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Name: Spoopy Ghoul
Metagames Played: Monothreat / USUM Monotype
Timezone: PST (GM -8)
Potential Activity Issues: School Finals 1st and 2nd week of December. Other than that, I'm free.
Name: Magikingdra
Metagames Played: Mono LC, plus whatever you can teach me/ Build me teams for...
Timezone: CST (GMT-5)
Potential Activity Issues: Um… I probably have to be a sub, as my avaiability is EXTREMELY LIMITED… Pretty much only weekends 1-3 My time is when I can get on…
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Name: Breeze Sea
Metagames played: Usum monotype, (everything else but not that regularly just spot me a team)
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
Potential activity issues: should be fine
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