyogoat tbh. Kingpin of getting the good matchups and pulling through in all your battles. I should've never doubted you repeating teams bc if it's not broke, don't fix it.

Quantum Tesseract - Was one of the first people I had in mind when I knew I was going to manage, amazing OM player and got to show that through the mono oms. I know you originally wanted to play mono AAA, but I knew you could do amazingly in STAB as well, as you obviously showed. Very very happy that you were able to support megazard as well throughout the tour, as we both know AAA isn't my cup of tea.

qwily - Thanks as always for trying even though we kinda slapped you onto mono LC when we needed you to play. Got some really bad matchups but you played well so I can't complain. I'd be interested to see how you play in more standard metas bc I feel like you'd be doing pretty well :eyes:

Endal - Was very sad to see that you weren't able to participate in the tour, but real life always comes before mons. Super happy to see you pop in once every few weeks to cheer us on, hope things are going well for you!

KevinELF - Thanks for helping me test threat every week, was really nice to get that practice in before having my actual games.

Ticken - There's nothing I can say besides thank you. Thank you for starting to talk to me out of the blue after a monothreat room tour and getting me involved in that metagame. Definitely has been a huge help in my building and as a player overall throughout the time I've known you. Big big thanks for helping me out the entire tour, I definitely wouldn't have made nearly as good of teams as I did for monothreat if you weren't there to help me consider more and more strategies and what I might be fighting against

Tyke - Thanks for helping QT out the entire tour ;w; I know me supporting him in STAB alone probably wouldn't have been enough, really great at thinking outside the box and taking teams as far as they could go. Also big thanks for helping out during playoffs and for being a great friend

Zukushiku - Thanks for joining the server during the playoffs! Huge help during the semis match and I know you didn't want to have to pick a side during finals, but I appreciate you cheering us on for these final few matches. Definitely one of the best players I've seen in mono regardless of what your score reflects, keep your chin up and don't get discouraged from team tours!


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With the MWP just about over, I want to personally say thank you to everyone that asked me for any help throughout the season. As many of you know, I did not sign up as a player in an effort to be unbiased, to the best of my ability, to help whoever needed team adjustments and to improve the overall competency of the Monothreat battles as a whole. At some points, I regretted my decision of not signing up but at the end of the day, I am happy with the result and giving someone else the chance to shine in my place. This event also helped me mentally because I've been known to not be the best at keeping secrets to myself but I had to as a helper for anyone who needed assistance. Thank you to everyone who put their trust in me to not "snake" them; it is relieving to know those I trust trust me back.

Congratulations to the Torkoals! You all deserve this victory :')


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huge thank you to ridley for listening to pcm and picking me up, i had a blast. my favourite team tour on smogon so far and not only by a little. congrats to torkoals, well deserved victory, though i wish we didn't get tossed this badly in finals rofl. massive shoutouts to my team, you made this a worthy experience, love all of you (except kingler12345, he sucks). also shoutouts zuku for building half my teams (greatest monotype-builder) and shoutouts racool for testing the team from semis with me.


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damn, we got tossed lmao. ggs torkoals, out prepped us for sure.

You guys were the best team I could have ever hoped to draft, thank you so much for making my first season as a manager a season to remember.
Eien - I was fortunate as hell to get the first pick of the draft so I was able to snag you. You played great the entire season, and you were a huge help to everyone else on the team by making sure that all of our teams looked prepared for our battles each week. You always rose the the occasion when we need you most, and you more than met my expectations. It was a ton of fun teaming with you!
Bushtush - Teaming with you is always a ton of fun. You always were cracking jokes in the team discord and making sure team morale was high. You played great this season, and I appreciate you for sticking with it when all of your spl shit went down.
pork chop man - I've always envied your teambuilding. You brought the most fire teams every week, and I loved watching you played. You had a ton of clutch wins for us, and you also helped with teambuilding and pretty much every tier. It was awesome to have you on the team!
Laxpras - I went in with pretty high expectations after seeing your last few OMPL performances, and you definitely met them. You super really consistent and basically all of your losses were due to hax or match up (rip the last finals game). I really enjoyed teaming with you and I would love to do it again!
Betathunder - I know your season didn't go as planned with all of those losses because of hax and match up, but that's just the game we played. I appreciate you keeping your head up through all of this and never giving up. It was a ton of fun building STABmons with you and Cam, and it was awesome to get to know you better!
Catalystic - We knew each other a little bit before the tour, but it was cool getting to team with you! I know you didn't finish the season as strong as you wanted to, but you had a super solid start and never quit on us when you got down. Your teams were always a lot of fun and
Kingler12345 - I really didn't know you before MWP started, other than that you were killing it during last MPL with the Amber Aeros. I am so lucky to have drafted you though! You played great all season, but I am most grateful that I had someone to keep Bush in line. It was awesome teaming with you, and I hope we get to team together again!
mael - You far surpassed the expectations I had for you. It was extremely impressive how you were thrown into a tier that you had never played before, but still managed to go positive. It was a ton of fun building with you and getting to know you, I really hope we can team together in the future!
Whitewash (Cam) - You were so helpful with every single tier during this tournament, especially building and testing with everyone else on the team. I'm sorry that you didn't get the playing time you deserve, you're a super solid player. It's awesome that we've gotten so close recently, never let the snap streak die!
Dak Prescott - The only reason we got this far was because we had you on our side flexing on the other team. To the tinder slayer and spikeball god and my best bro, I thank you.

other shoutouts
Zukushiku - Our team would have not had half the success we were able to have in monothreat without your teambuilding prowess. You're also one of my day one bros so I knew you would come through (except for finals smh), thank you so much my man.
And a last shoutout to everyone else that helped out the team and supported us, you guys are the best.

Decidueyes, out.
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i lost but it was still a great game, sad how the finals turned out from our part but im still happy i had an great run. finals is something to be proud of and im glad i got to finals with the greatest team i could ever ask for.

Ridley. - the greatest manager ever, thanks a ton for picking me up and i hope i didnt doubt you throughout the tour, this was definitely fun as fck

Eien - eileen is the greatest monotype leader alive. thanks for all the prep and ur godly ideas. ur truly one of the greatest monotype players to ever touch this god forsaken game

Bushtush - Wow what a sexy player! Seriously, you have no idea how good the sex is right after he wins a match. Er, wait... maybe I got that backwards? You have no idea how good he is at winning matches right after we have sex? Oh well; I guess we'll just have to play more tournaments together so you can remind your little girl exactly how that works ;) You put up the second best record on the team despite having a killer bracket, so now I get to watch gleeful as Zarif/all the other gals fawn over my man :heart: Thanks so much for nudging me into playing this with you. It was a wonderful ride :heart:

all jokes aside i loved watching you play and you were right, every team that has a black person does immediately get to finals.

Laxpras - your avi on discord is a goat and thats exactly what u are. you were a great teammate and you pulled clutch wins and had amazing builds. you're an amazing AAA player no doubt and you showed it for sure

Betathunder - the STABmons legend strikes again, besides all the matchup and hax throughout the weeks you really are the kingpin, even getting us that win in finals. when all is done we couldn't have asked for a better stabmons player than you =]

Catalystic - i wish we talked more before the tour because you're a great player and a great friend! again besides all the matchup and hax you really were consistent and great and you were always positive.

Kingler12345 - i heard the rumors of the greatest LC player of all time from many people, so i was excited to team with you for the first time. you were amazing this whole season and an amazing person, and like ridley said you kept bush from chimping out which is exactly what we needed. i hope we team again someday and we get to THE PARTY

mael - i am so glad i met you from the xtra discord, you are in my opinion one of the greatest users on this website. when i told ridley to pick you up i meant it because i knew that every tier you play you dominate. after a few weeks you completely destroyed everyone in monothreat, and many wins/ties through the season couldnt have been done without your amazing work. you're a great friend 100%, and WE NEED TO PLAY GARTIC AGAIN :gartic:

Whitewash - CAM you helped so much throughout the season and i cant thank you enough for it, you helped in literally every tier and i wish you got more playtime during the season. i offered to let you play over me for some weeks but either it was too late or you declined. i should have let you sub in anyway because you really are a great player and a great teammate.

Dak Prescott - like ridley said you were flexing so hard on the other team that everyone forfeit. even though you didnt play a game i believe if you did you would unleash hell on your opponents like the peasants they are :heart:

other shouts

Zukushiku - thanks a ton for helping build in monothreat and helping me prep for some weeks! you are a bro and i hope we get to play in a tour someday again or a team tour because ur the kingpin.
pork chop man - fuck this guy, get a name change u fuking idiot

thank you for everyone else to helped us and to who cheered us on :D

until next year, dedicueyes out.

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