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Welcome everyone to the fourth iteration of MWP. This thread is for the people who would like to sign-up as a player for this tournament.

The metagames are as follows:
- SS Monotype
- SS Monotype
- SS Monotype
- Oldgens Bo3 (SM / ORAS / BW)
- Monothreat
- NatDex Monotype

Monothreat could be either SS or NatDex, it will be decided when managers are announced. Only sign up for what you are willing and able to play. If you sign up for more formats than what you are capable and willing to play, it will reflect poorly on you later. If you are going to be gone or inactive for an extensive period of time at all in the next few months, don't sign up.

The managers and assmen for the Monotype Winter Premier will be determined by the 28th and posted here. If you are a manager and wish to buy yourselves at the start of the auction, you MUST signup before the thread closes!

Here is what you should include in your signup:
Name: Zap
Metagames: SS, Bo3, Monothreat, Natdex, All
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Potential Activity Issues: None

Important Note: Only write the name of a metagame if you are willing to play it. You can only play in formats you have signed up for during the first 2 weeks of the tournament. Tourbanned users will not be allowed to play. Please use these when denoting the format: - SS, Bo3, Monothreat, NatDex, or All.

Player Signups will close: Friday, December 3rd @ 11:59PM GMT-5. Draft Date and Time: Sat 1pm GMT-5
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